14 Most Amazing Cities in Costa Rica

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cities in costa rica
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From the beaches to the vibrant city life, rich cultural heritage to modernity, yes, the cities in Costa Rica offer it all. Costa Rica is typically a tropical country located in Central America, bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

We cannot possibly miss out on its beautiful 1300 miles of coastline. It offers you no fewer opportunities where you can hike, swim, dine and even explore nature and its wildlife. Let us have a little more profound knowledge on which of these cities have to offer what.

  1. San José

    cities in costa rica
    By Mo on Unsplash/ copyright 2020

    Among most of the beautiful cities in costa Rica, San Jose is the capital city. For most tourists, it is the central location of travel to Costa Rica because of its proximity to the Juan Santamaría international airport, where majorly most international flights arrive. It is also known to be the largest city in Costa Rica.

    It is the most recommended destination in Costa Rica; it is located in the Central Valley, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes from all sides. While you are in Costa Rica, you can enjoy a wide range of exciting activities, such as visiting museums or restaurants or any point of interest.

    The most recommended is the stroll down the Avenida Central and Teatro Nacional. You can also take a tour around the cities of Costa Rica and enjoy the natural beauties like Irazu Volcano, Poas volcano, and Chirripo National Park.

    You can also take thrilling whitewater rafting tours, especially in the Pacuare River, this one being the most iconic of all. You can also visit the Gold Museum and National Theatre, a replica of the Paris Opera. Lastly, don’t miss out on the San José pedestrian shopping street in the Central Market, where you can taste the traditional food and buy indigenous herbs and souvenirs for your loved ones.

  2. Cartago

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    By Alix Greenman on Unsplash/ Copyright 2021

    Tracing back the history of the cities of Costa Rica, Cartago, Heredia, and Alajuela was the one which challenged the authority of San Jose. After which, the battle was won in San Jose, thus, confirming it as the country’s capital. Over the years, the city has faced many hardships like the earthquakes, which almost destroyed the city, yet it was rebuilt every time.

    The most amazing is the Basilica “Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles,” which has decorated angel figures that attract thousands of pilgrims worldwide. It is believed to have healing powers. Therefore many Ticos place their diseased model organ in the cases to get well.

    Its architectural style is a perfect blend of colonial and neo-Byzantine Spanish tradition. Another place worth visiting is the ‘Museo Municipal de Cartago,’ located in the city’s former prison and the traditional country house of the former Costa Rican president.

    Just like the other cities in Costa Rica, like San Jose, the city center is compact, so it is easy for you to walk. The bottom of the central square has also been the focal point of city life ever since the foundation of Cartago.

  3. Liberia

    christian hess araya 3rtV7vfCsyQ unsplash
    By Christian Hess Araya on Unsplash/ copyright 2020

    Talking about the cities in Costa Rica, you cannot miss out on Liberia. Liberia is located 134 miles from San Jose, which is the capital. Often it is called the ‘White City, because of the whitewashed colonial houses and roads made of white gravel.

    Among all the cities in Costa Rica, Liberia is one of the most popular destinations; it could also be because of its easy accessibility to international airports. Its historical existence makes Liberia one of the unique cities in Costa Rica. Primarily famous for its white houses and terracotta roofs, which add up to the city’s colonial charm. The architectural details also act wonder in this place, including Puerta del Sol and the double corner doors.

  4. Golfito

    yorjany solorzano 9wZZarjzd5g unsplash
    By Yorjany Solorzano on unsplash/ Copyright 2021

    One of the most beautiful and scenic cities in Costa Rica is Golfito. It is a tourist and a port city in the Osa peninsula, which is pretty and known for its pleasant beaches.

    Not only that, but Golfito is also known for being one of the most amusing cities in costa Rica. It has several activities to do, including swimming, fishing, diving, bird watching and so on. Not forget, whale watching is one of the most common activities for the inhabitants. While you walk through the streets of Golfito, you can listen to the locals talking about the whales and dolphins that can be appreciated all year long.

  5. Limón

    luis diego aguilar 2qznxtNh50E unsplash
    By Luis Diego Aguilar on Unsplash/ copyright 2022

    Limón is one of the cities in Costa Rica officially declared to be the city of Limón in 1854 by Philipp Valentini. It is the sixth-largest city in Costa Rica. This city is also known for being the main port of the Caribbean side, receiving ships and cruises nearby to load and unload frequently.

    The city of Limón is known for being one of the most famous port cities in Costa Rica. It has some of the most incredible beaches. Some of the best beach destinations are Puerto Viejo, Playa Cocles, Punta Uva, Gandoca Manzanillo, and Cahuita, about 40 minutes south of the drive known for its national park.

    Also, many activities on these famous beaches are available. While you are these popular tourist destinations, you can try out whitewater rafting in the Pacuare River and take tours to the small towns in and around Siquirres.

  6. Puerto Caldera

    christian hess araya fEPF2p6fbBU unsplash
    By Christian Hess Araya on Unsplash/ copyright 2021

    Puerto Caldera is one of the most fantastic cities in Costa Rica. This is the main port of the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica. It lies in the central province of Puntarenas. Additionally, we can see that many cruises dock at this port because of the shorter distance from San Jose.

    Caldera is known for being Costa Rica’s touristic city. Many cruise ships and ship docks are here during the year. And therefore, this is the reason why many locals have established bars and restaurants in this area. It will be one of the best experiences for you in Costa Rica amidst the clean beaches, palm trees, beaches, and the weather.

  7. Athenas

    luna venegas kEnEj 502X4 unsplash
    By Luna Venegas on Unsplash/ copyright 2020

    Athenas is located entirely on the city’s border, which makes you notice unique birds and animal species, including red macaws and toucans. Among the cities in Costa Rica, what makes it unique is the annual general festival that is held every year to celebrate traditions and heritage.

    Among the other cities in Costa Rica, Athena’s most unique is the annual general festival held in April every year to celebrate the traditions and heritage of the place. This festival is declared to be a UNESCO world cultural heritage. The famous carts are pulled by two great oxen at this festival, colorfully hand-painted with some extraordinary designs. In Costa Rica, these oxcarts are also a symbol of great pride and courage.

  8. Alajuela

    j amill santiago 55rZeNdxr 8 unsplash
    By J. Amill Santiago on Unsplash/ copyright 2021

    Alajuela is one of Costa Rica’s cities, which is known for its natural beauty. It is marked by a great chain of volcanoes forming a central mountain range. Alajuela is one of the most fantastic costa Rican cities, where you can witness majestic volcanoes, a guaranteed night show for the viewers. It is also one of the best places to go windsurfing. The La Fortuna waterfall is the upper-ranging waterfall in the area of Alajuela.

    Alajuela is the second largest town in Costa Rica. Without visiting this, you cannot be able to complete your visit to Costa Rica and learn all of its culture and history.

    We cannot miss out on the green and lush green Central Park, do we? It is someplace among the cities of Costa Rica that is worth the visit. There is a central market on the western side of the park, and the outskirts have fancy restaurants, bars, cinemas, and much more. If you are a history lover, then Santamaria Cultural Historical Museum is worth the visit; it is best known for all the battles of 1856 and has a vast number of historical maps.

  9. San Isidro

    selina bubendorfer luT9A57ACDA unsplash
    By Selina Bubendorfer on unsplash/ copyright 2020

    Talking about the cities in Costa Rica, we cannot be leaving out on San Isidro. This is in the south zone and is a fantastic city full of wildlife, mostly it is an extraordinary place for all kinds of species of birds and a perfect place for nature lovers.

    To all of the Southern part of Costa Rica, it is a gateway, including Chirripo national park, La Amistad International Park, and the Osa Peninsula. It is the most populous city in the region and has about 45,000 people. It is also the capital of Perez Zeledon Canton. Many festivals are held here; typically, the cattle fairs and the Feast of the Devils are the best ones. Also, the essence of the Costa Rican cuisines will compel you at all costs.

  10. Puntarenas

    etienne delorieux z993YBGvIcQ unsplash
    By Etienne Delorieux on unsplash/ copyright 2020

    Puntarenas is one of the biggest cities in Costa Rica. Somethings like a railway line, favorable weather, and a port in this Costa Rican city make it all the more touristic and favorable. Also, the plus point is that the city can accommodate large ships. That’s what makes Puntarenas extraordinary.

    It is located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, and the temperatures stay pretty mild. This province is also connected to the Nicoya peninsula, which is known for its beaches worldwide. The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is also found in the peninsula and is known for having more than 500,000 turtles that come to the shore nesting.

  11. Curridabat

    malgorzata bujalska bRV2raZGoDU unsplash
    By Malgorzata Bujalska on unsplash/ copyright 2020

    Another one on the list of the cities in Costa Rica is Curridabat. It is one of the oldest Costa Rica cities, which is very much popular with foreigners and the modern cultural environment.

    You have a pretty good number of parks like Central Park, Parque Espana, and Parque Morazan. Therefore, you can have a splendid time walking and enjoying the serenity of the place. The walks and the fresh air are all worth experiencing in this city.

    The city also hosts the most amazing Museum of Insects at the University of Costa Rica. You might also get intrigued by the Legislative Assembly and Costa Rica Railroad Station. You can see the most exotic animals in the Simon Bolivar Zoo; it will be quite an enjoyable trip for the kids and you. Also, you can shop, settle down, and have a good meal in the nearby Momentum Pinares shopping mall.

  12. San Vicente

    miguel vargas MYUsXCTcRDc unsplash
    By Miguel Vargas on Unsplash / copyright 2019

    To begin with, San Vicente is one of the best residential areas in the cities of Costa Rica. San Vicente is located in the Moravia Canton, part of Greater San josé province. The suburbs are the area’s head town and are just 5 miles from the capital. This part of Costa Rica has the typical Costa Rican family life and culture.

    This part of the city also has incredible street food, chocolate tasting tours, hotels, and bars. It is highly recommended while you are exploring and around the areas of Costa Rica. The city is also quite popular with the number of tourists who come to rest in public gardens and parks.

  13. Tortuguero

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    By Lisa Kessler on Unsplash/ Copyright 2018

    Tortuguero is one of the cities in Costa Rica, known as the ‘Land of Turtles’ and is also known to be the Costa Rican version of the Amazon rainforest. It is present on the northern coast of Costa Rica, which spans over 77,000 acres of land.

    The massive area is a series of canals and rivers in the jungle. Therefore, the biggest draw to this place is the shoreline, which has fantastic turtle nestings, especially from April to May. But, even if you are on an off-season tour, you will still be able to hike and go for the canal cruises. There is also a large variety of wildlife that could be seen out there.

    So, did you make up your mind yet about your tour to the fantastic cities of Costa Rica? Each of the cities in Costa Rica has its uniqueness that will amaze you more with your visit to each new city. After all, each one is just worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

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