12 Best Books For 3-Year-Olds

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best books for 3 year olds
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Three-year-olds can be difficult to entertain. At a sensitive age, little kids form an impression of the world. It is essential that they learn the good things so that they grow up to become kind and responsible adults. One of the ways to inculcate these values in children is by reading good books to them. Here is a list of the best books for 3-year-olds.

You can read these books as bedtime stories or just for fun in the morning. Reading a book makes a strong impression on children and can develop their vocabulary and interaction skills. They can also learn some good manners from many stories.

Best Books For 3-Year-Olds

Reading books to your child can be a wonderful way to communicate with them. Here is a list of some best books for 3-year-olds that will keep them engaged and teach them good values about life. Parents can motivate their children to read these books aloud to develop a habit of reading. Some of these stories also have a complimentary activity book for all the fun.

books for 3 year old
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1. Lost And Found

Lost and found is one of the best books for 3-year-olds. Oliver Jeffers has written this book. The plot revolves around a little boy and a penguin and how they become friends. This entertaining story also has a beautiful moral. This book also has cute illustrations. This lovely story about friendship will keep the little ones hooked. Some other great books for 3-year-olds written by Oliver Jeffers are how to catch a star, up and down, and the day the crayons quit.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Published on 3 June 1969, the very is one of the best books for 3-year-olds. Eric Carle has written this children’s book. The book was written for children of ages two to seven. The plot revolves around a caterpillar who ate everything he saw and evolved into a beautiful butterfly. Some of the other books by Eric Carle for little readers include the tiny seed, the grouchy ladybug, and the very busy spider. One of the best features of the author’s books is its amazing illustrations.

the very hungry caterpillar
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3.The Llama Llama Series

One of the best read-aloud books for 3-year-olds, the Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney is a great book for children. This series has a total of 67 titles. A show was also adapted from the books. The show is also great for children as they can learn many wonderful things from the story.

4. The Baddies

The Baddies are one of the best picture books for 3-year-olds. The author of this book is Julia Donaldson, and Axel Scheffler has done the engaging illustrations of this book. Other books by Julia Donaldson include Monkey Puzzle, Toddler, and Zog.

4.1 Other Picture Books

If you want to read a heartwarming story to your child, then Group Hug is a beautiful book. Kids can learn about the importance of friends from this book. Jean Reidy has written this children’s book. The story revolves around sharing hugs. A slug passes a warm hug to a lonely beetle, and they further give it to a little mouse, and so on.

5. The Deep Dark Wood

Written by Algy Craig Hall, this book is an entertaining option for young readers. Ali Pye has done the illustrations. The plot revolves around a little girl strolling in the dark woods. This book is a great option for girls. It is a fairytale with a lot of twists and surprises. Kids can develop their cognitive skills by reading such books as it helps them develop their imagination.

6. The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree, written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein, is one of the best books for 3-year-olds. In this story, a little boy asks for many things from a tree that is very “giving.” Kids can learn the importance of gratitude by reading this book. The main themes of this story are helping people in need and parts of a tree. The tree has been personified as a female in this story.

6.1 Other Books For A Little Boy

If you want to read a book to your child that can help with potty training, then you should read P for potty! to your three-year-old. It is one of the best books for 3-year-olds. Potty training can be made easier by this book. The little ones can also learn the importance of hygiene from this story. The authors of this book are Naomi Kleinberg and Random House. Parents can read this book before their child joins school.

7. Dragons Love Tacos

Written by Adam Rubin, this book is a great bedtime story to read to your child. This book, with forty pages, contains a lot of laughter and fun. Readers of ages two to five can enjoy this book. This was also nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards for the best picture book. Even though this book does not have a deeper meaning, it is an entertaining option and will surely make you laugh!

8. Little Bear

This book, written by Else Holmelund Minarik, was adapted into a beloved series for kids. Maurice Sendak did the illustrations of this book. He is also the illustrator of where the wild things are. This book is about an adventurous baby bear and her mother bear, who is always there for him. This book is suitable for ages two to six.

9. Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night?

Where do diggers sleep at night is a great storybook for school kids. This is a tale about diggers, dump trucks, and fire engines. It is a great story to read to kids during the night. The plot tells the importance of a healthy sleep schedule after a tiring day. Brianna Caplan Sayres has written this book.

10. The Story Of Ferdinand

Written by Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson, the story of Ferdinand is a great interactive book for the little ones. It is a wonderful way to teach your kids that they should not be afraid to be different. This story has also been adapted into movies. This fun story about a bull who cannot identify with the other bulls is inspiring. Reading this book makes a great impression on the kids.

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11. Are You Eating That Candy Without Me?

This book has a great rating on Amazon and GoodReads. It is one of the best books for 3-year-olds. This book was published on 11 August 2020 by Draga Jenny Malesevic. The illustrations of this story are delightful and will surely keep the kids entertained. The plot of the story revolves around kids’ imaginations. They imagine all sorts of scenarios as to what the adults do when they are not with them. The book has a total of 32 pages.

12. The Cat In The Hat

Last but not least, this book by Dr. Seuss, also known as Theodor Geisel, is one of the best books for 3-year-olds. The cat in the hat book series is very popular among families. Some of the values that a kid can learn from this book are honesty, responsibility, and trust. Dr. Seuss’s books have been heartwarming and meaningful.

The cat in the hat book : best books for 3-year-olds
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These are some of the best books for 3-year-olds. Parents can read these books to their children during the night. This also helps in giving the family time to the child, which is very important for his development. Reading a story makes it easier to teach life lessons that may be otherwise difficult to comprehend. Kids and parents together can also have fun reading these books. These books create an impact on children as they teach things that matter. You can read one book a week to your child of age three years and prepare them for school too.

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