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12 Best Dude Ranch Texas to Visit

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A dude ranch is more or less a place of accommodation where you can enjoy a vacation with some fantastic lodging options. It is especially popular for tourists, as you can experience various enjoyable activities. In this article, we will explore the top 12 best dude ranch Texas by discussing what services they provide, the quality of the accommodation and the overall experience of the stay.

What is a Dude Ranch Texas? 

Guest or dude ranches administer us with various top-notch facilities and accommodations. Starting from excellent hospitality and mind-blowing scenery, all the way to horseback rides and authentic ranch-style cuisine.

These ranches offer many outdoor adventures like hiking mountain biking, and much more. As you can guess, you can have the best time of your life if you check-in here. Let’s now evaluate in detail the list of best dude ranch Texas below.

dude ranch texas

Top 12 Best Dude Ranch Texas

1. Twin Elm Guest Ranch, Bandera

One of the oldest dude ranches in Bandera, Texas, is the Twin Elm guest ranch. You can find it over the place’s highest peaks, situated three miles from downtown Bandera. There are the facilities of a swimming pool, fishing, rooms, and cabins, fossil hunting, campfires, horseback rides, hiking, primitive camping, and many more things you can find right onsite. With no telephones or T.V. present inside the rooms, you can have a long leisurely time without any disturbance.

dude ranch texas

It provides some incredible activities, and this resort is the best option for a wholesome family trip, which will give you a real ranch experience in the Texas Hill country.

2. Dixie Dude Ranch 

dude ranch texas

Spread across 725 acres and operating for over 75 years; Dixie dude ranch is a working ranch in Texas. They still raise goats and cattle, and to this day are one of the most visited dude ranch Texas.

Vacationing in this resort has been a popular tradition for many years. This place’s horseback riding deserves special mention indeed, as the cowboys of this ranch compete in rodeo events.

Besides, you can enjoy various comfortable accommodations, mouth-watering meals, as well as comfortable lodging. Apart from these, it provides excellent hospitality, as per Texas tradition. Swimming pool facilities and hiking are offered here too.

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind from all your stress, you must book this holiday centre as soon as possible.

3. West 1077 Guest Ranch, Bandera 

dude ranch texas

Like the other ranches on this list, the West 1077 Guest Ranch is not a typical example of a Dude Ranch. It is not big, but it ranks top in the list of dude ranch Texas. Its environment is refreshing, and its small size gives it a unique feel. Along with horseback rides and swimming pools, the ranch offers mountain bike rides as well.

You can directly access Hill Country State Natural Area from this ranch, which helps you comfortably explore the places for hiking, also available onsite.

4. Mayan Dude Ranch 

dude ranch texas


Mayan Ranch is a world-famous dude ranch and is perfect for families. It is also situated in Bandera, Texas, surrounded by the famous Medina River. It ranks top in the best dude ranch Texas list and offers incredible activities like fifty minute horseback rides, tubing, swimming, and fishing in the Medina River. Delicious meals are expedient there, and lodging options vary from cottages to single rooms.

5. Rancho Cortez 

Dude ranch texas

Want to live your dreams and go for a fitness vacation in Texas? The legacy awaits you at the Rancho Cortez in Bandera. One of the best Texas dude ranch is the Rancho Cortez, which is well-known for its onsite gym, and fitness camp.

Apart from fitness, this dude ranch serves spa and pool facilities as well. This is a family-owned dude ranch, where the miles of trails are just at your fingertips. Spending a vacation here will be worth-remembering for you, as it is also regarded as one of the best attractions of San Antonio city.

6. Flying L Ranch Resort 

Another wonderful ranch in the list of best dude ranch Texas is the Flying L Ranch resort. It provides all the top-notch amenities, and it is also comprised of horse and hayrides. The 18-hole golf course and a water park make it different from all other dude ranches of the state.

It also administers stunning scenes around it, with hills and trees surrounding it. You can have a lovely time at the end of the day, with a delicious dinner and a roaring campfire.

dude ranch texas

7.Hill Country Equestrian Lodge 

If you are a horse lover or a horse rider; you must opt for Hill country equestrian lodge in Bandera. It accommodates other activities too, but horse riding in this place deserves special mention. This ranch focuses on horse and rider relations and provides great lessons on how to ride a horse. Many camps and clinics come here in the summertime, as various wildlife also circle this area.

But if you are not a horse lover or want to do something else, hiking and spa services are also available there.

8. Silver Spur Guest Ranch 

Your trip will be full of adventure if you go for the silver spur guest ranch. Being one of the best dude ranch Texas, you will be mesmerised by this place’s spectacular views and will be thrilled by the dazzling sunset. Horseback rides and hiking are standard, but you can also dig in the fossil pit to find fossils. Live entertainment is also offered to the guests via music and cowboy demos. You can even learn two or three dance steps yourself.

Your holiday trip will be undoubtedly remarkable if you opt for the silver spur guest ranch in Bandera.

9. Y.O. Ranch Headquarters in Mountain Home 

The Y.O. Ranch headquarters is also one of the oldest dude ranches in Texas. You can enjoy three meals every day, and you will be immersed by dazzling wildlife experience their famous giraffes and other amazing animals.

The ranch also offers weddings, tours, family retreats. You can have a leisurely time and can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Hill country. Besides, horse riding is an everyday affair in more or less every ranch. With all these accommodations, this dude ranch also renders genuine hospitality.

10. Prude Ranch, Fort Davis 

Rooted over 100 years ago, the Prude Ranch, Fort Davis is also considered one of the best dude ranch Texas. With a mind-blowing mountain surrounding, you can enjoy horse rides and can have the experience of a true cowboy.

Hiking, campfires, and other group activities are present there too. Besides, you can have a satisfying buffet meal at the end of the day. The ranch is another example of spending a holiday trip with a full family.

11. Wildcatter Ranch in Graham 

The Wildcatter Ranch in Graham also ranks in the list of best dude ranch Texas. Situated at a distance of one hour and thirty minutes from DFW International Airport, this dude ranch is right in the middle of the North Texas Hill Country.

The fresh air and greenery all around will mesmerise you. There are some top-notch western accommodations, along with local Texas cowboys, who will guide you on how to ride a horse. Additionally, it offers bookings for conferences, weddings, and romantic gateways too. Book this ranch now to have a remarkable experience in Texas.

12. Cibolo Creek Ranch 

One of the oldest ranch and ranking top in the best dude ranch Texas is the Cibolo Creek Ranch. There you will solely get the feeling of the 19th century, with all its antiques and historical artefacts coming together. Also, it administers some marvellous views of wilderness, and high-quality rooms are also present there.

You will find various activities, starting from wildlife photography, ATV rides, horseback rides, fishing, sporting clays, stargazing, and many more. Your journey to this dude ranch Texas will be worth it.

dude ranch texas

Dude Ranch Texas

Everyone loves vacationing in Dude ranch Texas. Horse rides, landscapes, top-notch facilities and good food are offered by most ranches. Each ranch has its own specialties. Some ranches provide a hot tub facility under the stars, while many other top listed dude ranch Texas focus on showcasing the local customs.

Hopefully, this article helped inform your decision on the best dude ranch Texas for you. After all, making a decent plan before going on your trip is necessary to make your journey worth remembering.

The ranches mentioned above remain in the list of the top 12 best dude ranch Texas of all time. As specified earlier, horseback rides are common in all the dude ranches, and hiking, swimming, and fishing are present in most resorts. Book your trip now by evaluating the options, accommodations, and the extra activities it offers. 

Just remember to plan well. It is mandatory to enjoy to the fullest. Make sure you consider when to book your stay, when to go visit, the cost of the ranch, and the meals it provides. If you do all these things, you are bound to have a phenomenal trip to dude ranch Texas!

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