10 Excellent Flight Schools in Alabama

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Best flight schools in Alabama

Getting yourself enrolled in one of the flight schools in Alabama, USA, would be a perfect head start towards your aviation career. Flight schools in Alabama provide the best training and education facilities for those who wish to choose an aviation career.

Flight schools in Alabama focus on educating and training their trainees with quality knowledge and ensuring that their trainees have adequate practical experience.

They help students so that when they graduate from any of the flight schools in Alabama, they become confident individuals for their future career paths.

Flight Schools In Alabama- What’s Next?

flight schools in alabama
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An aviation career is not just about soaring high in the skies. There are plenty of other jobs on the ground as well.

Here are a few career options after graduating from flying school:

  • Aircraft electrical installer or technician – for those who have an interest in electrical engineering and aviation.
  • Aircraft manufacturing engineering – Those who have already graduated in engineering, mainly aerospace engineering, can opt for this career.
  • Airline pilots – those who actually have an interest in flying high can opt for this option. There are two types of pilots: commercial pilot and private pilot.
  • Airport operations manager – they manage all the major functioning of the airport along with the business sector.
  • Air traffic controllers – make sure to direct the air traffic to ensure fewer accidents.
  • Aviation maintenance technicians are responsible for keepiaircraft’sd maircraft’s the aircraft’s electrical and mechanical components.
  • Quality control personnel – people having an interest in manufacturing plus aviation will enjoy this career option.

All these jobs have an excellent pay scale if you work hard enough for them. Even though many flight schools inAlabama’s herAlabama’sst of Alabama’s top 10 best flight schools.

Top 10 Flight Schools In Alabama:

1) Birmingham Flight Centre

flight schools in Alabama
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This flight center is located at the Birmingham international airport. They have different flight training programs and safety training programs. This one of the flight schools in Alabama has a tailwheel program that helps young flyers learn proper landing and takeoff techniques.

They also have a simulator that enables you to experience a sample lesson of the flight training program you are about to pursue.

Check out their website to learn more.

2) Over The Mountain Aviation Flight School

flight schools in Alabama
Source: Marina Hinic/Pexels . Copyright 2017

This flight school is located in Alabaster. They have a group of outstanding instructors and have an overall 100 years of flight training experience.

They have safe techniques and methods of training.

They offer 1500 hours of training for their students and have amazing career opportunities for their graduates like flying a beech jet, king air and cirrus, and many more.

They offer flight training starting from basic Private Pilot to the most advanced training you need to pursue aviation.

To enroll yourself in this out of all the other flight schools in Alabama, visit their website for further instructions.

3) Flight Training Of Mobile

This flight school is located in Flave Pierce Rd, mobile. They offerCAT’sde range of aviation services along with trCAT’sg like:

  • Flight training
  • Pilot supplies
  • CAT’s testing center
  • Flight reviews and coordinated check rides
  • Local area aircraft rentals

They offer training courses like the Sport pilot course – part 61, which includes 15 hours of dual flying with an instructor and 5 hours of solo flying. They offer a private pilot course – part 141 or 61, which includes 40 hours of dual flying with an instructor and 10 hours of solo flying.

Another is the instrument pilot course – part 61 or 141, which includes 35 hours of flight training (can involve 14 hours of simulator training) and 35 hours of ground training.

The commercial pilot course – part 141 or 61 includes120 hours of flight training and 35 hours of ground training. Whereas the Flight instructor course – part 61 includes 25 hours of flight training and 15 hours of ground training

On the other hand, the Flight instructor instrument course – part 61, includes 15 hours of flight training and 15 hours of ground training. For further information, click here.

4) The General Aviation Centre

Located in Tuscaloosa, this aviation center is perfect for all those who want to start a full-time aviation career. This one of the flight schools in Alabama provides facilities for operations that include flight training, ground school, pilot supplies, and written testing.

They have a private pilot training school with very knowledgeable FAA-certified instructors. They also conduct weekly ground school classes for those who want to pursue ground aviation careers.

They offer the following courses:

  • Private Pilot course
  • Instrument pilot course
  • Commercial pilot course
  • Multi-engine course
  • Flight Instructor course
  • Flight Instructor Instrument course
  • Multi-engine Instructor course
  • Online & Ground School for all courses

For further information, you can look it up here.

5) Sanders Aviation

flight schools in Alabama
Source: Joël Super/ Pexels. Copyright 2019

This aviation school is located in Jasper. They provide quality education and have adequate and updated staff and trainers to provide proper training.

They offer the following courses:

  • Private pilot course – part 141
  • ATP-CTP course
  • Military to ATP transition course.

They teach ground as well as flight lessons. They also ensure that their student is well-versed in other skills, including navigation, radio, and communication.

This one of the flight schools in Alabama also trains students to appear for the FAA license exam while preparing them for their check ride. Click here for more information.

6) Auburn University Aviation Center

Located in auburn, this one of the flight schools in Alabama promised highly desired graduates with their best education, research, and outreach programs.

They offer quality education in aeronautical knowledge and provide the needed training to acquire good piloting skills. They are a group of profdegree’s aviation organizations that are working towards buildidegree’scessful aviation industry.

They offer two primary degree’s:

  • Professional flight degree for all those interested in flying high
  • Aviation management degree that has a primary focus on aviation operations and business.

Do check out the aviation department once before you enroll yourself. Candidates interested in enrolling can visit their website.

7) Wallace State Community College

flight schools in Alabama
Source: Pixabay/Pexels. Copyright 2016

This community college is located in Hanceville. Apart from offering many courses, this college has an aviation training program for those who have dreamt of flying.

This one of the flight schools in Alabama offers training for commercial airplane pilots and commercial helicopter pilots. This flight school program has training courses for professional pilots as well as recreational pilots.

Students will also have the opportunity to get their FAA certification license once they finish their training. They also provide all types of advanced aviation training and certifications as well.

They also have a bachelor of science degree in aeronautics for all students in aviation and engineering. The trained pilots undergo simulator checks every once or twice a year.

They have many other degrees associated with aviation apart from flying. You could check those out too.

You could visit their website for further information.

8) Executive FlightAlabama’shis flight school is located in Huntsville. This flight center iAlabama’sed-based operator at the Huntsville executive airports, out of Alabama’s other flight schools.

They provide FBO and pilot services, flight training, and Rental fleets. They are known to provide 10 years of remarkable service. This flight center has a specialization in pilot training programs.

They provide ground training as well as flight training.

Flight training courses include:

  • Private pilot
  • Instrument rating
  • Commercial rating
  • Flight instructor certificates

Ground school classes include:

  • Private pilot ground school
  • Instrument ground school

They also specialize in FAA license training and testing.

To enroll, kindly do visit their website.

9) Brown Aero Technologies

Apollo aviation is one of the multi-skilled aviation training companies in all the flight schools in Alabama. They train for various skills and strategies to have a long successful career in the aviation industry.

They have a team of experts who have 20 years of experience in the military sector.

They provide the following training services:

  • Private pilot training
  • Commercial pilot training
  • CFI and CFII training
  • Discovery flight
  • Military and civilian training
  • Instrument rating

They have full-time training programs available and also have Aircraft acquisition assistance.

Visit their website for more details if you want to learn to fly.

10)  Etheredge Aviation And Flight Training Services

This flight school is situated in Pell City. They provide a world-class education to their students and have excellent training facilities.

They provide the following courses:

  • Private Pilot course – part 141 and 61
  • Instrument pilot course – part 141 and 61
  • Commercial pilot course – part 141 and 61
  • CFI course – part 141 and 61
  • CFII course – part 61

They promise to provide comprehensive, quality, and professional instruction to their students and help them build a bright aviation future.

For more information, you can click here.

bright future
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Apart from these schools and aviation training centers, many more flight schools in Alabama that you can look into before considering joining anywhere.

It is necessary that you properly collect all the information about the flight schools in Alabama. After all, everyone wants a good college for a bright future.

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