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things to do in provincetwon
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One of America’s oldest artist colonies, it has produced a variety of excellent art galleries, state-of-the-art theatres, and many unique shops. Provincetown is situated on the outskirts of Massachusetts, America. Its remote location and beautiful scenery have resulted in a thriving Provincetown artists’ community, attracting artists worldwide.

It is a place that welcomes and greets almost every community and provides many things to do in Provincetown, particularly for the members of the LGBTQ community. This state was crucial during the country’s settlement in early times.



By the time of the European encounter, the area had long been settled by the historic Nauset tribe, who had a settlement known as “Meeshawn.”

On Nov 9, 1620, pilgrims aboard the Mayflower on the way to the colony of Virginia hawk-eyed Cape Cod. Once two days of unsuccessful attempts to sail south against the heavy winter seas, they returned to refuge now known as Provincetown Harbour and born anchor. This is often wherever the Mayflower Compact was designed and signed. This name referred specifically to the realm that’s currently Provincetown; solely abundant later was this name reused to check with the whole region now called Cape Cod.

They agreed to settle down and establish a self-governing community, which ended up in the West End. Although the Pilgrims settled on the other side of Plymouth Bay, Cape Cod early on enjoyed a reputation for valuables Fishing and its port: a naturally deep and sheltered basin considered the best on the coast.

In 1654 the governor of the colony of Plymouth purchased this land from the chief of the Nausets for a selling price of two bronze cauldrons, six cloaks, 12 pickaxes, 12 axes, 12 knives, and a chest. This land, which stretched from East Harbor (formerly Pilgrim Lake) near the Provincetown-Truro border to Long Point, was held in favour of the Plymouth Colony, which began leasing fishing rights. to travelling fishermen.

The fees collected were used to help fund schools and other projects across the neighbourhood. The fishermen were later granted to live their livelihood coming from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1678.

It is believed that the town was first established by the nomads when the Mayflower Compact was signed. Fishing and whaling also play a major role in the past of Provincetown. , and has left an important Portuguese influence. P-Town’s large, safe harbor and prime location have made it the fishing center of the Cape, with thousands of boats calling it their home port.

The fishing glory days are long gone, and only a few dozen boats carry the traditions. There are numerous beaches, shores, and dunes on the town’s seaside. Race Point Beach is often featured on lists of America’s Best Beaches. It’s also one of the few places on the East Coast where you can watch the sunset over the water.

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Things to do in Provincetown

1. Explore the Dunes with Art’s Dune Tours

Address: 4 Standish Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts

One of the important things to do in the list of ‘things to do in Provincetown’ is to view Art’s Dune Tours, which showcase the unspoiled natural beauty of the area. With the help of a 1936 Ford Woody, Art (aka King of the Dunes) took guests on an off-road adventure through the dunes and coarse sand that dotted the Cape Cod National Seashore. The business is under Art’s son Rob, who continues his father’s legacy of delivering new facts about the amazing ecosystem of the town to outsiders and visitors to improve tourism there.

Current tours travel through park service-approved roads and areas to preserve the dunes. Touring is one of the best things to do in Provincetown.

Look out for unique artist cabins swaying in the dunes. They have been places of inspiration for painters, playwrights, photographers, and writers for years. Several tours are offered, including a daily sunrise and sunset tour and an art and lighthouse tour.

2. Hover Around the Side Streets

The first-class manner to get to recognize a metropolis is with the aid of visiting its much fewer famous locales. While Commercial Street is the town’s main drag, the small aspect streets that lead far from this buying hub praise site visitors with a laugh and uncommon reveals.

Clapboard houses, nearby galleries, old-fashioned shops, and various portions of artwork grace the homes, B&Bs, and fences of Provincetown’s streets. Have a digital digicam on the geared up to seize the particular sights, which can be assured to embellish your day.

Since Provincetown is deemed the “oldest non-stop artwork colony” within the US, you are certain to be in touch with thrilling works. From a colorful alleyway covered with eclectic works of art simply off Commercial Street to a small, ancient domestic covered with thrilling sculptures, innovative reveals may be noticed in Ptown’s top sudden places.

3. Province Lands Bike Trails

The next thing on the list of ‘things to do in Provincetown’ is Province Lands Bike Trails. They are the primary motorcycle path created in a country-wide park. It’s additionally one of the high-quality locations to go to in Provincetown.

The scenery becomes a lifetime memory for the bikers as they trip alongside this almost five-and-a-half-mile loop that traverses the Cape Cod cape national seashore. This well-cherished path passes Race Point Beach, Herring Cove Beach, and Beech Forest.

The path winds its manner via the Province Lands, passing beside dunes, round cranberry bogs, and forests filled with pine trees. Entrance factors may be located at Race Point beach, Herring Cove Beach, the Province Lands Visitor Center, Bennett Pond, and the Beech Forest Parking Lot.

At times, the direction may be a challenging piece. Difficulties like steep hills, sharp curves, and tunnels can become a massive problem sometimes. It also can be wet, so the simplest intermediate and superior riders should try to trip here.

4. Long Point Light Station

Cape Cod Bay. Seeing the Long Point Light Station is among the best ‘things to do in Provincetown,’ especially if you’re sailing along a boat through Provincetown harbor.  The eye-catching building is built on the northeastern tip of the Long Point Peninsula. The main motive for constructing this beautiful place is to warn sailors of a nearby sandbar that stretches about a quarter of a mile inland.

It is a surprise that such an ancient building is still in work and can be explored by the people. One can visit there by boat or on foot. The lighthouse keeper’s house was destroyed during fighting in the 1950s but has been fully automated. It has been powered by solar energy since 1981. Casa del Petróleo, a white cottage with a bright red roof, can be visited at the corner of the peninsula which was built in 1904

5. Lounge at Herring Cove Beach

Address: End of Route 6, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Viewing Herring Cove Beach is another must-thing in Provincetown, an attraction at the Cape Cod National Seashore. This wow beach is located on the western side of Provincetown and is a great place for family fun and time with friends. As a result, it boasts smaller waves, hotter water, and less undertow than its Outer Cape counterparts.

During the excessive season (a.k.a. summer), the seaside boasts lifeguards, restrooms, a snack bar, and middle-of-the-night concerts. Additionally, it’s a beautiful spot to respect the sunset. It is just a five-minute, two-and-a-half-mile drive from downtown provincetown and is considered the top beach in the area.

An everyday price of $25 in line with a vehicle or $10 in line with a bicycle will benefit your admission to Herring Cove and all six of the seashore controlled through the Cape Cod National Seashore.

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6. Take a look at Provincetown Art Association and Museum.

Address: 460 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts

In 1914, one of the most iconic buildings in the country was founded and named The Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM). Its aim turned to unify the network by gathering and showing works through vicinity artists. Today, PAAM remains strong. It has over seven hundred cutting-edge member artists and annually hosts exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and different activities. To experience it is one of the things to do in Provincetown.

A hub for all matters creative, PAAM is considered an “important cultural institution” and is one of the most famous points of interest in Provincetown. The authentic and big organization is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the 2006-renovated cutting-edge wing is more in step with contemporary architectural prowess.

The protection also introduced ample gallery space, presenting lots of room for concerts, lectures, and different performances in the museum.

7. MacMillan Pier Fish

Address: 24 MacMillan Wharf, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Many Provincetown visitors arrive at and depart from MacMillan Pier. The pier is the city’s main transportation hub and home to cruise lines such as Captain John Boats, Bay State Cruise Co., and Boston Harbour Cruises. It is named after Admiral Donald B. MacMillan, a resident Arctic explorer.

In addition to a long boardwalk, the pier features small fishing shacks selling various goods and an area where guests can try fishing. You will also find toilets, a pumping station, the harbor master’s office, and the Whydah Pirate Museum.

things to do in Provincetown
By Yuval Zukerman/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Visiting this pier, even just for a stroll, is one of the top things to do in Provincetown. The pier offers wonderful views of the Pilgrim’s Tower and the charming houses that line the sandy shoreline. Art classes are sometimes held here, as well as a celebratory fireworks display on Jul 4.

8. Photograph Provincetown Marina

Address: 9 Ryder Street Ext., Provincetown, Massachusetts

The Provincetown Marina, formerly known as Fisherman’s Wharf, runs directly parallel to MacMillan Pier. With one hundred slips that can match vessels as long as three hundred feet, there are a ton of boats to recognize on this quiet spot, and it is one of the important things to do in Provincetown.

At the quiet of the pier lies an ancient construction decorated with large pics of Portuguese locals. An artwork set up with the aid of Provincetown artists Norma Holt and Ewa Nogiec, this pleasing showcase is titled, They Also Faced the Sea.

It turned into a reality in 2012 as a tribute to the Portuguese network so one could spotlight the town’s fishing heritage. This is especially lovely when viewed at some point during the sunrise.

9. See a giant boat model at the Provincetown Library

Address: 356 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Official sitehttps://www.provincetownlibrary.org/

Another thing to do in the list of the ‘things to do in Provincetown‘ is to view a giant boat model. There are no visible fishing schooners inside the building. A go-to Provincetown Library will extrude that. In addition to viewing its great series of almost 40,000 objects and 30 works of art, library site visitors come face to the mast with a giant (half-scale) version of the Rose Dorothea Schooner.

Housed inside the former Heritage Museum building (circa 1860), the library’s indoors is more than worth a visit. Vaulted ceilings, grand staircases, and bright, open areas welcome site visitors to gawk at the building’s innate beauty.

Insider’s tip: Don’t omit the precise bookcases produced from mahogany armrests that once embellished church pews.

10. Walk in the beech forest

Address: 36 Race Point Road, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Feel your worries melt away the moment you enter the wonderful beech forest Watch birds fly through the tall beech trees, hop a rock across the sparkling Buchenwald Pond, or hike the 1.6 km-long Buchenwaldweg.

This beautiful loop meanders through a verdant forest, transporting visitors to an inviting place of rest. There are several enjoyable (and relaxing) things to do in this natural and beautiful wonderland.

Hikers generally praise the route for walking, but on many occasions, people like to carry hiking shoes, especially when it’s wet. Along the 0.25-mile (0.25-kilometer) extension loop, you’ll encounter steep wooden steps but nothing overly challenging. Furthermore, carry a bike with you and move along the Provincetown province lands bike trail to enjoy the weather at the altitude.

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Provincetown Facts You Should Know

1, Some Declare Provincetown to Be Haunted

Other interesting things to do in Provincetown include encountering a ghost. Locals whisper approximately a ghost, teach that howls thru the city each so often. Like all antique towns, Provincetown is domestic to many ghost memories regarding the stressed souls of pirates, Pilgrims, and greater.  You can examine those testimonies of serial killers to homicide aboard the Mayflower thru Provincetown Ghost Tours.

2, Volunteers Run the Metropolis’s Hearthplace Department

There are six firehouses to prevent major fires from destroying the entire metropolis of 1800s wooden body buildings. Firefighting teams receive a small stipend for their efforts, funded by annual fundraising. To get via way of means, they need to juggle different obligations and jobs in a metropolis.

3, The Tallest Structure Built with Granite in America Is Situated in Provincetown

The impressive Pilgrim Monument stood near the primary town hall before it burned down, alongside many ancient records visit is one of the other things to do in Provincetown. President Theodore Roosevelt laid the monument’s cornerstone in 1907 on his yacht, “the Mayflower.”

The monument was finished in 1910 and dedicated with the aid of President William Howard Taft. Inside the 76 meters tower, there is a combination of a hundred and fifteen steps and 60 ramps to make mountaineering to the pinnacle less difficult so human beings can have the crazy sight of the whole of Provincetown and Cape Cod Bay. One more merit of being situated near the Provincetown Museum, it’s also Cape Cod’s oldest non-profit and cultural organization.

4, You Will See a Single Traffic Light on Hundreds of Streets

One of the astonishing things in the ‘things to do in Provincetown’ is encountering the only red light. This rare sight is available in the town at Route 6 and Race Point Road intersection.

Grand Army of the Republic Highway, aka route 6, among the people is considered to be one of the oldest and longest transcontinental highways known. However, the citizens also help unblock traffic whenever needed by wearing yellow jackets and directing the cars manually.

5, A Few Homes Recognized as “Floaters” Had Been Floated Throughout the Harbor to A Brand New Region in The City

If you notice a blue boat plaque on some select homes in Provincetown’s West End, you already know you’re looking at a one-of-a-kind Floater. The houses here were built as an innovation to use the dried place to catch fish during 1818.

Rebuilding their houses became out of the question because they were scarce and precious, so they floated their homes over on rafts into the city, wherein they whereless stand today.

6, Less than 3,000 Citizens Live Through the Icy Season

People consider the snow season the best to visit as you will see the houses covered with snow and the street covered with snow. The city populace can swell to as many as 90,000 people in the summertime in a famous week. Few, however, live through the iciness as full-time citizens.

7, You Can Hold Anything You Discover in A Shipwreck

Provincetown has a famous phrase called “Finders, keepers,” which is directly translated to the shipwreck area. Often, when a ship crashed inside the harbor, occasionally infamously referred to as “the graveyard of the Atlantic,” humans could stick around to seek treasure or discover timber for constructing houses. The regulation remains today, even supposing the unique proprietor or organization is obvious.

Closing Thoughts

Provincetown’s beauty extends beyond its vibrant core. Lusciously soft beaches, adorable lighthouses, sand dunes and the verdant Cape Cod National Seashore attract thousands of summer visitors to this top small town in Massachusetts. Tourists visit Massachusetts to try several different things to do in Provincetown.

We hope this article on things to do in Provincetown helps you. To read more, click here.


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