10 Best Remote Work Companies

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Remote Work Companies
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Have you been working for hours relentlessly, and returning home tired or sometimes frustrated too? Have you been waking up early, getting ready to set out for the office whether you want or not because it is your need? What if you do not have to go and work in the office, and instead, get a home office setup to work remotely? Yes! You heard it right, work-from-home permanently. It is damn exciting and convenient. Is it not? Sit at home and do your job just the way you want it, and in the environment you like. So here, we have got you the best remote work companies for you to enjoy freedom at work.

Remote work companies let you explore different fields and work cultures being at home in any country around the globe. When the coronavirus turned the tables upside-down worldwide, companies that never promoted remote working took the initiative, and ordered employees to work from their homes. These pandemic years allowed not just a few companies but many companies to switch to remote work companies or add the remote option to their working style, the hybrid mode.

What Are Remote Jobs?

Remote jobs are work-from-home jobs that allow employees to work remotely from anywhere besides the office. This provides remote opportunities to a large number of the population to get involved with such remote work companies being at their place, anywhere around the globe, be it remote employees’ homes or any other place they like.

Remote Job Benefits:

During the pandemic, everyone was at home, and every company switched to work-form-home, which gave people knowledge about remote work and helped them know its benefits. The most proven remote work benefits are:

  1. Offer Health Insurance
  2. Home Tech Support
  3. Flexible Schedule
  4. Paid and Unlimited Vacation Days
  5. Company Retreats
  6. Flexible Work Environment

Many top remote work companies like Google, Amazon, GitHub, HubSpot, Reddit, and others also provide fertility benefits to their remote workers to ensure the stability and family security of their employees.

Remote Work Companies

The new generation is looking forward to these remote companies working from home as this allows an individual to find out some time for themselves and follow their passion or work on their other skills, which is impossible while working in offices for hours. These remote work companies give opportunities and eradicate the tiring schedule.

There are many remote work companies in various industries like information technology, social media, education, cloud and web services, internet, advertising, hiring and recruiting, data science, and more. Also, the below lists consist of the remote companies hiring options and remote positions available.

Find out the most suitable remote work companies for you!

Fully Remote Work Companies

Remote Work Companies
By Sincerely Media/Unsplash. Copyright

For the full-time job at top remote companies, we present you the fully remote work companies which allow working remotely with flexible working hours to their remote workforce, providing all the remote benefits by letting you stay at your home permanently.

1. 10up

(Internet and Web Services)

“We make the web better by finely crafting websites and tools for content creators”

10up provides consultative creative and engineering services with innovative tools and products. The open platforms and tools for digital makers and content creators are available in a customer-centric service model. The remote work culture for employees works keeps them refreshed. 10up is a globally distributed team across six continents and over 29 countries. They work together as a team contacting each other via slacks, video calls, and even old-fashioned calls.

Job Openings:

Senior Audience Growth Strategist, UX Director, Lead Front End Engineer, Lead Web Engineer, Senior Programmatic Strategist, Recruiter, Lead Visual Designer, Vice President Experience Design, Senior Content Designer, Lead JavaScript Manager, and more.

2. Buffer

(Social Media, Technology)

“All-you-need social media toolkit for small businesses”

Buffer is a globally distributed team working in 21 countries to help their customers build their brands and grow their business globally on social media, helping them with their website management and social accounts. They provide service tools like publishing, analytics, engagement, and start page to create innovative brand models.

Job Openings:

Social Media Manager, Communications Manager, Social Media Coordinator, System Application Developer, Head of Finance, Android Engineer, Senior Back-end Engineer, and more. Although, no current openings, keep checking here: Buffer Journey

3. Doist


“Breaking the status quo to build the future of work”

Today, Doist is a remote-fist team representing 41 nationalities in 39 countries and 74 cities. It is a platform to keep track of everything important to you, from your mundane daily routine to your most important professional goals. They launched Twist – a team communication tool to keep you calm and organized without getting interrupted due to poor communication between team members. Todoist – is a To-Do List to organize your work and make it easy to remember all your tasks by managing and helping you out with the most important thing to do first.

Job Openings:

There are no Open roles right now; keep checking here: Doist Careers

4. Flexjobs

(Recruiting, Hiring)

“Find a better way to work”

Want a new job? Find a better way to work with Flexjobs – a place where you can find remote work, hybrid work, or any job to suit your requirements. It also provides career advice and organizes events & webinars for job seekers.

Job Openings:

Content Coordinator, General Application

5. GitHub

(Collaborative Version Control)

“Come build the home for all developers”

GitHub is a platform that boosts developer velocity by accelerating high-quality software development. It provides best-in-class version control and the most powerful open-source community to build and grow together. It offers a complete dev environment to code, build, test, and open pull requests from anywhere by collaborating with other programmers.

Job Openings:

Senior Brand Designer, Senior Program Manager, DevOps Architect, Senior Engineering Manager, Senior Network Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Senior Compensation Analyst, Communication Manager, SEO Specialist, and more.

6. GitLab


“Contribute to a culture of empathy and productivity”

Remote Work Companies
By Pankaj Patel/Unsplash. Copyright 2018

GitLab has been an open-core software company and an all-remote company since its inception. The One DevOps Platform for software developers believes in remote work, open source, and providing faster and great codes to the community of programmers for new software innovations.

Job Openings:

National Channel Sales Manager, Account Executive, Area Sales Manager, Professional Services Project Manager, Associate Inside Sales Representative, Cloud Partner Solutions Architect, Customer Success Engineer, Solutions Architect, and more.

7. How-To Geek

(Digital Media, E-Commerce, Information Technology)

“We’re not a website for geeks—we are the geeks”

It is an online technology magazine that provides insights about computer working, technical issues, and the latest gadgets. They give instructions to help people solve their technical problems. They do not earn for endorsing a particular product but try their hands on the products they recommend providing reliable information to the readers.

Job Openings:

Digital Editor, Data Governor Manager, Junior Copy Editor, Advertising Associate, Paid Media Strategist, Content Editor, Lead UX Writer, Content and Editorial Project Manager, Brand Designer, and more.

8. Hubstaff


“Spend less time tracking and more time growing.”

A time tracking software – Hubstaff, provides an all-in-one work time tracker for managing field or remote teams. It provides services like time tracking, employee monitoring, workforce management, and agile project management available for Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac, etc. It also helps find and fix money leaks by providing a full report of your company’s billable hours and their impact on revenue. More than 100 industry businesses are using Hubstaff for their business growth.

Job Openings:

DevOps Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Senior Mobile Developer, Senior/ Architect Vue.js Engineer, Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer.

9. Shopify


“With you wherever you’re going”

Shopify is an e-commerce company that provides one platform to sell products to anyone and anywhere-in person online through your website or social media. It also gives you built-in tools to analyze digital marketing campaigns and use a single dashboard to manage orders, shipping, and payments in one click. It helps small businesses grow into big ones, whereas big ones reach globally and not just in their own country.

Job Openings:

Merchant Success Team Lead, Customer Success Manager, Senior Solutions Engineer, Staff Marketing UX Designer, Operations Manager, Staff Data Scientist, and more.

10. Zapier


“Do what you do best, let Zapier do the rest”

Zapier provides full automation services from side hustlers to enterprise leaders. It helps automate your work in one place across 5,000+ apps and provides a feature to build flexible workflows. Automation plans are freely available for individuals who need basic automation plans and charges for starter, professional, team, and company plans.

Job Openings:

Tax Associate/Analyst, Director, Pricing and Packaging, Senior Manager Future Insights and Design Roles, Product Marketing Manager, Group Product Manager, and more.

Hybrid Remote Work Companies

For people who prefer hybrid work conditions can go for any of these remote work companies, which provide different models like hybrid, office-first, and there is also a remote-first company model in the market which is unlike a fully distributed company or remote-only company; these companies operate a certain physical workplace of some kind for the employees who want to work from somewhere outside the home environment but not exactly the main office building.

1. Airbnb


“Live and work from anywhere”

Airbnb is a vocational rental company that allows you to host your property on their website to rent and provide tourists with the best place to live in during their vacations. They remained focused on providing a memorable, warm stay to the visitors and creating a feeling of belongingness and connection just as “at home” with their hosts. Now, it is too easy to put your place on Airbnb and earn daily with free one-to-one guidance.

Job Openings:

Airbnb Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Controller, Energy Advisor Sales Consultant, Product Manager, Senior Social Content Operations Manager, Technical Writer, Solutions Engineer, and more.

2. Amazon

(E-commerce, Cloud Computing, Entertainment)

“Come build the future with us”

Remote Work Companies
By Christian Wiediger/Unsplash. Copyright 2018

Amazon visions to be the Earth’s most customer-centric company and strive to delight its customers by making their lives easier. It is more than just an e-commerce company that provides services to its customers in every possible way. Amazon prime videos, music, shopping, and cloud storage are just Amazing!

Anyone from anywhere can join and sell. It provides opportunities for students providing internship and software development opportunities to explore what it is like to be a software engineer at Amazon.

Job Openings:

Quality Analyst, Pharmacy Technician, Software Development Engineer, Seller Onboarding Associate NL, Vendor Consultant, Senior Technical Program Manager, and more.

3. Ford


“Access a better tomorrow, today”

Ford – an automobile manufacturer, evolving to focus on services, experiences, and software as well as the vehicle. It creates transportation solutions by launching innovative products. Also, HackerOne works with Ford to find our technical and security vulnerabilities. They openly invite you to share your findings and be rewarded. They are looking for talents that can take the company somewhere new.

Job Openings:

Recruiter, Data Engineering Manager, UX Designer, Full Stack Software Engineer, Digital Data and Network Strategy Manager, Senior Global CRM Product Manager/Owner, and more.

4. Fujitsu

(Computer Hardware, Data Storage)

“Transforming Business and Society in the Digital Age”

Fujitsu provides the business IT solutions you need. They design, develop, implement, manage and optimize access to systems and information to answer your business needs. They provide multi-cloud, application, business, digital workplace, enterprise, cyber security, network, and communication services. They embrace flexible and hybrid working that allows employees to “work your way.” The on-site work facilities are also available for the one who does not want to work remotely.

Job Openings:

Global Lead OEM Alliances

5. Google

(Artificial Intelligence, Advertising, Cloud Computing, Computer Software, Computer Hardware, Internet)

“Our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”

Remote Work Companies
By Greg Bulla/Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Google – makes people’s lives better through technology. They are developing helpful products for everyone to make everything available at a click with security and privacy. Google Chrome, meet, and classroom help students learn and grow. Google mails connect everyone. Google’s cloud infrastructure provides services like photos and drives that allows cloud storage and makes accessible your memories in a click everywhere with a click. There are a lot of services Google is providing right now to almost everyone and making lives easier. Remote roles are also available for those interested in working remotely.

Job Openings:

Senior UX Designer, Senior Visual Designer, Software Engineering Manager II, Privacy Manager, Motion Designer, Product Manager, Lead Group Product Manager, Information Security Engineer, Photographer and Videographer, and more.

6. HubSpot


“Helping millions grow better”

HubSpot is a software company that provides the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform having all the tools scaling companies will need for marketing, sales, content Management, and customer service in one place. They also provide certification courses for education purposes.

Job Openings:

Senior Account Executive, Managing Editor, Renewal and Contract Manager, Senior Engineering Manager, Senior Financial Analyst, Senior Product Designer, Small Business Account Executive, and more.

7. LinkedIn

(Internet, Recruiting, Hiring)

“Millions of jobs and people hiring”

Remote Work Companies
By Souvik Banerjee/Unsplash. Copyright 2021

LinkedIn is recently the most used app for job search and internship according to your needs in every possible field. The hiring process is also simple; all you need to do is create your profile on the website and keep it updated with all your achievements, choose topics you are interested in, and the type of job you want in office or work-from-home jobs. Rest LinkedIn will recommend job opportunities according to your requirements. It helps you connect to the world’s largest professional network, which helps in your professional development skills.

Job Openings:

Digital Content Coordinator, Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Advertising Associate, Designer, Visual Media Specialist, Recruiter, Growth Marketing Manager, Training Specialists, Social Media Editor, Senior Accountant, and more.

8. Lyft


“Ride by ride, we’re reimagining the world’s best transportation.”

Lyft is a transport company that provides you with a reliable, safe, and scheduled ride. They provide on-time pickup and drop services. Also, cost-effective and allows three times per month free cancellation service for their customers. You can apply to drive according to your conditions and schedule and get paid instantly.

Job Openings:

Senior Accountant, Insurance & Investments, IT Customer Specialist, Product Designer, Growth Marketing Manager, Security Analyst, Software Engineer, Backend and Engineer, and more.

9. Quora


“Our mission is to share and grow the world’s knowledge”

Quora is an insightful website that shares the world’s knowledge by connecting people. People around the globe join together at one place and share each other’s experiences and knowledge to help one another. The main aspect is “questions” that are being asked daily by users worldwide and answered by people with similar experiences and knowledge to help cope with a situation or gain insights about a topic.

It is where anyone from anywhere can question their queries about anything and get answers or advice from others on the same. It is a remote-first company that allows all the positions to be performed remotely as well.

Job Openings:

Senior Data Scientist, Design, Senior Product Designer, Product Designer-Ads, and Product Lead.

10. Reddit

(Social Media, Advertising)

“Dive into anything”

Remote Work Companies
By Brett Jordan/Unsplash. Copyright 2021

It is a home for thousands of communities and their endless conversations. It provides every type of entertainment to all through its multi-genre feed. It can be about breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, endless streams, or anything you like. It is based on, post < comment < vote.

The work culture at Reddit is just great as it provides various employee benefits, including paid volunteer time off, wellness reimbursement, and personal and professional development funds.

Job Openings:

Community Lead, Data Scientists, Senior Product Designer, Senior Software Engineer, Staff Revenue Accountant, Product Marketing Manager, Senior Sales Manager, and more.

Remote Work Tips

Now, lets us discuss some tips for remote working as it is challenging to manage all your professional work when you are at your home permanently around your family in person dealing with your personal life together.

Sometimes, professional issues frustrate you and might cause problems in your personal life because of not maintaining your personal and professional lives at remote work companies. To do so, you should follow some tips which help you deal with such situations and keep you and your family away from your work issues during your family time. Hence, leading you to live the best and most happy life.

Let us list some tips:

  1. Create your daily schedule, from morning to night
  2. Make a to-do list of all the tasks you have to finish with their deadlines
  3. Analyze your working style and how you like to do things
  4. Always stay in touch with your fellow employees
  5. Contact employee resource groups for any changes you might be looking for employees’ benefit
  6. Make available a disturbance-free and smooth internet connection
  7. Take timely breaks to keep your mind fresh
  8. Make sure to have a separate workplace at home as well to keep your work safe and disturbance free

Technologies Helpful in Remote Work

For smooth, efficient remote working, some pre-requisite technologies play a vital role in the functioning of remote work companies. So, let us talk about some of them:

  1. Cloud Workspace: This is a cloud-based digital desktop that collects and manages all the team’s work in one place. It makes accessible all the work to only authorized workers.
  2. Cloud Storage: it helps to keep a large amount of a company’s data together and safe so that, it is accessible easily from anywhere and anytime.
  3. Internet Services: internet connection should be stable and speedy to work efficiently.
  4. Online Video Conferencing: for team meetings, online platforms like Google Meet, Duo, Microsoft Teams, and others are very helpful.
  5. Worksheet: excel sheets are used to keep track of work, the record of employees, and a lot of other information such as Microsoft Excel sheets.
  6. Online Chat Groups: for employees to communicate with each other and the customers, online chat groups on different applications are very useful, and convenient to use, such as Telegram, Discord, and more.

Remote Work Companies
By Chris Montgomery/Unsplash. Copyright 2020

Remote work companies also contribute to the education sector by helping students take up remote working internships for their career advancement without wasting their time traveling, and gaining more knowledge in the field they want. Not only this, but also one can explore different fields they might be interested in and get paid time work-from-home jobs which will give them stability and time to think about what they want to do next utilizing their time.

People look for remote companies to work for, so they can earn enough to avoid liability alone with managing their personal life and become clear with their thoughts of what to do in the future, can do financial planning and make their retirement plans.

So, if you are looking for the best remote work companies, scroll through the article and find the best match for you. ALL THE BEST!

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