12 Best Places to Live in Georgia

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12 Best Places to Live in Georgia
12 Best Places to Live in Georgia

Georgia, being the birthplace of wine, has a lot of places to explore and let us see the best places to live in Georgia. It is located at the junction of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, has a population of about 4 million, and covers 69,700 square kilometers.

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. People there are native speakers of Georgian and Abkhazian. Georgia is meant for its diversity, having many ethnic groups such as Georgians, who occupy 86.8% of the total groups, 6.2% of Azerbaijanis, 4.5% of Armenians, 0.7% of Russians, and other ethnic groups populated 2.1% in total.

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Georgian Lari is the currency of Georgia. Coming to the religions, most of the country had people, almost 88.1% practicing Christianity, 83.4% are Georgian Orthodoxy, 5.7% are Christian, 10.7% are Islam, and 1.2% of people practice the rest of the religions. There is a lot more to explore in Georgia and now let us find out the best places to live in Georgia.

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12 Best Places to Live in Georgia

1. Alpharetta:

Alpharetta is located about 25 miles north of Atlanta in Fulton County. Alpharetta has centers for shopping, dining, and has events for those in this city and enclosing areas, promoting multi-use development. Avalon, which was opened in 2014 has been the biggest highlight of this place.

The downtown Alpharetta area had locally-owned restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and hotels which were recently added. It is a place with a very low crime rate and that has been a remarkable point for leading a family. It also has a lower unemployment rate. It has a population of 62,000.

The residents in Alpharetta have pretty reasonable salaries, $92,839 per household on average every year. Alpharetta is ranked as a top 25 place to live in the US by Money Magazine. It gives a dense suburban feeling and almost all the residents have their own houses. Around 66% population possess their own house and the rest 34% live in rented houses.

The public schools at Alpharetta have much to talk about. Coming to the real estate information, the median home value there is $422,800 and the median rent or housing costs are $1451. According to the Niche ranking, Alpharetta is considered the best out of 453 places to live, the best place to raise a family, and the best suburbs to live in Georgia.

Less than 10 years age-grouped people are 13%, 10-17 years people are 13%, 6% people are 18-24 years, 25-34 age-grouped people are about 11%, 16% people are 35-44 years aged, 45-54 aged people are around 18% in total, 14% are from the ages, 55-64 years, and above 65 aged people are 10%.

It is given a grade of B- considering the crime and safety rates. Based on the diversity of residents both ethnic and economic, Niche graded Alpharetta with a grade A. This is one of the best places to live in Georgia check out the link for related information and Niche grades.

2. Decatur:

Decatur is a small town with a population of 24928 has been one of the best places to live in Georgia. Decatur is located in the county seat of DeKalb County, Georgia. It is a part of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

The government commission here is Decatur City Commission. The total area it had is around 4.60 square meters among which land occupies 4.60 square meters and water occupies 0.01 square meters.

Coming to real estate, 34% rent the land while 66% own the sites. Among the best places to live in Georgia, Decatur is ranked 2 of 453. It is ranked 2 of 164 as the best suburbs to live in Georgia. And also, ranked 4 of 286 places with the best public schools in Georgia. Niche has graded C for crime and safety based on violent and property crime rates.

Violent crimes are again distinguished into assault which is 69.4, murder 12.2, 77.6 robberies, and 8.2 is rape(these are all calculated annually per 100000 residents). While property crimes are calculated annually per 100000 residents, out of which 249.1 are burglary, 1943.6 are theft and 159.2 are motor vehicle theft.

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Top public schools serving Decatur are Decatur High School, Oakhurst Elementary School, Westchester Elementary School, New Glennwood Elementary School, Clairemont Elementary School, and a lot more which are graded ‘A’ under Niche.

Coming to the top private schools in Decatur, The Paideia School, Midtown International School, Ben Franklin Academy, The New School, St. Pius X. Catholic High School and there are a few more under this with A+ grades. Considering these, it has been in the group of best places to live in Georgia.

Finally, the overall Niche grades for different sectors are, A+ for Public Schools, B for Housing, A+ grade for Good for Families category, A- for Jobs, C+ for Cost of Living, A grade for Outdoor Activities, C grade for Crime and Safety, Nightlife is graded A, Diversity is graded A again, B+ for the weather, Health and Fitness is graded A+, and A grade is for Commute.

Check this for more Niche scores of Decatur.

3. Collier Hills North:

Collier Hills North is located in Fulton Country, Atlanta, Georgia. It has a population of 3975. It is positioned number 1 as the best neighborhood place to live in Atlanta. It is also one of the best places to live in Georgia.

Collier Hills North has everything well equipped with city amenities like too many bars, restaurants, cafes, parks, and a lot of hotels. It offers citizens a comfortable and dense urban feel living there. There are 55% of people who reside in a rented home and 45% of the whole, lives in own houses. The median home value is $305,653 and the median rent is $1297.

Collier Hills North is placed number 1 of 167 best neighborhood places to live in Atlanta. It is also ranked number 1 of 167 best neighborhoods to raise a family in Atlanta. And it is marked number 9 out of 165 best neighborhoods to buy a house in Atlanta, so it is in the set of best places to live in Georgia.

Coming to the sector, Crime, and Safety, under violent crimes which are calculated annually per 100,000 residents, the assault has marked 282.7, murder has 6.1, 40.7 is rape, and 135.5 is for robbery, nationally.

While property crimes, which are calculated annually per 1,00,000 residents have 500.1 under burglary, 2042.8 is theft and 284 is motor vehicle theft, nationally. The median household income nationally in Collier Hills North is $85490. There are 15% of young families with children.

The top public schools serving Collier Hills North are, North Atlanta High School, Charles R. Drew Charter School, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School-Elementary Campus, Charles Drew Charter School Junior Academy/Senior Academy, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School-Middle Campus, and a lot more.

Some of the top private schools in Collier Hills North are the Westminster Schools, Pace Academy, Atlanta International School, The Paideia School, The Lovett School, and a lot more. This has been one of the best places to live in Georgia.

It has got various Niche Grades for different segments such as B+ for Public Schools, A+ for Crime and Safety, A- grade for Housing, A+ for Nightlife, A+ grade for Good for Families section, B+ for Diversity, A- for Jobs, B+ is graded for Weather, B- for Cost of Living, A+ is graded for Health and Fitness, A- is for Outdoor Activities, and B is graded for Commute.

Check this out for more information regarding Collier Hills North and its Niche scores.

4. Johns Creek:

Johns Creek is a place in Georgia, Fulton County, United States. It is incorporated on December 1, 2006. It has an area of 31.34 square meters, out of which 30.81 square meters is, land and the rest, i.e. 0.53 square meters, is water. It also has an elevation of 928 ft. Johns Creek is populated with 83,999 and has a total density of 2675.92 square meters. This city has a humid subtropical climate.

It is positioned 3rd in the best suburbs to live in Georgia. It had a wide range of restaurants, parks, and cafes. Most of the residents own their houses, i.e., 76% of the entire population. While the rest, 24% of the population resides in rented homes. The median home value is $400,100 and the median rent is $1677.

It is positioned number 3 as one of the best places to raise a family in Georgia out of 453. It is also marked number 3 out of 164 as the best suburbs to live in Georgia. And also, it is again marked number 3 as the best suburb to raise a family in Georgia. The median household income of the people in John’s Creek is $122,514.

The top public schools serving JC are, Northview High School, Alpharetta High School, Chattahoochee High School, John’s Creek High School, Web Bridge Middle School and there are a lot more. While the top private schools in JC are, Fulton Science Academy Private School, Pinecrest Academy, Wesleyan School, Marist School, Notre Dame Academy, and 200+ other schools.

Coming back to the overall Niche Grades, public schools have got A+ grade, B- was graded to crime and safety, A- is graded to housing, A- is again graded to nightlife, A+ is assigned to Good for families category, A is for diversity, A is graded for jobs, B is for weather, B- is given for the cost of living, A+ is graded for health and fitness, A- is assigned for outdoor activities, B- is finally graded for the commute.

It is one of the best places to live in Georgia. Dig in deep for more information.

5. Berkeley Lake:

Berkeley Lake city is located in Gwinnett County, in the state of Georgia, United States. It has an area of 1.86 square meters, out of which, the total land is 1.75 square meters and the water occupies 0.11 square meters. It also had an elevation of 1056ft. According to the 2020 census, the population of Berkeley Lake is 2054 with a density of 1175.73 square meters.

Berkeley Lake is graded number 2 out of 453 as the best place to raise a family in Georgia. It is also marked number 2 out of 164 as the best suburbs to raise a family in Georgia. And then, it is positioned 3 of 451 as the best places to buy a house in Georgia.

The median home value at Berkeley Lake is $442000 and the median rent there is $1821. People in Berkeley Lake, almost 96% own houses, while only 4% of the total population live in a rented place. The median household income is $145,625.

Public schools are graded A which means they had a good scope and some of those public schools are, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, Duluth High School, Berkeley Lake Elementary School, New Life Academy of Excellence, Duluth Middle School, and a few more serving Berkeley Lake.

And then, the top private schools in Berkeley Lake are, Wesleyan School, Marist School, Notre Dame Academy, Greater Atlanta Christian School, Mount Pisgah Christian School, and 120 more top private schools are serving BL.

The overall niche grades are here, where public schools, health and fitness, housing, and jobs had a good note due to which they were graded ‘A’. Then, this place is good for families and is given A+, the outdoor activities had A- as their grade. Cost of living, Diversity, Weather are graded B, the nightlife in the city is given B+ and the commute is graded C+ and so is placed in the class of best places to live in Georgia.

For more information, check this out for niche grades.

6. Midtown:

Midtown is a city in Fulton County, Georgia, Downtown Atlanta, United States. The total area of the Midtown city is 3.8 square meters, out of which 0.9 square meters are midtown core, and 1.4 square meters are midtown core and historic midtown. It has a population of 41681, a density of 11,000 square meters, and a midtown core of 12,916.

Midtown is one of the best places to live in Georgia where the median home value is $398,646 and the median rent is $1555. Here, 57% of the people live in a rented house and 43% of the population own a home. It is numbered 4 out of 167 best neighborhoods to live in.

It is also under position 11 of 167 best neighborhoods for young professionals in Atlanta. And also, it is in the 16th position of 165 best neighborhoods to buy a house in Atlanta. Midtown is not the only place to visit there are a lot more.

The overall Niche grades for Midtown are, an A+ grade is given for Health and fitness, Nightlife, and Commute. Public Schools, Jobs, and Diversity are given A- grades, B+ is graded for Housing and Weather. Grade A is assigned for Outdoor Activities, and this place is good for families as well. The cost of living here is a little high and is graded C+ and Crime and Safety is assigned a C grade.

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7. Roswell:

Rosewell is one of the most beautiful districts in the peach state of Fulton County and has joined the list of best places to live in Georgia. It is a wholesome of trees lined, charming streets, and greenery everywhere. Coffee shops are always crowded and there are many business platforms over there.

There are many beautiful places like parks, restaurants, stores to visit, and many community events to experience. Roswell is a historic city and the most populated one. There is a famous historical festival called “Alive in Rosewell” which is celebrated between April and October and it starts on the 3rd Thursday of April.

It is a family-friendly festival where we can address live bands, vendors, food trucks, etc. There are some events we can enjoy in Rosewell and they are taking hikes, mountain biking, tubing in the Chattahoochee River. Besides Rosewell, the Chattahoochee River is a must-watch place. Roswell has a great schooling system with the best teachers in both the public and private sectors.

Teachers make the students participate actively in academics and co circular activities. Children can play voluntarily as Rosewell has 18 parks. It has low unemployment rates and is a denser city with 94,000 residents where most of them own their homes. The cost of living is relatively low where the young professionals are likely attracted compared to others.

As per Niche reports, the overall Rosewell grades in different areas are, ‘A’ for public schools, job opportunities, health and fitness, and for its diversity too. A+ for good for families and A- for outdoor activities, nightlife. ‘B’ is graded for weather and commute. B+ for housing and B- for the cost of living. Crime and safety are graded as C+.

8. Suwanee:

Suwanee is a little city in Georgia with 19,743 residents where most of them own their houses. It is very famous and mentioned in money magazines, publications, kip linger, and family circles. The most interesting thing about Suwanee is, its ambiance, community, and the Suwanee town center is attractive which entices many young families.

Suwanee is the best-suited place for any person in any field and the schools here are the best and provide the students with a good education. The residents of Suwanee will get $82,400 as they will be having great jobs for every household. The cost of living here is relatively low, lower than the national average like we can get a decent 4 bedroom house for a single family for $2,39,400.

It also has fine dining and that usually draws the attention of people. It is such a lively community to join and relish. The most appreciable part of this city is a very low crime rate than the national average and so is ranked in the list of best places to live in Georgia.

It is graded as A+ for public schools and good for families. A is graded for its diversity. A- for jobs, outdoor activities, housing, and health and fitness. It is graded as B+ for nightlife, B for the weather, B- for the cost of living, crime, safety, and commute.

9. Milton:

Milton is a newly formed city known for its highest quality of life and it is ranked as 9 highest in south u.s. Milton is a suburb of Atlanta. It is a small town formed in 2006 and the current population of it is 38,759 and most of them have their own homes.

Schools here are the best for education and also have co circular activities like swimming, parks, golf, baseball, tennis, horseback riding, festival, community events, and a lot more are included. They are highly rated and unique. The ambiance of the city is peaceful and surrounded by rolling hills and a breathtaking rural landscape.

The city offers numerous events and activities to enjoy and there are many locally-owned businesses, restaurants, coffee stalls, malls, and much to explore. Milton is most famous for its horse ride and it is the best place to witness the ride.

The cost of living here is more, house value is $459,500 on average. Residents of the city have ample jobs with a $111,778 salary which is high for a year on average due to which this location has been one of the best places to live in Georgia.

It is graded as A+ for public schools and good for families to be. A is for jobs and health & fitness, A- for outdoor activities and diversity. Graded B+ for housing and nightlife, B for crime and safety, weather. B- for the cost of living and commute.

10. Peachtree City:

Peachtree City is one of the best places in Georgia to live and it is ranked as one of the top cities and considered the safest city as per the FBI data. The population of the city is 34,900. Development of Pinewood forest is first done in peachtree city. We can say it is home to the pinewood forest.

There are many shopping centers, offices, schools, and lakes throughout the city. Golf carts are legal to drive here and there is a total of 10,000 golf carts in the town where almost every age group people like teens or seniors resides.

There are more locations like baseball fields, 90 miles of trails, weaving through lakes, parks, and amphitheaters. The cost of living here is very high like on average, one house is worth $274,600, and high rent prices are around $2000.

The school system here is ranked top and best in the county and it is near to the capital. The schools here follow the system of Fayette county school system. This city is free, wide, and has easy access to nature. All the above factors have been the focal point for the city’s development and this city has placed the city in a group of best places to live in Georgia.

11. Brookwood Hills:

Brookwood Hills is one of the best places to live in Georgia and the best one in Fulton County. The population of it is about 3344 and most of the residents rent their homes. The School system of Brookwood hills is good and is above average. It is such a vibrant center where we can see several bars, restaurants, parks, and cafes.

The cost of the median home value is 706,756 and the rent value is 1127. According to the data collected by the niches, the brook-wood hills are graded in some of the important fields. It is graded as A+ for nightlife Health and fitness. Graded as A for its diversity, commute, and good for families.

A- is for outdoor activities. B+ is graded for its crime and safety, public schools, and weather. Graded B for jobs. C+ for housing and graded C for the cost of living which is a bit higher than the national average. The benefit of living in Brookwood Hills is that it is a college town.

And also, many fabulous places within the city center are to be visited. This is not only the best place to live in Georgia but in the entire country. There is easy access to the outdoors and also nature.

12. Ansley Park:

Ansley Park is the place in Fulton County, a neighborhood of Atlanta with a population of 4284. 71% of the people at Ansley Park own a house while 29% live in rented houses. It is one of the best places to live in Georgia.

Coming to the Niche grades, Nightlife, commute, health, and fitness were graded A+, Public schools were given A-. A grade was graded for outdoor activities, and good for families. Graded B+ for Diversity and Weather.

For the Niche scores and the grading of the above places, check this out.

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