Foods to eat when sick Foods to eat when sick

Foods To Eat When Sick: Check Out These Best 10

Eating great food is one way to eliminate all the symptoms of adverse health conditions.

To stay healthy, you should consume fruit and foods with anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body fight the common symptoms.

In fact, According to a study conducted in 2015, the World Health Organisation and Food and Agriculture of the United Nations report recommends adults consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, excluding starchy vegetables.

Here is a list of the ten most nutritious foods to eat when sick. This list of foods to eat when you’re also ill helps improve your immune system.

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One of the most important things to remember while consuming these foods is to ensure they are homemade. This is because the high amount of preservatives may further deteriorate health. You can also purchase canned foods, but check the ingredients before purchasing.

1. Best Foods To Eat When Sick

Maintaining a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates is essential when you are sick. Most of these foods have been used as home remedies for curing illness. Eating these foods can make the healing process faster.

If you eat them when sick, these ten foods will help improve the healing process. Staying hydrated is another important thing one should take care of, as it can help cure sickness and eliminate most symptoms. Here is a list of the best foods to eat when sick.

1.1 Citrus Fruits

Consuming fiber when you are sick can help get rid of sickness soon. And for that, Citrus fruits are one of the best. Even an entire study titled Citrus Fruits as a Treasure Trove of Active Natural Metabolites potentially benefits human health.

So, they contain a good amount of soluble fiber and are rich in vitamin C. Fresh fruit has plenty of health benefits.

They also help in improving your skin health. One can get most of the important vitamins by consuming citrus fruits. Some fruits you can eat when you’re sick are oranges, grapefruit, and lemon.

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1.2 Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is perhaps one of the oldest cures for cold or flu symptoms. Ginger tea is also a great food to consume if you have a sore throat. The anti-inflammatory effects of ginger.

You can make ginger tea using either fresh or dried ginger. Hot tea made of fresh ginger can also help with an upset stomach. You can make ginger tea using crystallized ginger as well.

This food may come as a surprise as a remedy for sore throat. However, yogurt is one of the best food items to eliminate sore throat as it is a natural probiotic.

Cold yogurt has anti-inflammatory effects and can help reduce irritation in the throat. It is also one of the best-fermented foods to improve the immune system.

1.3. Chicken Soup

One of the foods to eat when sick is chicken soup. If your digestive system is weak, then warm chicken broth can help you. Here is a study dedicated to scientifically back its benefits.

Also, it is suggested that one should eat homemade chicken soup instead of buying it. This is because processed foods contain many ingredients that may accelerate your sickness instead of curing it.

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1.4. Rolled Oats

Oats are considered one of the healthiest grains as they are rich in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and fiber. Rolled oats are one of the best foods to eat when sick, as they have antibacterial properties.

If you have an upset stomach, you can consume these oats as they are rich in fiber and protein. Some health benefits of oats are that they provide antioxidants and help ease constipation.

If you are looking for a better option than rolled oats, you can eat steel-cut oats when you are sick. They have more soluble fiber than rolled ones and are one of the best foods to eat when sick.

They are also easy to digest. You can add dried fruit while preparing oats for more nutritional value. Some benefits of oats are promoting weight loss, reducing the risk of heart disease, and lowering blood sugar levels.

1.5. Coconut Water

If you want to stay hydrated, coconut water is one of the best foods. It also helps maintain your immune health. One of the most important things is avoiding artificial sweeteners when sick.

According to a 2020 study, whether you are dealing with saturated fats, coconut, medium-chain fatty acids, lauric acid, or cardiovascular disease, coconut water is perfect for you

Thus, coconut water provides natural sugar. It has also been proved that coconut water has anti-nausea effects. Coconut water is also good for diabetic patients as it may help lower blood sugar levels. Consuming other foods rich in potassium can help improve health sooner.

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1.6. Fennel

Fennel is one of the healthiest foods to eat when sick as it helps reduce the risk of the common cold and provides relief in symptoms of cold and flu. Eating fennel in winter also helps in improving immunity.

This food is also a good option if you suffer from skin diseases. This is because fennel can help in the production of collagen.

One of the best things about fennel is that one can consume almost every part of the vegetable. Fennel seeds are highly nutritious and low in calories. Fresh fennel is also rich in vitamin C, essential for immune health, and helps repair body tissues.

It is also a good antioxidant and can help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

1.7. Echinacea Tea

If you suffer from cold-like symptoms, you should drink warm tea to help eliminate congestion and improve your immune function. You can add some echinacea flowers to hot water to treat your cold symptoms.

The longer you let the tea sit, the more beneficial it will be as the properties of the flower will be able to dissolve into the water completely.

1.8. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are one of the best remedies for sore throat. You can leave the potatoes with peel on them as they are rich in magnesium, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Mashed potatoes can be consumed with green tea for better and quicker results.

Hot tea with hot potatoes can also help you eliminate sinus congestion. They are one of the greatest foods to eat when sick as they digest easily, and one can get instant energy from potatoes.

1.9. Bone Broth

Since you cannot drink caffeinated or sports drinks, bone broth is the best food to consume for hydration and nutrients. The hot water with flavors of chicken or any other meat can act as a portion of comfort food.

You can also use this as a remedy for a runny nose and add black pepper to the broth. Bone broth is also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. One will have to consume this for at least six weeks for better results.

You can quickly prepare chicken bone broth at home by adding chicken leftovers to boiling water. After straining, add spices according to your preference. However, make sure not to add too much salt or pepper. One can also add herbs like basil or thyme for a rich taste.

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1.10. Ginger Ale

Ginger ale is a good food to consume when you are sick. However, it is essential to buy a beverage with less sugar content. Ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can help in healing sooner.

A great option to prepare ginger ale at home. You can do this easily by adding ginger to boiled water and boiling the water for five minutes. Then, you can either consume the water after straining the ginger or add syrup.

2. Best Foods For the Immune System

A robust immune system can help you fight the toughest of diseases. These foods can also cure body aches and improve your digestive tract. You can consume these food items or use them for cooking a dish.

One of the best things is that you can prepare some of these foods in various ways. Some staple foods to eat when you’re sick are ginger, turmeric, dairy products, and cardamom.

2.1. Spinach

Spinach is one of the best foods for your immune system as it is rich in several minerals and has antioxidant properties. It is one of the foods to eat when you’re sick, as it can also help get rid of flu symptoms.

Spinach is also rich in vitamin A, improving the skin’s immune system and helping prevent tissue damage. You can add dairy products like cream to spinach to add more nutrition. However, if you are facing digestion issues, you should avoid spinach.

In particular, it’s super beneficial in liver disease and Blood pressure betterment, According to a study conducted in 2020.

2.2. Oily Fish

If you are bored of eating bland foods when you are sick and want to eat something healthy and delicious, you can eat oily fish. It is one of the best foods for your immune system as it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help prevent heart disease.

Some fish you can eat are salmon, herring, and sardines. You can use olive oil to grill or roast the fish.

Some research has also proved that eating fish can help reduce the risk of dementia. It also prevents cardiac arrhythmia by reducing inflammation.

It is one of the best foods to eat when sick as it is healthier than white fish and richer in nutrients. However, you want to ensure there is no contamination of water where you source your fish. Here is a study detailing what different oily fish can affect your mental health.

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2.3. Fermented Foods

Even though there is no clear correlation between the consumption of fermented foods and a better immune system, it has been proved that these foods have anti-inflammatory properties.

Eating fermented foods can also help boost probiotics in your stomach, improving digestion and immunity. They may also improve heart health by reducing blood pressure and maintaining cholesterol balance.

2.4. BRAT Diet

Doctors have recommended bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast diet for improving immunity. BRAT diet also helps if you have an upset stomach. A BRAT diet is something you can eat even when you are not sick.

Eating the right foods regularly can help in many ways. You can also consume hot teas with this diet to make it more effective. The BRAT diet is also a remedy for diarrhea.

2.5. Spicy Foods

Even though it is suggested that one should avoid spicy foods when sick, the right foods can help you eliminate sickness. Hot tea with spicy foods can also help if you have a stuffy nose.

Research shows that eating these foods can improve heart health. You can add natural spices like ginger, black pepper, or green chilis to food for flavor and increase metabolism.

Some spicy foods that are good for your health are wasabi, jalapeno, red chili peppers, and horseradish. These foods can help with congestion, sore throat, and headache.

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Closing Thoughts

Apart from eating healthy, you can also build your immunity and ability to fight diseases by joining a health and wellness space near your place. These spaces have professionals who can help you make a healthy diet and routine.

Experts continually monitor your calorie intake level to help you stay conscious. Staying hydrated is another step you can take toward staying fit. Eating healthy foods when you are sick can help you recover soon.

If you suffer from cold and flu symptoms, you must leave fried foods behind and rely on foods high in fat, like chicken noodle soup. It is important to eat the right foods when you are unwell and avoid the wrong foods. One should not consume spicy food when sick as it will not cure sickness but worsen it.

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