10 Beautiful Churches in NYC: A Must Visit

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Churches in NYC

Churches and Cathedral are scattered all over NYC. These churches in NYC are brilliant masterpieces and should be visited for once in your life. New York people acknowledge themselves as lucky because they witness the cultural, religious, and architectural history in the form of their churches and religious institutions.

Churches in NYC

Churches in NYC showcase the cultural and architectural history back to 400 years. American history has seen a critical role in these churches. These churches have served many humanitarian causes under their roof. The churches have welcomed and have been courteous hosts to George Washington, Boss Tweed, and 9/11 workers.

Churches in NYC have seen various community centers under their roof of humanity. They have served as hospitals, meetinghouses, comfort stations, museums, and even synagogues.

Churches in NYC have preserved their original architectural beauty as these churches never attempted to change the complete core of their churches.

10 Most Beautiful Churches in NYC

1) St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Manhattan, New York

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Among the many churches in NYC, this is one of the most famous landmarks of the city. This church has got neo-gothic style architecture, and this is a major source of attraction among visitors of New York. The beautiful architecture of churches in NYC is a real source of amazement, and St Patrick’s Church is one of its examples.

This is located directly across the Rockefeller Center, a central place for various shopping plazas, restaurants, and churches in NYC. It was built during the 1800s and replaced the old St Patrick’s Cathedral in Chinatown.

It has a capacity of 3000 people. The block’s work of Tuckahoe marble, a detailed rose window, and a large sculptor of the Pieta are the notable design and architecture which is a source of major tourist attraction.

2) Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, Amsterdam

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Churches in NYC are all about bewilderment and amazement, and this church is one of those. It is built in traditional stone by a stone construction. The major attraction of this church is the way it glorifies the gothic architecture style of France. It has seven chapels, and each has been named after different patron saints.

The cathedral couldn’t finish its construction till this day. A guide in 1921 suggested that it may take somewhat 700 years for the cathedral to complete its construction. It employed a gothic building method.

This church is not only one of the largest churches in NYC but also in the world. St John Divine has one of the versions of triptych cast in bronze and covered in white gold of  “The Life of Christ” by Keith Haring. This was his last work.

The stone sculptors cover history from St Paul to Albert Einstein. There’s a  beautiful carving of rock in the cathedral depicting Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Einstein, Susan B Anthony, and Mahatma Gandhi. The churches in NYC are home to many beautiful sculptors and secrets.

3) St Michael Church, Manhattan


It is an episcopal church with beautiful seven stained glass windows, which makes it all mesmerizing in view. This church has the largest Tiffany glass collection, making it beautiful and different from other churches in NYC. St Michael Church was founded in 1807 by New York City residents. In 1854 the second church was built in gothic style, and it was made of oak.

Robert W.Gibson has designed the church building, and it was built in Byzantine-Romanesque style. It has got a beautiful lancet window in the apse, which depicts St Michael’s victory in heaven and the glass mosaic reredos in the adjoining chapel of angels.

4) Church of St Francis Xavier, New York


This church in New York is located in the heart of the city. This church is famous for its marble sculptors and paintings and its various outreach programs and school. Many churches in NYC are engaged in various outreach programs, and so is this beautiful church. It has an active school.

This church was designed by renowned architect Patrick Keeley and built by immigrants in 1878.

St. Francis Xavier has a Neo-Baroque liturgical artistry program that includes 47 murals, 35 plaster statues, architectural ornament plasterwork, and marble furnishings.

Evergreen has worked with St. Francis and Thomas A. Fenniman architects to better restore architectural features and retain architecture history as possible.

5) Trinity Church, Manhattan

Churches in NYC

This church holds a place in the financial district. This church parish owns St Paul’s chapel, and it is an episcopal church. It is one of the most historical religious institutions with three centuries of history.  Thus it owns the oldest church among the huge list of churches in NYC.

The movie “National Treasure” was made at Trinity church. This movie imposed that secrets and treasure are hidden in the dark bricks and skyward spire. The historian role was played by Nicholas Cage, who finds treasure under Trinity church.

While in reality, Trinity church holds nothing like a secret treasure. Rather, it has a fun connotation of secrets, as stated by archivist Lapsinki. Instead of a treasure ground, the church boasts about an outdoor burial ground.

6) St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, Manhattan

Churches in NYC

The church is located in the financial district and has been declared a national landmark. St. Peter’s is the first roman catholic parish in New York, and it was established in the year 1785-86.

This roman catholic parish with three historic and beautiful downtown NYC places of worship. Churches in NYC do many religious education programs, and so does this church.

This church has famous parishioners like first American saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Venerable Pierre Toussaint, and Carmelite Mother Adelaide of Saint Teresa. The original church was built two years after the end of the American Revolution.

7) Eglise St-Jean Baptiste, Manhattan

Churches in NYC

NYC’s churches share beautiful culture and architectural attractions, and Eglise St Jean Baptiste Church is considered being one most exquisite churches in NYC. It got included in the National Registry of Historic Buildings.

It is a roman catholic parish church situated on the upper east side of New York City.  The architect of this church was Nicholas Sarracino. It is made of stone. The architecture has the touch of Italian Renaissance style.

The later work in church added modernity and austerity, which suggests it to be Neo-Classical revival.

8) Church of St Mary the Virgin, New York

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This church was founded in 1868. It is an episcopal church and was made for Times Square, then called Longacre Square. This church is often called Smoky Mary’s due to the heavy use of incense in the church. This church has preserved gothic architecture.

The church is famous for its solemn liturgies with pageantry. There’s charming choral and organ music in the reverberant church.

In 1996-97, the patrons gave the church’s interior cobalt-blue vaulting with gold stars and various other vivid colors.

9) Church of St Luke & St Matthew, Brooklyn, New York

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This church is a masterpiece of renowned Brooklyn architect John Welch. Welch has designed many churches in NYC in a prominent Greek and Gothic revival style. The church was finished by 1891.

The style of architecture of this church is Romanesque, Northern Italian. This church is located on Clinton Avenue, which was once called the “Gold Coast” of Brooklyn.

This church is in the neighborhood of Clinton Hill. It is an inclusive episcopal church serving Clinton Hill/ Fort Greene/ Prospects Heights, Brooklyn, New York.

The church has a beautiful center of attraction, a facade with grand arches and stone walls, and there’s a 28-foot diameter rose window just at the main door.

10) Judson Memorial Church Washington Square South, New York

Churches in NYC

This church is affiliated with the American Baptist churches. This church was constructed in 1890-92, and Stanford White designed this church. Stanford White belonged to a famous and prominent New York architectural firm McKim, Mead, and White.

Italian churches have influenced the church’s design. White’s Italian travels made him attracted to this style, and the church’s design has been identified as Lombardo-Romanesque. Lombard-Romanesque is a basilica with an adjacent tower.

Judson Memorial Church has the highest number of LaFarge windows. These were installed between 1892 and 1915.

Churches in NYC

Churches in NYC

Peace and serenity are served to people inside the church gate. New York is a place that is like festivity and gala time for all. New York is an epicenter for shopping, dining, and confessing all your grievances to the churches’ holy god.

Wanderlust may find a halt in New York. Various cities in New York bring out the beauty of New York. The churches in NYC are religious architecture where the various forms of architecture are presented and preserved.

The churches in NYC are found throughout the streets, and there are large numbers of churches. These worship houses are of different religions and denominations. Despite the diversity in religion, people appreciate the architecture of these attractive churches.

NYC has not only churches for your attraction but worship places of every religion.

If you ever happen to visit, try to see these churches in NYC and capture those monuments and architecture in your heart forever.

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