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21 Most Famous Restaurants in Disney Springs to Try

Want to know Which are the 21 best restaurants in Disney Springs? Keep reading, then…

Walt Disney World’s historic Downtown Disney has been turned into a beautiful outdoor boulevard thanks to a multi-year makeover of Disney Springs. At Disney Springs, the massive dining, shopping, and entertainment hub, there are multiple things to do and places to eat.

There are so many that deciding where to eat can be challenging, and how are you expected to know which are the best restaurants in Disney Springs? That’s why I decided to compile a list of the best Disney Springs restaurants, in my opinion.

The 21 best restaurants in Disney Springs are listed below that I’ve chosen. These restaurants aren’t in any particular order. The few restaurants on the list are table service restaurants, while the rest are quick-service restaurants.

21 Best Restaurants in Disney Springs

1. The Boathouse

The Boathouse at Disney Springs | Walt Disney World

The Boathouse, located in The Landing, is arguably one of the best restaurants in Disney Springs. A range of meals, including steaks, sandwiches, burgers, and seafood, are available on the menu of this upscale restaurant.

The restaurant features a gift shop with a nautical theme. Amphicars, miniature boats resembling cars, are another feature of this location. Even an Amphicar tour of Village Lake is available (for an additional charge).

Additionally, The Boathouse offers a waterfront eating establishment where the food is the main attraction, and customers may also take in live entertainment. It can be challenging to get reservations at this Disney Signature dining eatery during busy periods; they also offer table services.

2. Morimoto Asia

Morimoto at Disney Springs | Walt Disney World

Morimoto Asia is the next choice for the best restaurants in Disney Springs is perfect if you enjoy Asian food. Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, a well-known Food Network TV star, established the pan-Asian restaurant at Disney Springs a few years ago. 

The Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, an Iron Chef America, is undoubtedly a name you are already familiar with. His Morimoto Asia restaurant in Disney Springs has lunch and supper hours, and a sushi bar among the Pan-Asian dishes is available. You can make dining reservations through the Disney reservations system, often included in the Disney Dining Plans.

Asian fusion cuisine is served at the restaurant, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. You can choose from sushi, dim sum, and Peking duck. The primary factor is that they regularly deliver first-rate table service while serving superb meals made with high-quality ingredients.

An additional attraction of Morimoto Asia is its array of gastronomic options. If you want more affordable fast-casual food, check out Morimoto Asia Street Food. On the other side of the establishment, Morimoto Asia Street Food includes a walk-up window with a special menu and outside seating. You eat at this counter-service restaurant in Disney Springs when you don’t have a reservation.

The restaurant’s second floor is home to Morimoto’s Forbidden Lounge, which is open late and has a full menu. If you wish to avoid going through the main restaurant, there is a side entrance.

3. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

Disney Springs 2022 | Chef Art Smith's Homecomin’ | Eating Gator & A SURPRISE Ending | Disney World

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ next pick for the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs excels at fried chicken dishes, so check it out if you like them. Chef Smith is the source of the name “Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’.” This Disney restaurant offers Southern food on its menu, including deviled eggs, thigh-high chicken biscuits, grits, shrimp, and other fried chicken dishes.

Some difficult decisions to make regarding dessert at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’: Hummingbird Cake, Hamilton County Chocolate Pecan Pie, lemon poppyseed butter cake, moonshine syrup, and moonshine Cake.

They were wonderful. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of fried chicken, I highly suggest trying them. Although the comfort food served here is not for those maintaining their calories, healthy options such as salads, sides, and grilled proteins are still available.

4. STK Orlando

STK ORLANDO - The Best Full Family Modern Stylish Steakhouse Dining Experience At DISNEY SPRINGS !!

The steak is why STK Orlando is included on this list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs. They have some of the greatest steaks in the area and are well-known as the city’s “Steakhouse.” Due to its vibrant ambiance, STK proudly declares it is “Not Your Daddy’s Steakhouse.” It is one of the best table service restaurants with a rooftop dining patio is a noteworthy feature that offers some stunning views of Disney Springs.

If you prefer a hefty slab of meat, this restaurant is worth visiting when you want a simple but elegant steakhouse experience. The restaurant offers a lovely covered outdoor dining space, making it a wonderful place to enjoy.

However, STK offers more of a nightclub vibe after dark, whereas Disney Springs is more of a family-friendly location. As a steakhouse, STK takes pleasure in serving only the highest-quality, precisely prepared meats.

5. Raglan Road

RAGLAN ROAD Disney Springs Dining Review

Raglan Road is also one of the best restaurants at Disney springs. It offers live music, a troupe of Irish dancers, and Irish pub fare. Traditional British cuisine and top-notch Irish entertainment are both available here every night. This Irish pub and restaurant serve traditional favorites like fish and chips and shepherd’s pie in addition to some unique dishes like the Scallop Forest, an appetizer that could easily pass for an entrée. These characteristics are part of the lively pub ambiance, including an extensive collection of Irish beers and specialty cocktails.

6. The Polite Pig

DINING REVIEW: The Polite Pig | Disney Springs

The Polite Pig is the next restaurant in the shift from table service to fast service dining at the best restaurants in Disney Springs. The Polite Pig is located in Town Center. The Polite Pig, a contemporary barbecue joint, is your best pick if you’re in the mood for a hearty, sloppy BBQ. Visitors to Disney Springs may get quick, casual modern barbecue with a taste of native Florida flavor.

The Polite Pig menu includes grilled street corn, sweet potato tots, BBQ waffle fries, crispy Brussel sprouts, and several bourbon varieties. After looking this one of the best restaurants in Disney Springs a meal rating, you couldn’t ignore it. Unlike the table service choices previously highlighted, the Polite Pig restaurant doesn’t require reservations and is less expensive.

7. D-Luxe Burger

Dinner at D-Luxe Burger | Disney Springs | Walt Disney World

D-Luxe Burger is another option on the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs if you want some small fries like onion rings. Disney, the “D” in “D-Luxe,” operates D-Luxe Burger.

This restaurant is located in the Town Center of Disney Springs and is counter service. They provide a wide selection of burgers, which contain turkey meat, chorizo mixtures, and plant-based options, with freshly baked buns and fries. The strawberry gelato shake from D-Luxe that have a strawberry smoothie mix is one of their artisanal shakes. The eatery welcomes families and offers tasty chicken fingers and kids’ meals.

Despite being a straightforward quick-service burger joint, it is better than other theme parks. If you don’t want to wait in line, this is an excellent place to go because mobile ordering is available here.

8. Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe, Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World Resort

The Rainforest Cafe is the next pick for the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs Marketplace, with a sizable menu and an exciting rainforest theme. Rainforest Cafe is an American restaurant and is a part of a national chain restaurant. A gigantic saltwater fish tank, waterfalls, lush vegetation, and sound effects are all included in the ambiance.

Despite being similar to its counterpart in many other countries, including the Animal Kingdom, it can be an attractive dining option in Disney Springs.

If you want a place with a truly well-themed atmosphere, bring your family here. In addition, visitors can enjoy meals, drinks, and lake views at The Lava Lounge at Rainforest Cafe, located in the Marketplace at Disney Springs, close to the Walt Disney World Resort.

9. Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill

Amazing Dinner at Wolfgang Puck Restaurant Disney Springs - Holiday Weekend Crowds / Amphicar Fail

For the best restaurants in Disney Springs, I’d suggest Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill as your next table service restaurant. If Italian food is more your style, visit the West Side of Walt Disney World. The well-known celebrity chef from California has a long-standing location in the Disney dining, retail, and entertainment complex. Customers of this celebrity chef will certainly like the food here.

Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant takes pride in offering California cuisine and a wide selection of specialty pizzas and pasta dishes with toppings. Some of the delicacies available here include calamari, pizza, pasta, sirloin, and shrimp, and the chicken schnitzel is something else I advise.

If you enjoy gelato, enjoy celebrity chefs, or want to sample a range of fine dining, make plans to visit this place. Here, dining reservations are required.

10. Wine Bar George

We Love EVERYTHING About This Disney World Restaurant Except... : Wine Bar George

Wine Bar George is the next recommendation among the best restaurants in Disney Springs with table service. If you enjoy fine dining and vintage wine, you should visit The Landing at Walt Disney World, which is among the best dining restaurants at Disney World.

In Disney Springs, the Wine Bar George, run by Master Sommelier George Miliotes, is one of the best dining restaurants. Weekday lunches are offered at the restaurant.

Additionally, Wine Bar George serves a well-liked brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Dinner service is provided every night at 4:00 p.m. French fries, a variety of sandwiches, picnic baskets, and a wide selection of wines are available at The Basket.

In addition, Wine Bar George is one of the counter service restaurants at Disney springs.

11. Frontera Cocina

DINING REVIEW: Frontera Cocina at Disney Springs

Frontera Cocina is our next pick for one of the best restaurants in Disney Springs, and the food is fantastic! The only place in Disney Springs where you can get excellent Mexican food is here.

It is located in Town Center and serves authentic Mexican food prepared by celebrity chef Rick Bayless, host of National Public Television.

Frontera, one of the first restaurants you’ll come across at Disney Springs Town Center where you can find authentic Mexican cuisine crafted with premium ingredients, should try their Taqueria Ensalada. We can say, Frontera Cocina is one of the best table service restaurants.

12. Jaleo by Jose Andres

Our First Trip to Jaleo By José Andrés At Disney Springs! | Food Review, Atmosphere & Price!

Jaleo is another option in the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs near the somewhat newer west side. Famous chef José Andrés, also the owner of Jaleo, runs the restaurant, which serves both traditional and modern Spanish cuisine.

Jaleo, a Spanish restaurant, offers a wide variety of tapas (small-plate dishes meant to be shared). Consider visiting this restaurant on your next vacation if you enjoy trying new foods or prefer a tapas-style dinner in a lively setting.

Every day at Jaleo, a new paella is served. The well-known meal, which has Valencian origins, uses bomba rice and a variety of toppings.

13. Planet Hollywood Observatory


The next suggestion, for the best restaurants in Disney Springs is Planet Hollywood. 

Since becoming Planet Hollywood Observatory, it has been called Planet Hollywood. With three levels of the indoor dining room and the movie memorabilia for which Planet Hollywood has always been known, the revamped restaurant offers an outdoor eating and lounge space with Stargazers Bar in addition to its inside dining areas.

Families with young children who enjoy singing along to karaoke songs while dining or visitors who enjoy movies and want to see some unique artifacts will likely enjoy this restaurant.

14. Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza

Blaze Pizza | Disney Springs 2022

Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza is one of the best quick-service restaurants at Disney Springs. Blaze might be a national fast-food chain restaurant, but here is Disney World, and you’ll appreciate a fully customized after a week of paying too much for theme park trash. Customers can make their pizza or personalize their order thanks to the interactive assembly-line concept.

You can get anything in this Disney dining, from a vegetable pizza to a gluten-free crust at Blaze, and the quality and range of selections make this a great stop for everyone. Additionally, during your Disney vacation, it will also be one of your best-value meals.

15. Pepe by José Andrés

NEW Pepe by José Andrés Review | Disney Springs

Pepe is a food truck part of José Andrés’— “Jaleo,” one of the best restaurants in Disney Springs. It delivers to you Andres’ native Spain’s famous flauta sandwiches.

Each sandwich is freshly prepared and offers flavorful options, including fried chicken, authentic ham and cheese from Spain, and many others.

Everything about Jaleo, including the counter-service restaurant it operates next to the main restaurant, is great. You might want to try the Pepito ternera, a 16-inch sandwich stuffed with flat iron steak, caramelized onion, cheese, mayonnaise, and roasted green peppers on to-die-for bread if you have a huge appetite (or a few friends to split your sandwich with).

16. Enzo’s Hideaway

Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar and Restaurant | Full Tour | Disney Springs

Enzo’s Hideaway is the next pick for the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs

You will discover Enzo’s Hideaway in a tunnel that was once a Downtown Disney doorway. This restaurant, nightclub, and speakeasy with a Prohibition-era theme serves craft cocktails and Roman cuisine, and Florida’s history of rum-running inspired its décor.

Enzo’s Hideaway is ideal if you’re expecting to spend a lot of money on a delicious lunch in a distinctive underground ambiance.

This one is well-marketed by its surroundings and atmosphere. This restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine; dishes on the menu include roast or fried chicken, sausage in a Pomodoro sauce, and eggplant parmesan. You should reserve a room for dessert after enjoying the wonderful beverages.

17. Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante

Trying New Restaurants At Disney Springs! | Maria & Enzo's Ristorante And Hideaway Tunnel Review!

The restaurant Maria and Enzo’s Ristorante, located above Enzo’s Hideaway, serves more robust cuisine. In a stunning setting honoring the Golden Age of Travel, they serve food prepared in the Sicilian tradition. This authentic Italian restaurant serves dishes like chicken parmesan and freshly cooked pasta on the premises.

It’s notably wonderful the fish, which is paired with broccolini and a salt-baked potato. Planning is advised when making dining reservations, and there is typically some last-minute availability even if you don’t have a reservation.

Because this is also one of the best restaurants in Disney Springs, you can use the Disney reservation system to make reservations for Maria & Enzo’s, and the Disney Dining plan usually applies.

18. Chicken Guy! at Disney Springs

Disney Restaurant Review: Chicken Guy! in Disney Springs!

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri and Robert Earl are the owners of the fast-casual restaurant The Chicken Guy! is the next option for the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs, which debuted its Lake Buena Vista location in August 2018. In this Guy Fieri restaurant, you may have grilled and fried chicken tenders, sandwiches, salad, and lightly salted non-oily fries.

Whether or not you follow the celebrity chefs, it’s a triumph. Chicken Guy is a wonderful option if you’re looking for something affordable! Sauce lovers should check this out because they are renowned for having a large selection of delectable sauces.

19. Splitsville Dining Room

DINING REVIEW: Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Disney Springs

Here’s the spot to go if you want to accomplish two goals simultaneously, an activity before or after eating. You can get some delicious food here while playing a game of bowling. This Splitsville Dining Room is an option in the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs, offering meals, bowling, billiards, and live entertainment downtown at Disney Resort Resorts.

Splitsville Dining Room is the most well-known table service restaurant with distinctive or themed dining. Here is the finest Disney springs restaurant to combine contemporary and vintage aspects for a unique dining experience.

Splitsville is the ideal family dining destination, thanks to its ample indoor and outdoor sitting options. The Splitsville Dining Room, which has a vintage ambiance, provides a delectable menu of delicious fresh rolled sushi, Angus beef burgers, and hand-tossed pizzas, all of which accompany by craft-batched drinks and ice-cold beer. Splitsville has something to appeal to every taste, I promise!

20. Gideon’s Bakehouse

On the list of the best restaurants in Disney Springs, Gideon’s Bakehouse is one choice. Gideon’s Bakehouse was well known among Orlando residents for its delicious, nearly half-pound cookies before opening its flagship store at Disney Springs.

Since Orlando’s top cookie maker switched to Disney’s main stage, the bakery has maintained every last bit of its individuality. It is situated in Lake Buena Vista at Walt Disney World.

In a little kitchen, Gideon’s Bakehouse set out to make the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. Their Cookie is more than simply a product—it’s a piece of history with sweet and salty memories. The menu includes fully loaded cookies, cake slices, and specialty coffees, all of which are presented in a setting with a fascinating history.

Oreo bites or other tastes that change every month. Substantial cookies are among the most desirable goods at Disney World because they make no compromises and decline to deliver worldwide.

21. T-Rex

This restaurant’s most distinctive and excellent feature makes it the next pick for the best restaurants in Disney Springs list. T-Rex is a must-see if you have kids or like dinosaurs for the atmosphere alone.

T-Rex is identical to the Rainforest Cafe; however, it has a dinosaur theme instead of a rainforest motif. It boasts a sizable menu, like the Rainforest Cafe, and a lively ambiance. At Disney Springs, you can find the T-Rex in Market Place. It is highly advised that you make reservations at this restaurant.

Take a bite out of delicious tectonic plates that your entire family will enjoy, from salads to steaks. T-REX, owned by the same people running Rainforest Cafe, serves American food that will appeal to all diners, including omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores.

Closing Thoughts

Even though they weren’t among the best restaurants in Disney Springs list, there are still a few eateries that you should know. Themed restaurants may be a good option for people looking for family-friendly options in these best restaurants in Disney Springs.

As an illustration, there are places like Vivoli Gelateria, Sunshine Churros (parks with flavors like watermelon and oreo), Pizza Ponte (Sicilian pizza), and The Ganachery (chocolate shop), and many more.

This food won’t be of the finest quality at either eaterie. However, the chain restaurants in your vicinity should be comparable to them. The family usually enjoys the whole experience as well.

Therefore, the next time you plan a Walt Disney World trip, go through our list to select the ideal restaurant. These best restaurants in Disney Springs are not to be skipped in Disney Springs.

Hopefully, you’ve better understood the best restaurants in Disney Springs. So get together with your friends or family, tour the city’s top restaurants, or choose your favorite and spend the weekend there. Enjoy your time off!

That’s all the information we need to keep you informed. If you have any suggestions on this topic, kindly comment below.




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