14 Best restaurants in Ocean City Md To Visit

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restaurants in ocean city md
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Ocean City, a Maryland jewel of the US, gifts you miles of beach and good food. We have cherry-picked the restaurants in ocean city, Md so that your love for the food stays alive while roaming in the ocean city.

Whether it’s seafood or ice cream, ocean city Md serves as the ideal beach destination for indulging your taste buds. The food here is underrated and can give 30A restaurants a run for their money. So, as we bring you the lists of restaurants in ocean city Md, prepare to get excited.

Best restaurants in ocean city Md

Belly Busters

Located on the coastal highway, ocean city MD 21842, Belly Busters offers the ultimate pleasure of fresh seafood meals. The good news is they deliver steamed crabs. Also, with inside and outside seating arrangements, it provides a pleasant atmosphere to eat and relax.

This family-friendly restaurant has been making bellies happy since 1950. Besides, this ocean city restaurant deserves a one-time visit, based on reviews from yelp, trip advisor, and Google. But, parking can be either a hit or miss here.


Dine-in, delivery, and pick up

Food offered:

Seafood platter including crab cakes, crab legs, and crab soup, steamed seafood, drinks, salad wraps, and fish tacos

Hammerheads on the beach

Are you a sucker for cool names? Then, you need to visit Hammerheads on the beach if you are in Ocean City, Maryland. Not only are the names intriguing, but they are also optimized with surroundings. Like, you get frozen drinks called ‘sex on the boardwalk’ and ‘sand in your butt.’

Also, one of its signature drinks is ‘Shark tank.’ Even they have a kid’s drink called ‘Sharknado.’ While eating here, you can get a good view of ocean city from their front deck.

Besides, you can also savor seafood steam pot while enjoying people watching on the boardwalk. So, at 913 Atlantic Ave Ocean City, Hammerheads promises delicious food and drinks paired with relaxed surroundings.


Dining, takeaway, delivery, and bar

Food offered:

Cocktails, burgers, seafood, soups, salads, wine, and smoothies


Located in Coastal hwy ocean city, Hooked offers a variety of meals cooked with fresh seafood. It uses three words to describe its food- fresh, local and honest. Also, it provides kid-friendly meals. So, Hooked can be a suitable destination if you are traveling with kids.

Based on Google reviews, Hooked has all the elements to get you hooked. It has tasty and filling food, friendly servers, and a great variety of seafood.


Dinner and happy hour

Food offered:

Apart from chicken, fish, and salmon, Hooked has shrimp, oysters, and crab and wine cocktails on its menu.

restaurants in ocean city Md
Image by Lachlan Ross from pexels

Rare & Rye

Rare and rye on ocean city Md 21842 has closed its door in 2019. But, we still consider rare and rye as one of the best restaurants in the ocean city. During its course, it bagged the award of “best restaurants” twice.

Even after being known for its drinks selection, it never lagged in crab cakes and ice cream. Besides, based on 178 reviews on Google, it scored 4.5 during its short and sweet tenure. But, it’s heartbreaking that tourists visiting ocean city, Maryland after 2019 never got a taste of its great food.


Dine-in, pickup, and delivery

Food offered:

Whiskey, rye, wine, bourbons, seafood, and sandwiches

The shark on the harbor

Situated on 12924 Sunset Avenue, this restaurant from ocean city, Maryland gifts you happy hour from Monday to Friday. Also, they accept reservations.

But, you need to visit them for their use of fresh ingredients. They update their menu daily based on the availability of fresh seafood. No wonder it has scored a 4.6 star based on 1188 Google reviews.


Dine-in, happy hours and no delivery

Food offered:

Dessert, soups, salads, entrees, seafood, sandwiches, and burgers

De lazy lizard Tiki Marina & Island Grill

Nothing can get more kid-friendly and family-friendly than De lazy Lizard. It has a kid’s playground and a Tiki bar. Besides, it provides children’s activities. The sunset view from the boating docks is eye-pleasing. Kids here can get non-alcoholic drinks.

So, it would help if you visited De lazy lizard for a good time with your kids, irrespective of you are repulsed by the name or not.


Dine-in and takeout (no delivery)

Food offered:

Seafood, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, drinks, and entrees

Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill

It is located on the coastal highway in ocean city, Maryland. Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill has an open seating arrangement. So, you can enjoy great food here while viewing the bay-side sunset.

It has got all elements that should be on your bucket list- good food, delicious drinks, and bay-front views. Plus, this restaurant is pet-friendly.


Dine-in and happy hours

Food offered:

Frozen drinks, cocktails, wine, salads, soups, seafood, and beverages

BLU crab house and raw bar

BLU crab house and raw bar are located in Philadelphia ave ocean city. Their main specialty is Maryland blue crabs. The crab dip, one of the appetizers of BLU crabhouse and raw bar, never fails to please food lovers. Also, it has a raw bar, one of the popular bars in ocean city, Maryland.


Dine-in, pick-up, delivery, and no reservations

Food offered:

Appetizers, salads, seafood steamer pots, desserts, raw bar specialties, beer, wine, and drinks

Coins Pub and restaurant

Coins Pub and restaurant is another jewel of Philadelphia ave ocean city. They have early birds specials during which you can get maximum food at 10 dollars or less. The pub side is reserved for your enjoyment. Plus, they host fun events like music parties, live shows, and DJ parties.


Dine-in, reservations, happy hours, and takeaway

Food offered:

Salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, beer, wines, cocktails, and beverages

Fisher’s popcorn

Fisher’s popcorn, located on the boardwalk in Downtown ocean city Md, has remained a popular favorite since 1937. They only serve, well, you guessed it right, popcorn. But, it comes in different flavors and different sizes. Besides, different flavors include cheese, caramel, butter, cinnamon caramel, peanut caramel, and old bay.

But, this small family business may not be your first choice among the restaurants in ocean city Md, if you are looking for local seafood- crabs, oysters, or shrimps. Also, it lacks service of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But, flavored popcorn is a good choice to munch on as you roam on the beach.


Shopping from the store, online delivery, and pickup

Food offered:

Popcorn in different flavors

Fish tales

Located at the 22nd Bayside, Fish tales has flexible parking options. The seating arrangement is delightful. You can enjoy delicious seafood in daylight under the shade of umbrellas on the beach. During the night, the soft glow of tiki torches adds warmth to the relaxing ocean surrounding.

Besides, Fish tales has a kid’s playground in the setting of a pirate ship. This makes it interesting among the other restaurants in ocean city Md. All-in-all, this gifts the pleasure of a casual dining experience.


Dining and carry-out

Food offered:

Salads, sandwiches, pie, cakes, seafood, seafood platters and wraps, and beverages including cocktails

Coconuts Beach Bar and Grill

Coconuts beach bar and grill, located in Atlantic ave ocean city, gifts you a fun casual dining experience. It is one of the most popular beachfront bars and restaurants in ocean city, Maryland. Also, it has outdoor seating and serves food on the beach.

You need to hit this place up for grilled food and drinks. Besides, their ‘tipsy turtle rum punch’ will match your jovial mood as you enjoy the cool ocean breeze. So, this is one of the best restaurants in ocean city Md, that deserve your money and time.


Dine-in and takeaway

Food offered:

Appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wraps, beverages, beers, and wine

Bad monkey Bar and Grill

The name may sound ‘bad, but the food isn’t. Seafood at Bad Monkey Bar and Grill includes crab and shrimp. It provides tasty and filling breakfast food. Also, you can get more than 40 craft beers here. But, seafood options here may seem limited in contrast to other restaurants in ocean city Md.

restaurants in ocean city Md
Image by next voyage from pexels

You can see this bar and grill at two locations in ocean city, Maryland. One is situated in the ocean gateway, and another is on the coastal highway.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and happy hours

Food offered:

Salads, sandwiches, submarine sandwiches, burgers, tacos, beers, and snacks

Crab alley

Crab alley, situated on Golf course road in Ocean City Md 21842, will overwhelm you with crabs, oysters, calamari, and tuna. If you are new to the ocean city and want to try seafood, crab alley can be your friend as one of the seafood restaurants in ocean city Md.

Besides, this family-friendly restaurant offers kid-friendly meals. So, you will not be disappointed if you are traveling with your family.


Carry-out, dine-in, and seafood market

Food offered:

Seafood appetizers, tacos, sandwiches, steamed seafood, crab soups, and other crab specialties

These 14 best restaurants in ocean city Md have various food, drinks, and great scenic views. So, you will be doing a great injustice to yourself if you fail to visit these on your ocean city trip.

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