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Hobbiton New Zealand: A Real-Life Fantasy for Tolkien Fans

Whether you are a fan of  An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug, The Battle of the Five Armies, or the classic The Lord of the Rings trilogy, then Hobbiton New Zealand is where you need to be.

No one can forget the story and filming location of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbits trilogy. Peter Jackson was so dedicated to the filming locations of his films, and he knew that New Zealand was the best location for that. Hence, he selected it after the approval New Zealand army.

It become such a popular tourist space that it effectively increases the New Zealand GDP. Here is a Quick Study; detailing Hobbiton as an international tourist destination.

In celebration of that; Here are the most incredible facts about Hobbits movies and the culture surrounding them that every fan should know.

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All your excitations aside for a while, and dive into this article, These facts are fascinating, and you get a clear picture of the shire besides its fictional view.

15 Interesting Facts About Hobbiton

Hobbits are the imagination of J. R. R. Tolkien, who wrote a collection of novels based on these fictional characters. But this work gained lots of appreciation after Jackson’s hard work in creating notable films based on these novels. Jackson’s efforts were seen in The Hobbit trilogy.

For the fans of hobbits, this becomes additional and quite interesting info that will be amazing for them. If you are also one of them, then these facts will reveal the reality of that fantasy world.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy filming was done on the north island and South Islands of New Zealand. Through an aerial search, location scouts learned about this place in the Waikato region of Matamata on the North Island of New Zealand.

1. Is It a Real Place?

Everyone wants to know whether it is a real place or fake because if it is accurate, they want to visit it at once. No more suspense! This place is real. You can visit Hobbiton and experience the Peter Jackson-directed film “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”


Peter Jackson discovered this place. He wanted the best location, with a massive tree near a pond, for The Lord of The Rings film trilogy, and then he found this place in Auckland, New Zealand.

What you have seen in The Hobbit movies was the set, built on Alexander’s running sheep farm for filming. Interestingly, someone gave an idea to make this set into a tourist attraction after shooting the film. This idea gives us the best place to visit.

2. No Bag End

A Bag end is just a hole. In Hobbiton, the bag end was the endpoint of the Bagshot row. This was the home of Bilbo Baggins. Later on, it became the home of Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton. Samwise Gamgee got this house when Frodo Baggins left Middle Earth.

You can visit the Hobbit movie set but can’t visit Bilbo’s house. It is too small for you, designed only for hobbits. Did you know that the bag end was built on two different scales? The interior of the bag end was done on different scales.

It looks fantastic and spectacular, both inside and from the outside. The beauty of the bag end was enhanced because of the big tree on its top.

3. Frogs Transfer to Another Pond

Frogs are not native to New Zealand; they were introduced north island from Australia. Hence, they are known as the Australian Bell Frog. During the making of LOTR, the pond near the hobbit’s house was occupied by frogs.

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Their presence didn’t hinder anything till they didn’t make any noise. But once they started the tur-tur sound, it became so loud. In that sound, even the actors weren’t able to hear each other.

And that’s the reason to transfer them to another pond. This was a person’s duty to collect all the frogs from the pond and relocate them from Hobbiton.

4. The Big Tree on Top Is Not Real

It is so hard to believe that the massive tree on the top of the bag end was fake. The oak tree in Hobbiton is inaccurate; it is an entirely handmade tree made of fiberglass and silk.

All the materials used by Jackson’s team came from Taiwan. And all the leaves were passed one by one. One person was specially appointed to paint the leaves once they faded.

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5. Only One Hobbit Hole Has an Interior

The whole design was done on the exterior part of the Shire to give it a dramatic look. You can explore the Hobbit holes only from the exterior side.

Forty-four hobbit holes were spread over the 4.8 hectares area of Alexander farm. The whole of Hobbiton was constructed over the private property of the Alexander family.

The interior design was only done in Bilbo’s house due to the opening of the front gate. At the same time, the other hobbit’s house has only Facades and no interiors.

6. Sunset in The East or Not

The interesting fact about Hobbiton is that the sunset scene was the reverse of the sunrise scene footage. Do you remember that scene in which Bilbo and Gandalf enjoy the sunset?

They are enjoying the sunset from the back end, facing the east. Hence, watching the sunset from that side is impossible. But Jackson converted this impractical thing into reality.

For that perfect sunset scene, crew members continuously take beautiful pictures of the sunrise for seven days. And then play the footage to give the right sunset scene.

7. Different Scaling Hobbit Holes


The Shire of Hobbiton movie set has 44 Hobbit holes. Each hobbit hole has different scales. Some holes were built on a 90 percent scale, while others were built on a 60 percent scale. It was according to the height of the hobbit actors.

8. Only A Few Sheep Were Used in the Film

Alexander Farm has more than 13,000 sheep, which were not used in any films. The reason is that all the sheep are white, which makes them look too modern. That’s why you don’t see white sheep in any scenes. Three hundred beef cattle were also removed while filming from the farm area. Hence, no sheep appeared in the film.

If Alexander’s sheep were not used, what about those black faces and legs sheep? These sheep were brought from South Island, especially for the film The Demand Peter Jackson. He wanted the Suffolk sheep, a British breed, to give a classic look in the film.

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9. Garden Grass Cutting by Sheeps

At first, you can’t believe it, but it is true. The sheep did the cutting of grass before the filming. For that, production crew members managed the eating work of sheep.

In this way, they maintain grass length to equal length in every scene.

10. Pulm Trees Are Fake, But Not Added in the Film

No one knows about this scene because it was not added to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This scene was of children playing under plum trees; for that, Peter Jackson used pear and apple trees instead of plum trees.

Interestingly, he replaced all the apples and pears when they began ripening. In this way, all the apples and pears trees bear fake plum fruits.

This scene was removed from the final film; hence you don’t get a chance to see fake plums or apple or pear trees.

11. International Hobbit Day

It is pretty strange to believe that a day is celebrated as International Hobbit Day. But it’s true! Every year on September 22, this day is celebrated. But why is September 22, celebrated as Hobbit Day?


The two popular hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo, were born on this day. Hence it is celebrated as the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo. And more interestingly, there is Tolkien Week during which this day came.

The American Tolkien Society noticed this day and Tolkien Week in 1978. Since then, every year, it has been celebrated. Luckily, if you are in the Hobbiton movie set during these days, you will experience Hobbit’s party, music, wines, costumes, and games. You will ultimately get a mystical feeling at the Hobbiton movie set.

Do you know about Tolkien Reading Day? This is another day related to J. R. R. Tolkien.

12. The Green Dragon Inn Become a Pub

For LOTR fans, this could be a fantastic thing. They want to enjoy the food and beverages at the Green Dragon Inn whenever they visit Hobbiton.

This could be a dream of many people to visit the Green Dragon Inn, a meeting place where all hobbits come to chat. You can also visit the Green Dragon Inn.

Your whole tour of the Hobbiton movie set becomes successful only after visiting Green Dragon Inn. It became part of the Hobbiton tour in 2012.

13. Rebuilt After its Devastation


The Hobbit movie set is an attractive place for lots of fans and visitors. The construction of this set began in 1999, especially for the Lord of the Rings shooting. After that, the original set in this shire was shattered.

Coincidentally, sir, Peter Jackson decided to reuse this shire to film the Hobbit movies. As a result, the Hobbiton movie set was rebuilt by filmmakers in 2010 for the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. For rebuilding, they used permanent materials in contrast to temporary materials.

Then no one tore it down even after the completion of filming. And now, it has become a visiting place for enjoyment, fun, and exciting experiences. LOTR fans came here to visit the Hobbiton movie set from far away.

14. Holidays At Hobbiton

A tour to New Zealand without visiting the Hobbiton movie set will be incomplete. So, never miss the chance to visit the movie set.

Although you can’t visit this location without a guide, enjoy the guided tour of the Hobbit movie set. The Hobbiton tour includes four differently designed tours.

All four tours depart daily every 10 to 20 minutes. The best one is the Hobbit movie set to tour with lunch from these four tours. On this tour, you will experience hobbits’ lunch at Shire’s rest cafe.


This is the ultimate tour for a Super Hobbits fan to experience a Hobbiton visit at sunset time. Usually, the Hobbiton tour lasts for 2 hours, but the tour, including the banquette dinner, lasts for 4 hours.

Free beer at the Green Dragon Inn will be extra fun for this tour package. An evening banquet tour is also the best option to explore cuisines. Hobbiton also celebrates various festivals throughout the year, which will also be an attraction for visitors.

15. Hobbiton As a Wedding Destination

Destination weddings have become more popular among couples these days. If you are searching for the best place for a wedding, then think about Hobbiton, New Zealand. You read it correctly! Hobbiton offers wedding packages that will turn your marriage into a fantasy.

This unique place will make your wedding day more special and memorable with all the greenery, landscape, and decorations.

Closing Thoughts

Lots of travelers or international visitors come to New Zealand to visit Hobbiton. A guided walking tour is best for fun and experiencing a hobbit’s life. After knowing these facts and, more importantly, that the Hobbit village is authentic, everyone wants to visit Hobbiton.

To visit the Hobbiton movie set, you must book a Hobbiton movie set tour, please ensure to select the entire movie set.

Have you visited Hobbiton yet or not? In the comments, let us know which fact amazes you the most.

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