10 Amazing Things to Do in New Orleans

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There are a ton of things to do in New Orleans that sets it apart from other places. You can jam out to some sick tunes and chow down on delicious Creole cuisine, among other things. The city is located in southern Louisiana and has a really cool mix of French, Spanish, and American influences when it comes to its culture and architecture. It’s no wonder why so many people flock here each year – there’s always something new to see or experience! Trust me, you won’t want your trip to end once you get here.

Do you know what’s awesome about New Orleans? Not only do they have killer music, but their food is off the charts and famous all around the world. Foodies can treat themselves to some mouth-watering dishes that are exclusive to the city like gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets. Additionally, there are several food fests hosted in New Orleans annually such as the New Orleans Food and Wine Experience and the New Orleans Oyster Festival.

things to do in new orleans
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New Orleans is an amazing place you gotta check out. It’s got everything – fascinating history, a cool vibe, and unique spots to visit. The city offers a bunch of activities that will make your vacay unforgettable like walking around the iconic French Quarter, trying some delicious local cuisine, and discovering its rich culture and past. A trip to NOLA is totally worth it! You’ll create memories that will stick with you forever.

1. Introduction

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New Orleans, located in the southern region of Louisiana, is a city steeped in a rich history and cultural heritage unlike any other in the world. The city’s distinctive architecture, world-renowned cuisine, vibrant music scene, and iconic landmarks like Louis Armstrong Park, named after the legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong, are just a few of the reasons why it attracts visitors from all over the world. With so much to see and do in New Orleans, it’s no surprise that it’s known as the “Big Easy” – a moniker that reflects the city’s laid-back, friendly, and welcoming vibe.

2. What is New Orleans Famous for?

New Orleans, also referred to as the Crescent City, is well-known for its rich culture, captivating history, and exceptional atmosphere. It’s a place that caters to all interests – from the lively French Quarter with Bourbon Street at its heart to the elegant Garden District showcasing magnificent architecture and Oak Alley Plantation. The fun doesn’t end here! There’s so much to do in New Orleans, from checking out the National WWII Museum and Jackson Square to taking in those beautiful views of the Mississippi River. Can’t forget about Mardi Gras either – that party is a big deal here every year. You’ll never run out of things to explore while you’re soaking up all the energy this city has to offer.

3. Things to Do in New Orleans

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It’s pretty easy to get swept off your feet by this lovely city and all the cool stuff it has. From music to food, or learning about its past, New Orleans got you covered with things that fit your interests. Don’t wait any longer and check out these 10 must-do activities when in NOLA:

3.1. Explore City Park

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New Orleans is a super lively city that’s got loads to offer visitors of any age. A definite spot to hit up while you’re in town is City Park, which has some seriously cool attractions on offer. If art’s your thing, then the New Orleans Museum of Art is totally worth checking out – it’s one of the best museums in the country with heaps of amazing pieces from all over the world and different time periods. And if you want something more low-key, head over to Botanical Garden for some chill vibes surrounded by nature right smack bang in the middle of town!

But wait there’s more! Bring along your little ones or unleash your inner child at Carousel Gardens Amusement Park where you can ride bumper cars or even take a spin on their Ferris wheel.

Getting there couldn’t be easier (or cooler!) either – hop onto one of those streetcars through the French Quarter and other historic neighborhoods to get dropped off straight at the park entrance! Just make sure to check admission fees beforehand.

3.2. Take a Haunted History Tour

If you’re a fan of spooky stuff, taking a haunted history tour in New Orleans is definitely something to add to your bucket list. The city has tons of tours available that let you explore the creepier side of things.

One popular option is the Ghosts of New Orleans Tour, which takes you through the French Quarter and gives you all kinds of info about voodoo, ghosts, and haunted buildings in town. They’ll fill you in on tales like those surrounding the Casket Girls as well as dish some vampire folklore. You can also check out another great one called Haunted History Tour where they take you around Garden District for more dark stories from NOLA’s past including how Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc over everything.

Ghost stories are part and parcel of New Orleans’ cultural heritage so it really makes sense to do this kind of tour if you are interested at all. Just remember though, be sure to research beforehand and pick an experienced guide company – plus dress accordingly.

3.3. Visit the French Quarter

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The French Quarter is a must-visit spot. It’s full of history, culture, and famous attractions. One of the top spots in the French Quarter is Jackson Square – a busy public square surrounded by old buildings that has a statue of Andrew Jackson on display. You can’t miss St Louis Cathedral either; it’s one of America’s oldest cathedrals and boasts stunning Spanish colonial architecture.

For local flavor head to The French Market where outdoor vendors sell everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts. And don’t forget about Bourbon Street! A stroll down this infamous street will give you an unforgettable taste of New Orleans’ nightlife scene.

The French Quarter is more than just a bunch of tourist spots – it’s an important part of New Orleans’ past and culture. From the influence of French and Spanish colonization to Mardi Gras, the French Quarter has played a big role in creating what makes Crescent City unique.

To make your visit unforgettable, try walking around on a tour to uncover hidden gems and learn about its rich history. You can also ride on streetcars or take a slow cruise down the Mississippi River for some amazing views.

Whether you’re into live music, art galleries, or simply soaking up one of America’s liveliest cities’ vibes, you definitely have to go see the charming charm that is The French Quarter in New Orleans.

3.4. Check Out the Garden District

Want to have a good time in New Orleans? Why not head over to the Garden District? This neighborhood is absolutely stunning and full of cool things to do, like Magazine Street, Lafayette Cemetery, and some really impressive historic homes.

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It’s super easy getting there and you can totally make it work with your budget. You could walk around or hop on a bus tour- whatever works for you! Once you’re there though, get ready for sensory overload. The hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street are right nearby along with the calming beauty of the Orleans Botanical Garden.

The best part about this place is that anyone can find something they enjoy- history buffs will love it as well as people who are into art or music or just soaking up an awesome atmosphere. So why wait any longer? Go check out what makes New Orleans such a unique city today by visiting the lovely Garden District.

3.5. Learn About World War II at the National WWII Museum

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If you’re headed to New Orleans and need some fun ideas, check out the National WWII Museum. It’s a must-see spot in town. You can get up close and personal with displays of tanks, planes, and artifacts from veterans’ experiences, plus learn all about how important World War II was for the country as well as NOLA specifically.

In addition to checking out all their immersive exhibits that really bring history alive – they also offer other cool things like 4D movies and live shows at the Stage Door Canteen featuring music straight from the era.

If you’re planning on hitting up the museum, just know that prices for entry can change depending on what exactly you want to check out. So before heading over there, take a peek at their website to get the scoop on how much cash you’ll need. Also, make sure your footwear is comfy because this place involves a ton of walking around. And last but not least, give yourself ample time to really see everything they have going on here – it’s worth taking in every little bit.

3.6. Experience Bourbon Street

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in New Orleans, be sure to swing by Bourbon Street. This famous hangout is buzzing with live tunes and tons of bars once the sun goes down. The atmosphere here is unbeatable – there’s nothing like it anywhere else! With historic buildings and amazing tunes, this place has got something for everyone.

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But be smart about it – Bourbon Street can get pretty crowded with tourists and locals alike, so stay aware of your surroundings all the time. And don’t forget to arrange transportation ahead of time so that getting lost or stuck isn’t on your agenda.

Bourbon Street is pretty awesome, there are tons of spots to catch live music and grab a drink. You can hear everything from jazz tunes to rock ballads, so definitely hit up some different joints. And don’t forget about the food! There’s gumbo, jambalaya, po’boys – all the classic New Orleans bites you have to try out.

3.7. Take a Riverboat Cruise on the Mississippi River

Don’t miss the opportunity to board a riverboat and cruise the magnificent Mississippi River if you happen to be in New Orleans. Why not have fun while learning about the city’s history along this famous canal, which has significantly influenced the city’s past and economy?

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Several businesses provide different cruises. Some that stand out are Creole Queen (with all modern luxuries) and Steamboat Natchez (a throwback steamboat experience).

While cruising down this famous river, you’ll spot some top sights like French Quarter, Jackson Square, or Garden District – but from an entirely new angle! Plus let’s not forget how gorgeous that Mississippi scenery is.

If you’re thinking about getting on a riverboat tour, remember these things. First off, reserve your spot ahead of time when everyone else is trying to do the same thing. Secondly, peek at the weather forecast beforehand so you don’t end up wasting your money due to some lousy weather conditions. Lastly, shield yourself from those UV rays with some sunscreen and a hat before setting sail.

3.8. Visit Mardi Gras

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If you’re searching for something cool and out-of-the-ordinary to do in New Orleans, look no further than Mardi Gras World. This spot is a must-visit for anyone who’s curious about the culture and past of New Orleans, particularly during Mardi Gras season.

At Mardi Gras World, you’ll have an opportunity to observe some truly impressive parade floats and costumes used throughout the Mardi Gras festivities. These exhibits are downright breathtaking, displaying the incredible ingenuity and craftsmanship that goes into producing such intricate floats and outfits.

Aside from checking out the displays themselves, you can also discover more about what makes Mardi Gras so important to New Orleans’ customs & way of life. More than just one big bash – this celebration has its roots embedded deep in NOLA’s history as well as being a chance for locals to connect over their shared heritage.

If you wanna check out Mardi Gras World, keep in mind that they charge an entrance fee. But honestly, it’s totally worth paying to see all the cool stuff and find out about Mardi Gras’ past. Moreover, discounts may be accessible to children, senior citizens, or students.

3.9. Experience Live Music on Frenchmen Street

Don’t forget to check out the vibrant live music scene in New Orleans if you’re planning a visit. The city is renowned for its lively music culture and Frenchman Street is the perfect place to soak it all in. It’s a hotspot for live performances with venues like The Spotted Cat Music Club and d.b.a. showcasing some of the best local talents.

New Orleans is famous for jazz and blues – two musical genres that are deeply ingrained in its culture. On Frenchman Street, you’ll experience firsthand why this area has such a reputation for being one of the top spots to catch live music in town; it’s simply brimming with energy and amazing musicians.

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So when you find yourself on Frenchman Street, be sure not to miss out on some of our recommended joints where great tunes reign supreme! Swing by The Spotted Cat Music Club which offers an intimate setting along with excellent acts or head over to d.b.a., known for its relaxed ambiance alongside impressive artists performing regularly.

3.10. Explore the Arts and Culture Scene

New Orleans is known for its thriving arts and culture scene that offers a variety of things to do, like checking out the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the New Orleans Jazz Museum, and the Contemporary Arts Center. You can also visit popular spots such as Jackson Square or take in the history at the National WWII Museum while enjoying views of the Mississippi River.

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It’s not just an essential part of what makes this city unique; it plays a significant role in their economy too! From Mardi Gras festivities to live music venues – people come from all over each year to immerse themselves in local customs. Additionally, many residents benefit through employment opportunities provided by these attractions which contribute significantly towards revenue generated locally.

If you’re planning to hit up New Orleans, here are some things to remember when looking for things to do in New Orleans. The prices for different sights can change depending on where you go, so check the web before heading out. You’ll find most attractions around the French Quarter, and it’s pretty easy-peasy to get there by foot. But if your legs need a break or two, no worries! There are streetcars and ride-shares all over that will do just fine.

4. Conclusion

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New Orleans is an exceptional destination with unique offerings in terms of entertainment, cuisine, and music. With tons of exciting sights and events to explore, it’s a place that travelers cannot afford to miss out on. Whether you’re into history or the arts, cuisine, or tunes, New Orleans has got you covered.

The top 10 things to do in New Orleans include exploring City Park’s greenery, joining a haunted historical tour group, strolling around the French Quarter district, savoring some tasty local dishes, indulging in Mardi Gras celebrations, admiring Garden District views on foot, grooving to jazz beats at clubs and bars, enjoying scenic riverboat cruises along Mississippi River, attending National WWII Museum exhibits with your family/friends, and taking adventurous swamp tours by boats.

By visiting New Orleans and experiencing these activities, tourists can create unforgettable memories that will stay forever engraved in their hearts. The atmosphere is laid-back yet friendly & warm, thus welcoming people from every corner of the world.



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