10 Best Enchanting Castles In Colorado

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Castles in Colorado date back to the 1800s or ages before it.

These archaic fairyland-styled architectures carved with intricate patterns are among the most coveted centers of attraction in Colorado. Their unique style, history and engaging exhibits mesmerize visitors.

Castle in Colorado

A visit to some Castle in Colorado unravels the hidden history along its old-fashioned stone walls.

1. Dunafon Castle

Bear Creek Canyon, 15 miles away from Denver, nestles a glorious castle, the Dunafon castle. It is a recently built castle designed by a water engineer, Marcus Wright.

The construction of this breathtaking stone wall architecture commenced in 1929, and it received its final touch in 1941.

This marvelous castle in Colorado situated on the peninsula overlooks the picturesque beauty of the Bear Creek river.

The natural setting around the castle makes a trail for hiking, mountain biking and strolling through the depths of nature that crosses Jefferson County.

The castle, which was previously under the reign of royalty, now organizes charity events, private and cooperative gatherings.

Wedding events have become a common occurrence at this beautiful castle.

2. The Brown Palace

castle in colorado
By Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock, Copyright 2021.

The historic castle of Colorado, the Brown Palace, is considered the second-largest operating hotel in the country since its establishment in 1892.

Denver’s red granite and sandstone palace are deemed the finest works of the architect Frank Edbrooke which was built a year after the Oxford Hotel.

The triangular-shaped hotel possesses lavish interiors and grand exteriors.

It takes on the name, The Brown Palace from its former owner, Henry C. Brown.

The Italian Renaissance-style architecture is also included in the National Register of Historic Places.

3. Cherokee Ranch and Castle

Cherokee Ranch is a 1450s Scottish-style castle in Colorado built around 1924 to 1926.

In the 1890s, it was a union of two different homesteads, the Flower Homestead and the Blunt Homestead. The Johnson family built the Scottish-style castle after purchasing the Flower Homestead.

Tweet Kimball acquired this property from them in 1954 and later bought the land alongside it, the Blunt Homestead. The two lands of 3,400 acres were named Cherokee Ranch, which now attracts a multitude of tourists.

To protect and conserve the Ranch, Tweet joined hands with Douglas County Open Lands Coalition in 1996 to preserve it through Conservation Easement.

This ancient-style castle in Colorado exhibits special antiques and world-class art. The vast open ranch is home to a wide variety of wildlife and helps to sustain the western heritage.

Cultural performances, discovery programs, marriage ceremonies, and various children and youth events are some of the major affairs that work towards the betterment of cultural life in Colorado.

4. Cano’s Castle

Another extraordinary castle in Colorado is Cano’s Castle, made with various metal objects such as beer cans and hub caps.

It is the single-handed work of Donald Cano Espinosa, who was a native American Vietnam veteran. He built the castle to honor God for his survival in the Vietnam War.

This castle of Antonito has four different erected tall structures. They are known as the King, the Queen, the Palace and the Rook.

The four-story-high King tower is considered to be the crown jewel of Cano’s Castle.

The silver walls made of aluminum scrap glitter in the daylight casting a metallic glow along with grills, screen doors, hubcaps and bicycle reflectors.

Countless cutting and flattening of beer cans for plastering it onto the walls is and noteworthy work. A trip to this unique castle will open the gates of creativity for anyone.

This wondrous castle in Colorado is still private property, and therefore, it’s mandatory only to savor the exteriors of the fortress.

5. Bishop Castle

Jim Bishop fulfilled his wish by constructing his dream castle, Bishop Castle.

The castle was named after its designer, Jim Bishop, who brought a land for $450 at 15. He began the construction in 1969 on the family intended project site.

This castle in Colorado is situated in the Wet Mountains of southwest Pueblo is considered a one-person project.

The castle is a glorious monumental statue built with rock-hard stone and iron. It screams the firm dedication of the builder to make it an extraordinary one.

The three-story-high castle is adorned with grand ballrooms, rooms, soaring towers, and bridges with views a hundred miles.

The Fire Breathing Dragon makes the experience in the castle memorable.

6. Miramont Castle

mira 1
By John Howard Kohn/Shutterstock, Copyright 2021.

Ancient architecture built in 1895, the Miramont Castle is homed and owned by the Manitou Springs Historical Society. This castle in Colorado has been transformed into a Museum, which now brims with the local history.

Father Jean Baptiste Francolon designed this castle in Byzantine, Gothic, Tudor, Medieval and Victorian-style architecture.

The 14,000 sq acres occupied by the four-floor castle offers tours around 40 furnished rooms of Victorian Style. Ancient artifacts, firefighters and war mementos, and the local arts, are gracefully exhibited in this castle.

It is believed that Miramont Castle has secret tunnels and escape routes, and hidden rooms because father Francolon was concerned with the unrest in France.

Queen’s Parlour Tearoom is the center of attractions of the castle that serves visitors with multi-course Victorian Teas and luscious lunches.

This castle in Colorado serves as the perfect wedding destination to begin a new life event surrounded by the gleaming historical castle.

7. Glen Eyrie Castle

General William Jackson Palmer built his dream home in 1871 in the northwest foothills of Colorado spring which he discovered.

A tower along with rooms was added to the house during the remodeling in 1881.

When his wife, Mary Queen Mellen, passed away in 1894, he reconstructed the house into a 33,000 sq feet castle in the loving memory of his wife as she always loved the feel of the stone castle.

Glen Eyrie, also famous for Palmer castle in Colorado, is a Tudor style architecture that consists of 17 guest rooms followed by 24 fireplaces, 2 dining rooms and somewhat 4 to 7 meeting rooms.

The navigators now have a hold over this castle, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The castle hosts various English as well as Victorian tea events and sets up marriages too. This 800 sq acres of land has become a retreat center, and it is permitted for private events.

8. Redstone Castle

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By Jeffrey Beal/Flickr, Copyright 2021.

Redstone Castle is a gem of Colorado that rests in the Crystal River Valley.

John Cleveland Osgood, the coal magnate and industrialist, constructed this glorious mansion of a home in 1902 to impress the visitors, and it continues to do so even today.

Osgood was a rich man who had strong connections with famous dignitaries like President Teddy Roosevelt, Rockefellers and J.P. Morgan. As a result, they spent their time hunting and fishing whilst relaxing in this luxurious castle.

Previously, the castle was recognized as Cleveland Manor and Osgood Castle.

In 1971, it was recorded in the National Register of Historic Places for its unique style that displays the elite American Culture of the 20th century.

This elegant castle in Colorado consists of around 24 suites and 16 baths and exhibits the art and artifacts collected by Osgood from all over Europe.

It offers rental facilities for family and friends to enjoy a getaway at this magnificent place. The Crystal River and recreational activities are a great addition to a delightful stay.

9. Westminster Castle

By Kit Leong/Shutterstock, Copyright 2021.

Westminster Castle is located in Denver and was constructed in 1892.

As a result, it is recognized to be a historic landmark and, as a result, is noted in the National Register of Historic Places. It is recorded as Westminster University.

The beautiful structure of sandstone adorns the color red, and hence it is locally known as the Big Red Castle or the Pillar of Fire.

The idea of Westminster University was devised in 1890 by New Yorker Henry T. Mayhem. He convinced Denver Presbytery to build a Presbyterian on the property owned by him on the Crown Point, which was the highest point in Arapaho County.

Later, Stanford White was hired to complete the castle, transforming it into a Redstone castle using Red Rocks.

Westminster Castle in Colorado is a Richardsonian Romanesque style architecture.

The campus of the university accommodates Belleview Christian Schools and KPOF AM91 Radio. The first broadcast of the HD radio of Colorado was made in this castle.

10. Richthofen Castle

In the neighborhood of Montclair, Denver resides one of the oldest but the most famous castles of Colorada, Richthofen Castle.

Initially, in 1887 the castle was designed and constructed by architect Alexander Cazin.

Later, in 1910 and 1924, it was restructured by Maurice Biscoe and Henry Hewitt.

The castle was a sanctuary of a Richthofen aristocratic family member, Baron Walter von Richthofen, a German immigrant.

The Gothic and Tudor revival style architecture of this mansion includes elegant 35 rooms along with luxurious amenities.

In 1975, it made its way into the National Register of Historic Places.

The Castle in Colorado is a ride back to the ancient world that reads the intriguing stories of the past. It displays the art and creativity the architectures possessed.

Grab an opportunity and explore the beauties of the castle in Colorado.

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