10 Exciting Things to Do in LA

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Things to do in LA
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You can find plenty of things to do in LA, whether you’re a foodie, a vintage shopper, an outdoor enthusiast, or all of these.

The Southern California metropolis of Los Angeles is renowned for its celebrity culture, pleasant climate, and diversity of experiences, from its sun-kissed beaches to the star power of Hollywood.

Visitors to Los Angeles who look beyond the flashing lights of Hollywood discover a city that is becoming more and more diverse, one that offers a dizzying variety of cuisines, historic architectural landmarks, and a wealth of outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, and horseback riding.

LA boasts the perfect assortment of cultural activities. 

Hollywood is truly the world’s entertainment capital, with legendary studios, thriving nightlife, and world-renowned theatre productions. You have plenty of things to do in LA Hollywood.

Michelin-starred restaurants and multicultural neighborhoods with street food are both parts of the Los Angeles dining scene.

Los Angeles consists of 75 miles of coastline and hundreds of miles of bike and hiking trails. Sports fans know there are many more things to do in LA as it is the city of champions. There is something for everyone in Los Angeles,  whether shopping for couture or spa treatments.

Hollywood’s many models, starlets, and Oscar-winning costume designers have left their closets overflowing in the world’s hottest vintage shops and flea markets in Los Angeles. 

The City of Angels never fails to make an impression—or steal the show—whether you’re lured to the beach, adjacent amusement parks, or celebrity-spotting chances.

So, what are the things to do in LA? Let’s find out.


1. Beach Cities

In addition to its world-famous landmarks and attractions, Los Angeles has a plethora of beachside communities. However, if you look closely enough, you will find hidden gems all around Los Angeles city.

Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach – the three sister Beach Cities of the South Bay of Los Angeles – represent a unique L. A beach culture. A combination of spectacular views and proximity to the ocean makes the area’s real estate one of the most expensive in the country.

Things to do in LA
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There are many aerospace, maritime and other industries here. Still, visitors can also enjoy beach activities along the Strand, on stunning beaches, and at busy piers in each of these cities.

You don’t want to miss the Beach Cities if you are interested in biking, beach volleyball, sunbathing, swimming, surfing, body surfing, paddleboarding, or simply sightseeing and dining.

1.1 Manhattan Beach

The Beach Boys’ timeless song “Surfin’ U.S.A.” immortalized Manhattan Beach, dubbed “The Pearl of L.A.’s South Bay.” On The Strand, a great area to people-watch as well as walk, run, bike, rollerblade, or skateboard, take a look at the amazing coastal real estate.

With fantastic seafood shacks, gastropubs, and fine dining options, downtown Manhattan Beach is a culinary force and a must-visit location for foodies.

Manhattan Beach is both swanky and serene, located between Venice Beach and Marina del Rey. Visitors can eat at cutting-edge, creative eateries and peruse chic boutiques. The perfect coastal town for a holiday with your significant other.

  • Enjoy at The Manhattan Beach Pier

The Manhattan Beach Pier is charming and simple. Manhattan Beach features 115 acres of lovely sandy beach and more than 2 miles of oceanfront. With more than 450 public parking spaces, parking is ample.

The region is divided by a 928-foot-long pier that is found at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard. On the pier, fishing is allowed all year round.

In addition, swimming and surfing are other activities. El Porto, at the northern end of the beach, is a very well-liked surfing location where you can even take lessons.

  • Dine at Fishing With Dynamite

Fishing With Dynamite in Manhattan Beach, a little seafood shack owned by chef David Lefevre, is a terrific place for raw bar selections and clam chowder – you might have difficulty deciding what not to order.

The restaurant Fishing With Dynamite serves lunch and dinner daily but is best visited off-peak times due to its limited number of seats and raw bar.

The menu is constantly changing, so Lefevre writes little notes about it. If you want some advice on it, he’s the guy to talk to.

Things to do in LA
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  • Have a bite at Pisces Sushi

The little Pisces Sushi restaurant is a Manhattan Beach favorite with just four seats at the bar and a table for two outside. Nevertheless, people continue to frequent the restaurant’s Chirashi bowls and sushi rolls – if for nothing else than a take-out meal.

You can also order several other dishes – such as spicy ramen – if you’re looking for teriyaki proteins and other options.

  • Learn at The Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium

The Roundhouse Marine Studies Lab and Aquarium, located at the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier, aims to educate the public about the oceans, marine life, and the environment.

While learning the importance of ocean conservation, explore the museum’s shark tank, baby octopus nursery, and seahorses.

1.2 Hermosa Beach

In the center of South Bay is the exciting, cool surf town of Hermosa Beach. At the end of Pier Avenue, there are cafes that serve filling meals and endless mimosas. 

Beach volleyball, surfing, skateboarding, biking, and other outdoor pursuits are fundamental to the Hermosa Beach way of life. Jogging or strolling along the Greenbelt, Pier, and the Strand, the paved path that runs along to the ocean and connects Hermosa Beach to cities up and down the Santa Monica Bay shoreline, are other popular pastimes.

Los Angeles Magazine praised many of our establishments and called Hermosa Beach an “excellent seaside community.” Hermosa Beach offers a wide variety of great dining establishments and entertainment options, from classic surf and turf restaurants to more exotic cuisines, from comedy to jazz.

A Mecca of restaurants, posh boutiques, and tourist attractions surrounds the hotel and lodging facilities, which offer breathtaking ocean views and all the conveniences of home. Come to Hermosa Beach, unwind, and take pleasure in their kind welcome.

  • Enjoy at Hermosa Beach Pier

The Hermosa Beach Pier reaches 1,140 feet into the Pacific Ocean from the Strand. The 1965-era Hermosa Beach Pier building underwent renovation in the early 2000s.

There are a variety of activities that are prohibited on the Pier in order to keep it a fun and safe place for everyone. Additionally, California Fish and Wildlife regulations must be followed even if fishing is permitted on the pier.

  • Enjoy music feasts

This vibrant coastal community is renowned for its live entertainment options, which include jazz, blues, rock, and other genres. All throughout the year, there are festivals, special events, and summer concerts.

The Fiesta Hermosa street fair, which has been a tradition for many years and offers hundreds of crafters and artists as well as live bands, attracts thousands of visitors over the three-day Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. Day and night, live music is provided by DJs and bands, contributing to the festive atmosphere.

On this Hermosa Beach guided audio walking tour, which is led by the “Godfather of South Bay Punk,” music aficionados and history buffs can delve further.

  • Surfer’s walk of fame

Hermosa’s history is largely influenced by surfing. They annually commemorate Hermosa’s surfing icons with the Surfers Walk of Fame to highlight their long heritage of surfing.

Every year, the Surfers Walk of Fame Weekend is organized to honor the newly selected members and includes an Induction Ceremony.

1.3 Redondo Beach

More than a century ago, Redondo Beach has been a popular vacation spot. A harbor with numerous seaside restaurants and cafés, a sport fishing fleet, a pleasure Pier for strolling, shopping, and dining, and a coastline and beaches that rival the most stunning Mediterranean destinations all add to the distinctive and calming coastal atmosphere.

The City is a fantastically enjoyable, simple, and safe destination to visit and play with its variety of year-round attractions and events, hotels to meet every taste and budget, and shopping choices like the Riviera Village and the Galleria at South Bay.

  • Visit Redondo Beach Historical Museum

We’re glad you’re here at the Redondo Beach Historical Museum. The 1904 Queen Anne House, where the Museum is housed.

Numerous school groups and hundreds of people per year visit the Historical Museum, which houses a sizable collection of Redondo Beach antiques, memorabilia, photos, school yearbooks, and historical documents.

  • Visit the Heritage Court

Situated at Redondo Beach at Dominguez Park on Flagler Lane between 190th Street and Beryl Street

Heritage Court is a Victorian-style courtyard with two historic Redondo Beach homes, a rose garden, a fountain, and an arbor. The city’s historical museum is housed in the “Queen Anne House.” The “Morell House” is being restored and will serve as a supplemental museum.

2. Santa Monica

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Los Angeles, Santa Monica has been named one of National Geographic’s Top 10 Beach Cities in the World.

You can find some hidden gems in Santa Monica if you go off the beaten path. Santa Monica also has many historical and cultural buildings that are a testament to the past and the present. By visiting these places, you’ll get to know the real city by the beach.

The 2,450-mile Route 66 was originally designed to connect Chicago and Los Angeles in 1926. It was called “Mother Road” by John Steinbeck in The Grapes of Wrath. It is also known as the Will Rogers Highway and Main Street of America.

Despite the debate over where the highway ends, it’s usually said that the end was at 7th St. in the heart of Downtown L.A., and Olympic and Lincoln Blvds. At the Santa Monica Pier, an End of Trail sign stands as a democratic and official last frontier for a historic roadway so deeply rooted in America’s history.

Things to do in LA
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2.1 Santa Monica Beach

The beaches in Santa Monica are exquisite. It’s a fantastic choice for a family beach vacation due to the soft sand, calm surf, and several kid-friendly activity areas. Music is played, umbrellas are placed up, and people of all ages contribute to the happy atmosphere.

Beachside stores rent out bikes and water toys so that visitors can fully immerse themselves in fun in the sun. There are plenty of beach volleyball courts available for anyone seeking to play a match.

North Santa Monica beach is a great place for a peaceful, intimate stroll at dusk or to watch seagulls stroll down the shore.

Santa Monica is a fantastic home base for trips to Los Angeles.

2.2 Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica is inevitably associated with the Pier. An iconic feature of the city is its Ferris wheel in red and yellow. In addition to Pacific Park, the Santa Monica Pier also features various restaurants, bars, shops, an arcade, and more than 200 fun games.

Solar power powers Pacific Park’s Ferris wheel, making it unique to the region. On your way back, marvel at the Looff Hippodrome Carousel, catch a street performance or grab a stick of puffy cotton candy. It is a perfect viewing spot to watch Malibu and the South Bay while holding a beer in one’s hand.

If you hang around past sunset, you might hear live local music to the sound of the waves. Visitors of all ages will adore the Pier in Santa Monica, making it an ideal destination for families and groups of friends.

One of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles is located just north of the historic Santa Monica Pier. 

2.3 Santa Monica Mountains Recreation and Conversation Area

MRCA and California State Parks jointly manage many locations in the park, making it unique. It is committed to maintaining public access to local parkland and coastal resources, as well as the preservation and management of open space and parkland, wildlife habitat, coastline access, watershed areas, and pathways in both wilderness and urban contexts.

Together with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and other local government partners, the MRCA strives to acquire parkland, take part in crucial planning processes, increase the park’s resistance to wildfires, link animal habitats, and accomplish significant park enhancement projects.

Despite sometimes having different rules and regulations, the Santa Monica Mountains receive the entire community’s support and are eager to share it with the public.

The organization offers vital regional planning services, access to natural resources and scientific knowledge, as well as leadership and education initiatives for thousands of young people each year. One of the main organizations reviving the Los Angeles River and its tributaries is this one.

2.4 Have an exotic experience at the Annenberg Community Beach House

Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica is an all-inclusive beach club experience provided to the public, with no membership requirement. Year-round, fitness classes, recreation programs, and cultural events are available at low or no cost.

There are several volleyball courts on Santa Monica beach north and south of the Pier. All public courts are open every day on first-come, first-served.

From Will Rogers State Beach in the north to Venice Beach in the south, the bike path in Santa Monica beach stretches for approximately 3 miles. The bike path runs parallel to an adjacent pedestrian path. 

The original Muscle Beach near the Santa Monica Pier attracted huge crowds during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, when acrobats, bodybuilders, and bathing beauties performed. The equipment that athletes need is available to them for free. Muscle Beach is located south of the Santa Monica Pier on Ocean Front Walk.

The City issues no permits for ceremonies at the beach. However, weddings at the beach are allowed on a first-come, first-served basis. Beach rules must be followed, and fewer than 150 participants are allowed at a time.

A picnic, family reunion, or any other small gathering is subject to the same rules.

There have been countless films, TV shows, and commercials shot at Santa Monica State Beach over the years. To film and photograph at the beach and pay the usage fee, permits are required.

Things to do in LA
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3. Venice Beach

Venice Beach Boardwalk and Recreation & Parks property in Venice, Los Angeles, attracts visitors worldwide. Venice Beach is the most popular facility owned and operated by Recreation and Parks in Los Angeles. 

Venice Beach provides various services for the culturally diverse population visiting during the year, including a fishing pier, a skate plaza, a bikeway, and two children’s play areas.

Venice Beach also hosts a variety of film productions each year. Take in the coastal splendor and street entertainers along LA’s wildest beach.

Go to Venice Beach if you want to really immerse yourself in the California mood.

  • Experience the Broadwalk at Venice Beach

With an average of over ten million visitors per year, the Boardwalk, also known as Ocean Front Walk, is Southern California’s second most-visited attraction. A popular tourist destination in southern California.

Numerous privately-owned restaurants and food venues are scattered throughout the Venice Beach Boardwalk, which stretches two miles. There are several activities offered by the Venice Beach Recreation Center, including, but not limited to, basketball, paddle tennis, and handball tournaments, as well as bodybuilding and other Venice Beach special events.

While artists create and market handmade, one-of-a-kind things, street singers serenade those walking past souvenir shops. California’s favorite herbal drink, which is also easily accessible from businesses along the boardwalk, tends to leave traces of aroma in the air.

In particular, after sunset, parents may find Venice to be a bit intense for young children. People who want to have a good time should stick to the pubs and legal cannabis stores while keeping an eye out for con artists.

4. Beverly Hills

The famed Beverly Hills neighborhood comprises Rodeo Drive, upscale real estate, and numerous references to film and television.

A town was built in a prime location when oil investors found water instead of oil. Incorporated in 1914, Beverly Hills was named Beverly Farms in Massachusetts, and the hills were in the immediate vicinity.

Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford established Beverly Hills glamour when they built Pickfair, their legendary 56-acre estate. Beverly Hills has many hidden gems for you to discover if you explore it.

Beverly Hills offers everything from quaint neighborhood boutique hotels to opulent five-star, five-diamond sanctuaries. Enjoy world-class spa treatments and shopping along legendary Rodeo Drive. 

This luxury and style neighborhood is renowned throughout the globe. Your trip to Beverly Hills is guaranteed to be incredibly unforgettable because there are so many things to do there.

Things to do in LA
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4.1 Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is a three-block stretch of luxurious shops, fashions, and lifestyles located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Some of the world’s most prestigious brands are located here, such as Gucci, Chanel, and Valentino.

In 1961, Fred Hayman opened Giorgio Beverly Hills at 273, Rodeo Drive, cementing his reputation as the “Godfather of Rodeo Drive.”

By launching a luxury boutique on this Beverly Hills boulevard, Hayman prompted others—notably Gucci, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Vidal Sassoon—to follow suit.

Known for its Hollywood glamour, Rodeo Drive has become a new point of convergence connecting heritage with modernity and savoir-faire with innovation.

Beverly Hills and Los Angeles attract philanthropists, movie stars, sophisticated artists, and other cultural institutions. There are over 100 luxury brands on Rodeo Drive three iconic blocks, both culturally and architecturally significant, houses by some of the most prestigious names in global design.

4.2 Try Sprinkles ATM

The first cupcake ATM in the world is right outside Sprinkles bakery in Beverly Hills, where you may satisfy your sweet desire whenever you want.

This high-tech touchscreen gadget grabs your preferred cupcake and dispenses it in a matter of seconds, like a sweeter version of its cash cousin.

You can depend on the cupcake ATM to always have the famous red velvet cupcake in stock, along with a variety of other daily options that are changed out as the day goes on.

4.3 Rejuvenate at Tomoko Spa

World-class spas in Beverly Hills provide the best in pampering treatments, whether you’re treating yourself to a mani/Pedi, a relaxing massage, or a full-body rejuvenation.

Tomoko Spa offers treatments that refresh the body and soul with a healing perspective. The experience is all relaxation—and absolute bliss—from the time you put on the spa’s slippers and unwinds with tea in the pre-treatment relaxation area until you finish your last bite of post-massage mochi ice cream.

4.4 The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts is a vibrant cultural landmark and valuable community asset where regional, international, and local artists present their work to a constantly growing audience.

The Wallis, which is situated in the center of Beverly Hills, stands out for its eclectic programming that reflects the city’s varied terrain and its location in the global center of entertainment.

4.5 Take a click at the Beverly Hills sign

Without taking a picture in front of the Beverly Hills sign, which is situated in Beverly Gardens Park between North Canon Drive and North Beverly Drive, your trip to Beverly Hills would not be complete.

This 40-foot billboard, which is arguably the most iconic symbol in the area, will make the ideal postcard backdrop for your selfie or group photo. Simply use the hashtag #LoveBevHills to join other Instagram users in enjoying your vacation!

5. Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Hall is one of the most remarkable structures in Los Angeles. The venue’s striking steel contours and unmatched acoustics delight the senses both inside and out.

This place is where the Los Angeles Philharmonic performs, showcasing the greatest in jazz, world music, contemporary music, and classical music.

Frank Gehry is best known worldwide as the architect of Walt Disney Concert Hall, but few people are aware that he also designed Lillian Disney Memorial Fountain, A Rose for Lilly.

It is located on the roof of the hall’s Blue Ribbon Garden, which offers great downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood Sign, and even the San Gabriel Mountains.

Los Angeles enjoys the music of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Master Chorale, and visiting artists and orchestras from all over the world thanks to the vision and generosity of Lillian Disney, the Disney family, and many other private and public supporters.

For tourists who enjoy classical music, seeing the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s home is a must. Gustavo Dudamel, the orchestra’s music and artistic director has put up an exciting schedule of symphonic performances.

6. Los Angeles’ Museums and Centre

6.1 Los Angeles County Museum

A major focus of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), which opened in 1965, is to collect works of art representing Los Angeles’s vast diversity, both historically and geographically. It has over 120,000 objects, spanning nearly all art histories and covering almost the whole of the ancient world.

It is the largest art museum in the western United States today. Los Angeles County Museum of Art is particularly known for its collection of Asian art, Latin American art, which ranges from pre-Columbian masterpieces to modern and contemporary pieces by leading artists. Furthermore, the museum’s collection of Islamic art ranks among the largest in the world.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is located between the ocean and downtown Los Angeles in Hancock Park on over 20 acres.

6.2 California Science Center

With hands-on exhibits and inquiry-based education programs that apply science to real-world situations, the California Science Center is a world-class educational resource and family destination. It is open 7 days a week, 362 days a year to the public, with free admission to the center’s major exhibit spaces. The Science Center is situated in Los Angeles’ historic Exposition Park.

The California Science Center offers virtual field trips online for school groups to interact with its educators.

There is no admission fee for the Gallery of Permanent Exhibitions (except for IMAX and Special Exhibits), but reservations are required. For Field Trips and Groups of 15 or more, the California Science Center offers discounted rates on Exhibit galleries and IMAX movies. 

6.3 Getty Center

At Getty Center, one can find Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art dating from Neolithic times to late antiquity, European art from the Middle Ages into the early twentieth century, as well as international photography from its inception to the present day.

Getty Villa Museum offers ancient Greek and Roman art, tranquil gardens, and ocean breezes in its one-of-a-kind setting at the Getty Center.

If you want to explore the well-off neighborhood of Hollywood Hills, there are many ways to do so, including biking, hiking, and horseback riding.

6.4 La Brea Tar Pits  

The Natural History Museum in Exposition Park, the La Brea Tar Pits in Hancock Park/Mid-Wilshire, and the William S. Hart Museum in Newhall are all part of the Natural History Museums of Los Angeles County (NHMLAC).

The most potent entrance to the Ice Age is located right in the middle of Los Angeles. The asphalt leaks at La Brea Tar Pits are the only active urban fossil excavation site in the world.

Every day, fossilized plants and animals from the last 50,000 years are found here. You can see excavation equipment outside removing fossils from the asphalt. Our staff prepares these discoveries inside the La Brea Tar Pits Museum (first opened in 1977 as the George C. Page Museum).

You may view the finished product in our exhibitions, which also include tiny but important microfossils of insects, plants, mammals, and reptiles, as well as remarkable saber-toothed cats, mammoths, dire wolves, and mastodons. The Tar Pits provide insight into the environment.

The prehistoric creatures from the La Brea Tar Pits are another common sight in movie montages (though it’s been a while since these photos didn’t need a little post-production modification). Today, the lake that is sometimes depicted as seething tar is just plain old water.

In other places on the grounds, visitors may see and smell tar and oil oozing through the earth’s crust. Small puddles are marked with cones at irregular intervals. The environment is a moving contrast between nature’s strength and human endeavor.

6.5 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Discover a growth series of Tyrannosaurus rex, which is the only one in the world. It is one of the Los Angeles museums situated in downtown Los Angeles. It is a trip into the past and present. Discover how scientists in its Dino Lab work on fossils behind the scenes.

Discover plants and animals facts in our Nature Lab as you wander through our extensive Nature Gardens. You can touch over 2,000 specimens in the Gem and Mineral Hall.

During the season, Natural History Museum operates its Butterfly and Spider Pavilions. Among over 30 species of butterflies and arachnids, you can stroll through the changing ecosystems.

7. The Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Hills are located within the Santa Monica Mountains along the Cahuenga Pass.

Hollywood Hill West is on the west side of Hollywood Hills, while Studio City, Universal City, and Burbank are on the north, Griffith Park is on the east, Los Feliz is on the southeast, Hollywood is on the south, and Hollywood Hills West is on the west.

Forest Lawn Memorial Park, the Hollywood Reservoir, the Hollywood Sign, and the John Anson Theater are among the attractions in this area.

Things to do in LA
Photo by Paul Deetman from Pexels

There are plenty of attractions in Tinseltown to enjoy, including world-famous attractions such as Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood Bowl, and Pantages Theatre.  As one would enjoy the neighborhood in a city, Hollywood locals take advantage of the music, hikes, and other attractions.

Located in the hills of Los Angeles County near Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Atwater Village, Los Feliz is the birthplace of many motion picture and television studios and some of the best architecture in Los Angeles County.

7.1 Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Los Angeles’ Hollywood Forever Cemetery provides funeral services, cremation, cemeteries, and cultural events.

The Los Angeles Hollywood Forever Cemetery was established in 1899. Since then, it has served as a resting place for many Hollywood legends, including Judy Garland, Cecil B. DeMille, Rudolph Valentino, Mickey Rooney, Tyrone Power, Douglas Fairbanks, Johnny, and Dee Dee Ramone, Valerie Harper, Chris Cornell, tens of thousands of neighbors and individuals from around the world.

7.2 Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood, California, offers so many attractions! There are museums, landmarks, and other Hollywood attractions on Hollywood Boulevard, which showcase Los Angeles’ rich entertainment and film history.

Take a stroll through the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see the star footprints of the famous, go shopping at Hollywood & Highland, or visit the Hollywood Wax Museum to see the wax models of Hollywood stars. 

Things to do in LA
Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

7.3 Hollywood Sign

The original Hollywood Sign was built as a temporary billboard in 1923, and no one could have foreseen it would become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.

Hollywood Sign, an object that is positioned above the horizon. Hollywood Sign is approaching the 100th anniversary of its stardom today. Generations to come can look forward to the Sign playing its signature role.

This sign is like a beacon of hope for every aspiring artist from every conceivable walk of life.

In today’s world, the Hollywood Sign is one of the most recognizable monuments. The message goes beyond nine white letters. It’s not just a name; it’s a universal metaphor for the city’s industry, lifestyle, and aspiration. 

7.4 West Hollywood

The cultural and geographical heart of Los Angeles in West Hollywood offers various attractive tourist attractions in every direction. The walkable neighborhood of West Hollywood is one of the most popular areas of Los Angeles, so when you’re visiting, book a hotel there to enjoy easy access to everything.

8. Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

Griffith J. Griffith was the benefactor of both Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park.

8.1 Griffith Park

Griffith Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the US, encompassing over 4,210 acres of natural chaparral-covered terrain and landscaped parks and picnic areas.

Griffith Park, located in the Santa Monica mountain range, ranges from 384 to 1,625 feet above sea level. An arid climate characterizes the vegetation in Griffith Park; shrubby sage scrub, oak and walnut forests, and riparian vegetation.

Griffith Park contains native oak, walnut, lilac, mountain mahogany, sages, toyon, and sumac native to California. Currently, there are small numbers of manzanitas and berberis, two threatened species.

Although recreational attractions have been added to Griffith Park over the years, a remarkable amount of the Park remains unchanged from the time Native American villages occupied the lower slopes of the Park.

Griffith Park is a popular family destination with numerous attractions, educational and cultural institutions, and miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, free events. 

Things to do in LA
Photo by Riccardo Zerbinati from Pexels

8.2 Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is the world’s most frequently visited public observatory since its doors opened in 1935. Griffith Observatory access was shut off to the public on January 6, 2002, as construction began.

For four years, world-class architects, exhibit designers, astronomers, builders, fabricators, and instrument makers worked carefully and expertly to return Griffith Observatory to Los Angeles and beyond.

Observatories worldwide are now talking about the Griffith Observatory, which reopens its doors on November 3, 2006.

9. Los Angeles’ Parks

9.1 Runyon Canyon Park

In the Santa Monica Mountains at the eastern end of Runyon Canyon, you’ll find this 160-acre Runyon Canyon park. Go for a hike up Runyon Canyon if you want to get a solid workout in the wonderful outdoors. This 2.7-mile circle, which is located at the base of the Hollywood Hills, is strenuous without being tiresome..

There are three hiking routes in Runyon Canyon Park you can take to see the Hollywood sign, the Sunset Strip, and the LA Basin, Fuller Gate-Runyon Canyon Road (easy), Star Trail (medium), or Hero Trail (difficult).

Wide dirt and asphalt fire roads make up the majority of the trails in Runyon Canyon Park, but there are also single-track paths that are steeper and less well-maintained for hiking. There are off-leash sections at Runyon Canyon where dogs are permitted to run free.

Runyon Canyon obviously sees more foot (and paw) traffic than any other park in Los Angeles, despite the fact that many hikers and joggers take to the trail without dogs. The routes might easily feel crowded due to the heavily used terrain.

Hikers can start from the top of Runyon Canyon Park and use a trailhead along Mulholland Drive for a short loop to the park’s high point for something really quick and simple (0.85 miles and 200 feet of elevation change).

The largest 3.3-mile loop starting at Fuller Avenue is essentially reduced to 3.3 miles by eliminating the 2.65-mile loop at this trailhead.

Take note of any wildlife! Coyotes, deer, and rattlesnakes do exist nearby, however, they choose less populated areas.

9.2 Echo Park

Echo Park, a few miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, is a terrific place to experience local life in the city. Echo Park Lake is a wonderful undiscovered beauty. Wide lawns provide plenty of space for relaxing while ducks and geese scurry about in search of picnic leftovers.

Echo Park is a historic and diverse neighborhood with many things to do, from Dodger Stadium, the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, to Echo Park Lake, which reopened not long ago after undergoing a USD 45 million renovation.

In Echo Lake Park, you can easily Navigate swan boats through lily pad patches.

The swan boats are this place’s main attraction. It’s a lot of fun to paddle around the tiny man-made lake. Additionally affordable, at just $11 per person for an hour. The swans are lit at dusk and cast twinkles on the river.

9.3 Point Mugu State Park

Point Mugu covers the expanse with coastal wilderness, including rocky cliffs, beaches, sand dunes, beaches, river gorges, and valleys. The park’s hiking trails are in great shape in the spring as the wildflowers blossom.

The massive sand dune close to Mugu Rock is a fantastic location to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. You won’t need to pay the park entrance fee to take in this breathtaking show because there is plenty of parking available along this section of PCH.

The most northern attraction in this directory is Point Mugu. The park, which is located an hour and a half from Los Angeles, includes much of the coastal wilderness between Malibu and Oxnard.

The beach offers swimming, bodysurfing, and surf fishing for those who can endure the frigid water.

10. LA’s markets

Grand Central Market

Located in downtown Los Angeles, Grand Central Market showcases California’s best ingredients, chefs, and entrepreneurs.

Since it first opened more than a century ago, Grand Central Market has served as a gathering place for the diverse foods and cultures of Los Angeles. There are numerous vendors, so there is something to fit every preference.

If you’re willing to endure the perpetual wait, trendy newbies like Eggslut serve up dishes that are both delicious and hashtag-worthy. Other vendors provide freshly prepared pasta, classic delis, vibrant ceviche tostadas, and much more.

With its 30,000 square feet of space dedicated to a food emporium and retail marketplace, the arcade will continue to lead downtown Los Angeles as a shared gathering place and a center of activity for public programming.

Things to do in LA
Photo by Brayden Law from Pexels

Original Farmers Market

Los Angeles has been drawn to the Original Farmers Market from 1934 to today. The Farmers Market is a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists because of its more than 100 specialty stores, gourmet grocers, and restaurants.

A variety of hip stores, eateries, and specialty food vendors can be found in this large historic market.

Seven days a week, The Original Farmers’ Market of Los Angeles is a permanent fixture. The vendors offer a wide variety of food, including both American cuisines made by nearby farmers and regional ethnic fare from Los Angeles’ many immigrant groups, with a strong emphasis on Latin American and Asian cuisines.

It is situated in Los Angeles’ Fairfax District at the intersection of Third Street and Fairfax Avenue. It is next to The Grove outdoor shopping center, and a streetcar powered by electricity connects the two locations.

Foodies who are looking for the market’s ethnic cuisines, specialty food markets, and prepared-food vendors travel there. The Original has a sign in the front that says, “Meet Me at Third and Fairfax.”

A Lot More Things to Do in LA

  • TCL Chinese Theatre

In the world, there is no movie palace like the TCL Chinese Theatre. Hollywood history continues to be made every day at the theatre, which hosts over 50 events in a year.

A movie ticket or VIP tour ticket provides guests with the opportunity to view the grandeur of the TCL Chinese Theatre. There is no other place in Hollywood where you can learn about the history of TCL Chinese Theatre. There is information about Hollywood premieres, celebrities at the theatre, and its famous Forecourt of the Stars.

  • San Fernando Valley

The San Fernando Valley is a bastion of suburban living located north of the Los Angeles Basin. It is home to network and movie studios, parks, art galleries, shopping centers, sushi restaurants, theme parks, and much more.

To get a better feel for the 260 square miles of ‘the Valley,’ see some of the lesser-known attractions to get beyond the stereotypes. It is possible to find wonderful dining, recreation, and cultural destinations that are not well known.

Final words…

Among the southern California counties, Los Angeles is the most populous. One can’t simply mention the various exciting things to do in LA in one go. Whether it is the Japanese Garden or hiking trails or Torrance County Beach or natural history museums, the Southern California basin has something to enjoy for everyone.

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As an affilate-driven website, USA Tales earns from qualifying purchases.

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