10 Best Breweries in Winston Salem

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Breweries in Winston Salem
Best Breweries in Winston Salem

Celebrate your cheers over a can or glass of rich flavored ales at one of the breweries in Winston Salem. Breweries in Winston Salem make lip-smacking brewed beers and ales from fresh ingredients grown locally.

You can find all sorts of people here in the breweries in Winston Salem, some celebrating, others relaxing, and a few spending some quality time by themselves.

You could plan a tour or a date or join in for a family get-together in any of the breweries in Winston Salem. They provide very warm and welcoming services to all.

Not just for tourists, but the breweries in Winston Salem are also filled with localities who love to catch up with their friends over a glass of cold beer. So good are the vibes here that you would always want to come back for more.

Why Winston Salem, NC?

It is not just the breweries in Winston Salem, but this city is very famous for its other aspects.

This beautiful city, located in North Carolina, has many nicknames. The most famous one is the twin city, given to it after the individual cities of Winston and Salem were merged in 1913.

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Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

Visit this charming college campus, the most beautiful campus in the US. The famous Wake forest university is based here in Winston Salem. You can also catch a theatrical art or dance performance that is always going on campus.

Also, visit their famous Salem museum that depicts the history of old Salem and its beautiful culture. There are also several art galleries and studios where you could marvel at the beautiful art pieces made by the local artists.

And for the best part, this city has some of the best restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. Enjoy their local street food or sit at a high-end restaurant; it’s up to you. Both of the choices are equally enjoyable.

Not forgetting about the famous breweries in Winston Salem, here is a list of the best ones you should check out.

Breweries in Winston Salem

1) Incendiary Brewing Company

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Photo by Carlos Blanco on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

Following up on the first brewery on the best breweries in Winston Salem is the incendiary brewing company located on N Patterson Ave. They have a beautiful wide-open outdoor space with an original, industrial construction-themed brewery.

They make sure to have rotating taps and craft beers so that the regular customers find something new every time. They host live free concerts sponsored by Mercedes Benz Winston Salem during the summer.

This brewery was established in 2013 and served various beers from American IPA to German-style pilsner and many more.

2) Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing Company

The following breweries in Winston Salem, this brewing company is an independent craft brewery and taproom. They are located in downtown Winston Salem.

They promise to provide quality brewed ales and beers. The taproom has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, almost always buzzing with happy people having fun.

Check out their menu to learn what’s on tap, or ask one of their staff members, who will always be happy to assist you.

Order a pint in their taproom and enjoy the ambiance along with the live music.

3) Foothills Brewing Tasting Room

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Photo by Kat Maryschuk on Unsplash. Copyright 2019

This one of the breweries of Winston Salem is the liveliest of them all. They have a pub, an event center, a brewery and a place for private parties. They also have a tasting room for you to relax and taste the various flavors of your favorite beer.

The pub has its menu and taproom with snacks served as well. If you have a knack for clubbing, this pub is the one to go. It has a very energetic vibe to it, with a friendly staff and a fun ambiance.

Host any event or party at their event center, and you will not be disappointed. They also have many food trucks outside the brewery to eat something ether than the menu.

Many events are happening over at this one of the breweries in Winston sale. Visit them to check out the events calendar.

4) Wise Man Brewing

Wise man brewing makes sure to brew up a diversity of ales and are always happy to share their ever-changing taps and line-ups.

Too tired to drive but still craving one of their beers? Not to worry, like this, one of the breweries in Winston Salem also delivers your ales to your doorstep. They have a taproom that has a very laid-back vibe to it.

Go with your friends or make some new ones over a can. They are also family and pet friendly and have food trucks available daily. You could stop by to attend one of the many events that they host throughout the year.

They provide quality service and beer. They are situated in Angelo Bros Ave.

5) Radar Brewing Company

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Photo by Katherine Conrad on Unsplash. Copyright 2021

Discover this exciting new brewery of all the other breweries in Winston Salem. Located in the city’s arts and industrial district, Radar brewing promises to offer brews fresh tastes and flavors.

They have a unique space that they have used to build their brewery. This brewery hosts several events. Even though it opened recently, it managed to weave its way to the top breweries in Winston Salem due to its beers’ quality.

Their menu consists of various draft beers and wines made locally and from companies outside.

This brewery is located at 216 E 9th St.

6) Joymongers Barrell Hall

This brewery has the word Joy in its name itself. And it really does bring joy to its customers through their rich quality ales and beers, brewed by them.

They are among the few brewers in Winston Salem to brew their own unique, barrel-aged beers in a separate facility. They also have their very own taproom for you to sit and chit chat while emptying your beer pint.

They are also located in Greensboro and serve their best beers – IPA’s, Pale’s, Lagers, Stout’s, etc., while inventing new flavors.

Try out this brewery for sure—one of the locals’ personal favorite of all the breweries in Winston Salem. They play local music with the best artists, and various food trucks are present there every day. They are located in W End Blvd.

7) Hoots Beer Co.

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Photo by Elevate on Unsplash. Copyright 2018

The next entry on the list of best breweries in Winston Salem is Hoots Beer Co. They claim to make their unique brews with tons of love and magic.

They combine the beer’s old-world elements with remarkable dosages of their recipes full of imagination and dark secrets. Visit their brewery to taste their delicious brews.

They have a fantastic taproom that has a cheerful ambiance. The staff are pretty friendly and will brief you about what’s new at hoots beer co. They promise to provide a vibrant quality ale, which would make you come back for more.

Order a pint and chill here to your heart’s content.

8) Small Batch Beer Co.

Once a nano brewery, this next component of the breweries in Winston Salem – has evolved into a brewery bar and a restaurant briefly.

It was established in 2014. They are passionate about drinking as well as making unique beer and ales. They serve a simple mission – to provide the most amazing, mouth-watering, and indulgent foods and drinks to make you go for it without thinking twice.

They serve a wide range of beers, from IPA to pilsner. They brew these ales daily and aim to become the best hand-crafted beer company. Apart from beers, they also serve cocktails, snacks, and delicious milkshakes.

9) BJ’s Restaurant And Brew House

This brewhouse offers its brews and has various guest brews on tap from other breweries in Winston Salem. They offer a massive variety of beers and claim to have won over 200 awards for their brews.

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Photo by Sal Gh on Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Try their LightSwitch Lager, which has fewer calories without any compromise to the flavor. They have an impressive selection of 11 craft beers always on tap and seasonal brews.

Try out their daily brewhouse specials menu for delicious and mouth-watering snacks to go with your brews.

Not in the mood for a drink? No problem. You could go and have a lavish meal at their restaurant that serves many finger-licking dishes, including barbeques, Pizzas, burgers and more.

10) Dogwood Hops & Crops

This brewery is located on Liberty Street. They have 14 rotating taps with draft beers and offer the largest craft beer selection in the Winston-Salem breweries.

Select from over 250 choices of hand-crafted ales, or try a few of them to pick out your favorite one. They also have the same variety of wine for all wine lovers.

Try out their freshly made paninis and cheeses with meat along with your drink for an authentic experience. This brewery is part of the many famous Andrew’s restaurants spread throughout Winston Salem, NC.

Get Going!

That puts an end to the list of top 10 breweries in Winston Salem, NC. So, what are you waiting for? Ring up your friends, gather around a table at one of the brewery taprooms, and catch up over a hearty meal with fantastic ale. You might also like the 10 Best Fort Wayne Brewerie if you liked these articles.

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