Things to do in Amelia Island Things to do in Amelia Island

19 Most Fascinating Things To Do in Amelia Island

The pristine beaches, the historic buildings, and the exciting outdoor adventures find it all in one place. Can you guess the right place? Yes, I am talking about Amelia Island.

Located in Florida’s northernmost Atlantic Ocean Barrier Island, it stretches northward onto South Carolina’s waters. Amelia Island can undoubtedly be called a timeless getaway for travelers.

The blissful experience on Amelia Island will leave you speechless when you explore the fascinating things to do on Amelia Island all by yourself.

The Fascinating Things In Amelia Island?

Make sure to add all of these places to your list. Let’s get started!

1. Fernandina Beach

Downtown Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island in Florida! A Driving Tour at Sunset!

One of the most amazing locations of Amelia Island brings forth the most fascinating attractions of all time. From pristine waters to gorgeous beaches, the 13 miles of sheer beauty, Fernandina Beach has to offer much more than just these.

It is also the northernmost city that lies on Florida’s Atlantic Coastline in Amelia Island. Fernandina Beach is well known for its fascinating history facts, making it the only city of eight different nations, naming it the Isle of Eight Flags.’

For the visitors include shopping around the historic downtown Fernandina beach or going swimming or sunbathing on the beautiful beaches.

Also, there are several other destinations that visitors can check out, such as the top-rated golf courses, numerous restaurants, historical areas, and Florida’s oldest bar in the town. Water sports also give people varied excursion choices among paddle boarding, kayaking, and many more also add up to the best things to do.

2. Fort Clinch State Park

The Fort Clinch State Park is located on the northernmost part of Amelia Island. It offers stunning landscapes with beautiful forts, beaches, salt marshes, and dunes.

The Fort Clinch State Park embarks to preserve the 19th-century military fortress, named after the Seminole war figure General Duncan Lamont Clinch, which was built in 1938. It preserves the maritime hammock, dunes, and tidal marsh habitats.

The most exciting things, especially in this fort, are to explore and learn about its history and participate in numerous other outdoor recreational activities in the place including camping, cycling, and shelling.

The military enactments in the Fort Clinch are presented to the visitors every first weekend of the month. It is also an exceptional place for watching wildlife such as alligators, rare purple sandpipers, and so on.

3. Amelia Island Museum of History

One of the best things to do on Amelia Island is to visit the Amelia Island Museum of History if you want to discover more about the culture and history of the Amelia Island region. The exhibit is within the National Register of Historic Places, in the Nassau Country facility in Fernandina Beach downtown.

This place also offers tours and exhibitions that depict the place’s cultural history and indigenous roots. The exhibitions also showcase a Timucuan culture and the life before the Columbian takeover that dates back as far as 4000 years ago.

This visit has to be added to the things in Amelia Island with kids. This place’s recreated jail facility offers the country’s first spoken history museum with an interactive Discovery ship where they can pilot their vessel. It will be quite a worthy educational time for the kids to grow some knot-tying and maritime skills.

4. Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum

The visit to this museum tops the list as it is a living legend when it comes to the pinball game collection that showcases the collection in arcade game history from the 1930s till today.

Unlike other museums here, in Fernandina Beach Pinball Museum, you can touch and even play a pinball game with varied themes like Game of Thrones; you can also win exciting prizes. It is open in the afternoon and evening hours from Wednesday to Sunday for people of all age groups, and reduced rates are applied for kids under 12.

5. Martin and Barrell Distillery

This high-quality crafted distillery creates varieties of unique liquors from locally sourced products like grapes and oranges that are readily available in Amelia Island.

One of the most amazing things is to try out the distillery’s signature vodka, the Venture Vodka, made from Florida molasses. Also, try out the country’s age-old rums like Bearing 153 and unique flavors of vodka like the smoked pepper vodka variant, made out of the pepper sourced from local companies such as B&D Sauce Co.

You will be intrigued by the exceptional creations that the distillery has created over time since 2015.

The best things to do have to include enjoying the tasting and the tours that the distillery has to offer in its public taproom, which also sells the company’s branded merchandise.

6. Amelia Island Historic District

This place is a must-visit on the list to get absolute vintage insights. Because of its rich culture and history, in 1973, this particular spot of Amelia Island got its name in the US National Register of Historic Places.

Discover the local history and the 4000-year-old Victorian-era historic homes in the place, which account for more than 300. Also, drop by the Palace Saloon, which is the state’s longest operating saloon, for some drinks while exploring the historic downtown Fernandina Beach.

7. Little Talbot Island State Park

Adding to the list is the visit to Talbot Island. This natural spread to about 2500 acres gives you wide outdoor activities like rent bikes, cycling, hiking, and surfing.

In Little Talbot, you can catch the sight of the myriad of washed-up trees on the 5 miles-outlined pristine coastline.

Little Talbot also offers you to spend time or even a few days at the beach area campsites to get rejuvenated while appreciating the dunes and marshes. You can also appreciate the wildlife which includes bobcats, rabbits, sea turtles, and birds, which makes it one of the best things.

8. Amelia River Cruises and Charters

You can enjoy the waterways of Amelia Island FL, Cumberland Island, and the surrounding areas in fascinating ways.

Through its designed tours, you can explore the history and ecosystem of Amelia Island and Cumberland Island. Amelia River Cruises like BYOB the Twilight Sunset cruise can be experienced by adults, which also offers some live music.

Also, the other best things to do on Amelia Island are to take the history river cruise and boat tour to catch a glimpse of Fernandina’s history and Cumberland Island. You can also spot numerous sea creatures like dolphins and sea turtles during the river cruise.

9. Amelia Island Kayak tours

Amelia Island Kayak Tours - 5 Must Paddle Kayak Tours with Amelia Adventures!

This has to include going kayaking and exploring the sea in the calm waters. These excursions offer a wide range of kayaking tours in and around Fernandina Beach.

The visitors can explore the beautiful scenery of the freshwater ponds and still waters in the scenic Amelia Island. The tours range from two hours to five hours and overnight excursions at the tourist destinations.

The private boating excursions are also available for six participants maximum, which showcases the seashores of Cumber Island, the historical attractions of Jekyll Islands, Fort George, and the riverfront town of St. Mary’s. Therefore, add this to your list of the best things.

10. Blue Door Artists

It is a place simply to be rejoiced by all the art lovers.

Blue Door Artists is where you will find eight different art galleries that are divided due to their genre of art including oil painting, watercolor painting, jewelry, mixed media, photography, and sculpture. The art studio in Fernandina Beach is open to the public from Saturday morning and afternoon to Monday.

The best things include exploring the fine arts like handwoven baskets, cards, and so on that are available to the public. People can also attend workshops that are easily available for them according to the ability and skills of the participants.

11. Salt-The Ritz-Carlton

The best things involve a must-visit the fine dining five-diamond restaurant-Ritz Carlton.

It is a place somewhere perfect for a romantic getaway for couples.

This award-winning Salt restaurant is sure to blow your mind with the experimentation of the food and lip-smacking flavors of dishes. You also get amazing options like “Dine with Chef” where you get to dine at Chef’s table, or even try the “Chef’s Adventure Tasting Menu,” which offers seasonal plates.

12. Maritime Museum of Amelia Island

Channel Islands Maritime Museum Full Tour 4K with Jerry! - Easy Update

A visit to the Maritime Museum is one of the best things to do. You can explore and experience the rich cultural history of Fernandina Beach. It is housed in the former ice house in the downtown town Florida district.

You can explore the place’s rich maritime and cultural heritage under each rule of the eight flags.

The artifacts displayed are all from the 16th century and showcase the United States Navy uniforms, the soviet era diving suits, and Spanish and Spanish pirate treasures. The maritime weapons are displayed in the Museum, which has been recovered from the shipwreck that might have occurred in the island waters.

The guided tours are also provided to visitors of any age group. The guided tours recount the infamous stories of the naval members, fishers, and divers that have been recalled for ages; exploring these will make one of the best things to do.

13. Amelia Island State Park

Onto your list of the best things to do, do not forget to add the Amelia Island, State Park. Among Amelia Island’s parks, the Amelia Island State Park is located on the southern end of Amelia Island. The 200 acres of natural beauty is the perfect example of the untouched wilderness.

What is even Florida without the state parks? It is a perfect place to be amidst nature, to enjoy the beauty of coastal maritime forests, the beach, and salt marshes, walk along the beach, watch the sunset, hunt for shark teeth and seashells, and spot wildlife like wild horses.

Not to mention the horseback rides and fishing adventures. If you are a nature lover, this place will top the list of the best things to do. Visiting this park should add up to one of the things to do. Therefore, to enjoy all of these, this Park is a must!

14. George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park

George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park 5/18/2021 (នេសាទនៅលើស្ពាន)

Located on the Nassau and Duval Countries border, the George Crady Bridge Pier State Park is an accessible park via the A1A State Route. This park is dedicated and named to honor Florida State Representative George Crady.

The visitors can make use of the park’s long trail that stretches across the Nassau Sound and is also known for the best fishing grounds.

You can find a wide range of opportunities out there regarding the best things to do, like catching tarpon, drum, jack, whiting, on the island, and many more. The park’s mile-long stretch is also perfect for biking trails as well as hiking trails.

The spectacular view of the Nassau Sound is one of the most amazing views of all time.

15. Omni Amelia Island Plantation

The most amazing place for weekend getaways and riding tours is the resort- Omni Amelia Island Plantation which encompasses an area of about 1350 acres. This luxurious resort will guarantee you the most amazing getaways of all time.

You will not be bored discovering all the new amenities and activities that this place has to offer. It will offer you a wholesome and fun-filled experience. You can have the best of all times when it comes to hospitality and other services too. Therefore, offering you the most exciting facilities from restaurants to infinity pools and a spa saloon to the fitness center and numerous golf courses.

16. Amelia Island horseback riding

Amelia Island Horseback Riding offers horseback riding expeditions at Peters Point Beach Front in Amelia Island; it can be personalized as per your wish. The fascinating horseback ride is suited for all age groups.

Horseback rides with the backdrop of the sunset! What a wonderful sight it would be.

Amelia Island offers tours on horseback and offers you sunrise and sunset rides along with the island’s natural beauty. The island’s shoreline makes expeditions such as weddings, birthdays, proposals, centers, and other such important events look mesmerizing when held. Helmets are being provided to the riders under 15 and all the others who require them.

17. Amelia Island Light House

Amelia Island Lighthouse 1839

The list is simply incomplete without watching the Amelia Island Lighthouse. This historic fort is situated along the northern end of Amelia Island at the St. Mary’s entrance. This is also the entrance to the St. Mary’s River and Cumberland Sound.

Even today, this has become the main tourist attraction to Amelia Island and thereby the best thing to do in Amelia Island. It is maintained by the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the lens flashes every 10 seconds, which has been automated since the 1970s.

Today, the lighthouse has become a private residence, but the visitors can take the historical tours of the lighthouse center upon reservation which can be done on the first and the third Wednesdays every month.

18. Bosque Bello Cemetery

Amelia Island - Bosque Bello Cemetery Tour

The Bosque Bello Cemetery is famous for the maritime forests in Fernandina Beach’s old town district, where you will find tall oak trees and Spanish moss. The Spanish colonizers first established it in 1798.

The burial section is famous for its notable residents, including Mike Salvador, Salvatore Versaggi, and many more. The burial area showcases the bodies of soldiers who lost their lives during the Spanish-American Civil War and Vietnam wars.

The cemetery allows private tours to the visitors each Saturday morning in the months from May to October, which is a must on your list.

19. Amelia Community theatre

The Amelia Community Theatre is a non-profit community theatre in Fernandina Beach founded in 1981. From productions such as comedies to drama, it has a wide range of options to offer when it comes to production each year.

It is also open to all so that they can participate amongst the community members cast, musicians, or crew, who are selected via seasonal auditions. Theatre camps such as Summer Theatre camps are offered to children aged 7 to 12. Also, musical theatre camps are offered for 8-17 years old.

The things must include experiencing the best theatre stage playing iconic dramas like Guys and Dolls, Fly By Night, or Old Lace.

Watch this video down below to learn more about Amelia Island.

Closing Thoughts

By now, you must have added most of the places to your list of the best things. When it is a place as amazing as Amelia Island, it is difficult to point out just 19 on your to-do list when the possibilities are just endless, therefore, go for it and try out the listed places for yourself.


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