10 Best Breweries in Greensboro NC

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breweries in greensboro nc

Breweries are quickly becoming the new, trendy hangout spot. Gone are the days of mass-produced, brand-labeled beers. Breweries offer a different experience that makes them more than just a bar or restaurant. That is why you should check out the breweries in Greensboro Nc.

Carolina is one of the loveliest places globally, with many great destinations. In this case, Northern Carolina deserves special mention. The world-famous cities of Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro, can be found here. This article will discuss everything you need to know about the 10 best breweries in Greensboro NC.

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10 Best Breweries in Greensboro NC:

Breweries are hugely popular not just in Greensboro but all over the world. That being said, Greensboro city in North Carolina is at the top of the list. Each brewery in Greensboro NC is famous for its unique characteristics. The sections below will explore the 10 best breweries in Greensboro, NC.

1. Pig Pounder Brewery –

One of the top-rated breweries in Greensboro NC is the Pig Pounder Brewery. It was named after the restaurant chain Darryl’s beer, launched in 1988.

breweries in greensboro nc
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This world-class brewery serves a variety of drinks, all with different styles. As specified earlier, every single Greensboro brewery has its well-known characteristic or feature. The Pig Pounder Brewery’s specialty is that they produce unique, UK-style beers, including a classic Milk Stout, an English Dark Mild, and Extra Special Bitter for local venues.

Apart from beers, this brewery also accommodates other facilities, like an interactive tasting room, which connects the guests, and allows them to learn about the different types of beer.

2. Preyer Brewing Company –

Another good option from the best breweries of Greensboro NC is the famous New Belgium Brewing Company. It serves various alternatives from the classic beer and wine list, and it provides other top-notch facilities.

The beer styles range from classic to contemporary. You will be spoiled for choice after seeing the diverse range of beers. Apart from these beers, they serve cider, wines, and some good options for non-alcoholic beverages. They have a rotating food truck that serves delicious food. The place has an outdoor deck with heating and is known for its friendly staff.

3. Cooper’s Ale House –

One of the best breweries in Greensboro NC is Cooper’s Ale House. You can call it a bar and restaurant, with complete comfort and service.

Cooper’s Ale House is widely famous for its various special drinks. Over 40 distinctive beers are available, along with local beers. If you love specialty beers, this is the perfect place for you. The restaurant menu includes great wings, wraps, and sandwiches. You can even enjoy tasty burgers, steaks, and dinner salads. You can also visit the place with your kids as they offer various kids meals.

breweries in greensboro nc
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Apart from the restaurant and bar accommodations, you can have other good facilities, like live entertainment, especially on the weekends. Live entertainment is best enjoyed on their outdoor patio, but you can also have them organize a party at your home. You can also access various private rooms and meeting halls at the brewery.

4. Craft City Ship In –

Another top-ranking option from the best breweries in Greensboro NC is the Craft City Ship In. The brewery is famous in the local areas because they have a fantastic selection of beers.

Many people believe that the Craft City Ship In is the perfect place to hang out and relax. If you’re not a fan of beer, they have an excellent selection of wine for you to try. High-quality beer is available, and along with that, you can find some weekly specials as well.

breweries in greensboro nc
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Entertainment and live music can be appreciated here most days of the week. For your kid’s entertainment, board games and comics are present too. They will also welcome your pet here if you have one. Overall, visiting this brewery will make your trip to Greensboro worthwhile.

5. Joymongers Brewing Co. –

If someone asks for the best beer quality and taste, you must take them to this brewery. Very few can match Joymongers Brewing Co. in that race. If you are looking for a place with superior beers at a reasonable price, Joymongers Brewing Co. is the perfect place to go.

This brewery is famous for its beers, but apart from that, it also serves sensational food truck selections. However, the food truck may be unavailable some days in a week. You can get soda cans for your kids as well. Besides, you will be mesmerized by their friendly attitude and pleasant environment. Take your family and pet to this brewery if you want to spend a lovely day out.

breweries in greensboro nc
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6. Little Brother Brewing –

The Little Brother Brewing is another brewery that deserves special mention from the best breweries in Greensboro, NC. Serves beers at a reasonable price and features multiple other facilities as well.

It is small but unique, having a taproom and boutique brewery facilities. The Little Brother Brewing’s most incredible trait is that they brew their beer on-site, in their characteristic 4 barrel system. They prioritize using high-quality ingredients and careful preparation methods to brew their signature beers.

Apart from these, the brewery also does some more creative things, like featuring a “Resident Brewer” program which allows homebrewers to share their expertise with the other people of the society.

7. Jake’s Billiards –

When discussing the best breweries in Greensboro NC, we cannot leave out Jake’s Billiards. Many people even state this brewery as the best brewery in the area.

This popular drinking spot also serves various tasty foods, including burgers, great salads, wings, etc. You can indulge in a collection of beers from the beer list, and it is undoubtedly a great place to hang out with your companions as well. Many pool tables, as well as outdoor picnic tables, are also available for the guests.

breweries in greensboro nc
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Overall, Jake’s Billiards is an excellent place to chill out, have some great brews, and play billiards or darts.

8. South End Brewing –

One of the best breweries in Greensboro NC is South End Brewing. This brewery is a bar and a restaurant, providing menus for delicious food and hearty drinks.

You will find a mesmerizing atmosphere with a gorgeous outdoor patio. A long list of beers and wines is available to the guests. Each drink has a unique style and flavor. You can also find beers made with splendid creativity. Some mouth-watering snacks are also here, including strawberry French toast with an omelet, gravy, and biscuit.

Special facilities are there too. For example, you can hang around in the garden or catch up with friends at the outdoor tables.

9. Natty Greene’s Brewpub –

Another great option from the top breweries in Greensboro NC is Natty Greene’s Brewpub. Some incredible specials are there, along with handcrafted beers and high-quality food.

One specialty of Natty Greene’s Brewpub is that it brews nine brands and distributes them to North Carolina. These brands are categorized under three sections, namely: seasonal, year-round, and Big Draft. They are brewed solely at the Greensboro production facility.

You can host your next party here, and your guests will find the brewery very comfortable and relaxing. You can’t go wrong with Natty Greene’s Brewpub!

10. Brown Truck Brewery –

One of the best breweries in Greensboro NC is the Brown Truck Brewery. If you are looking for a wide variety of beers, Q-Bar is the place to go. You will be impressed by the food truck outside, which serves luxurious lobster rolls.

As specified earlier, you can taste various beers there: the IPA, sour, winter ale, seltzer, and Bear Mosa. The other amenities include a private parking facility, bike parking facility, various vegetarian options, wheelchair accessibility, and it accepts credit cards. Besides, it also welcomes your pets, and it serves dog snacks as well.

Anything you will have here will be very refreshing and magnificent in taste. Like many other ones, the Brown Truck Brewery is a place to kick back and relax.

Breweries in Greensboro Nc

Breweries are innumerable in the city of Greensboro. Some of them are Goofy Foot Taproom & Brewery, Leveneleven Brewing, Q-Bar, etc.

Breweries are popular not only in North Carolina but all over the world. The ones mentioned above are the best breweries in Greensboro NC. Greensboro breweries have a huge demand because they are some of the best in the world. Their quality is a significant thing that beer lovers keep an eye on. Without a good character, no brewery can gain fame or win the hearts of millions.

So now you know the best breweries in Greensboro Nc. If you plan to visit this destination, you must visit at least one brewery. A visit to any breweries on this list will be worth the trouble, but hopefully, this article will help you refine your search. After all, every Greensboro brewery has something unique to offer.

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