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After World War II, watchmaking in the United States almost vanished. Switzerland and Asia have dominated the business for the past half-century. With time, watchmakers again established a firm spot stealing the hearts of collectors. Many watch companies, such as the old Shinola and the Detroit Watch Company, set up in the motor city, rising to fame. Detroit, Michigan, is thus extremely popular for its watches of the utmost quality.

Top 3 Detroit Watch Company

Detroit, Michigan, is home to at least three watch brands. All three are positioned differently in the watch sector, ranging from microbrand to large-scale venture-backed to small-batch crowdfunded limited editions. Continue reading to learn about watch brands located in Detroit.

1. Detroit Watch Company

Patrick Ayoub and his wife, Amy, launched the Detroit Watch Company in 2013. Even though the brand is young, Ayoub has a lot of expertise in the watch market. Ayoub designed watches for US and European watch brands before creating his own, and it was his clients who urged him to use his talents and designs to build his timepieces.

The 1701 Pontchartrain series, Pride of Detroit Aviator, L’Horloge, and M1-Woodward, were among the first watches released by the Detroit Watch Company in 1701. The Detroit Watch Company has honored the history of its hometown, Detroit, from its inception.

Each collection is based on a significant event in Detroit’s past. For example, the 1701 collection honors Detroit’s founding year, the M-1 Woodward collection commemorates America’s first paved road, and the B24 Liberator collection pays tribute to WWII bombers built in Detroit that helped reverse the tide of the war.

The Detroit Watch Company embraces Detroit’s history, but that doesn’t mean they cater to watch collectors in Michigan. 70% of their timepieces are sold outside of the state, according to Patrick Ayoub, while 10% are sold overseas

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2. Shinola Watch Industry

Shinola watch
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Shinola is one of the most well-known watch brands in the United States. This brand is likewise based in Detroit, and some of its timepieces feature the inscription “Built in Detroit” on the case back.

Detroit is also featured on the dial of the Rambler GMT model displayed here. The Shinola caliber Argonite-515.24 Ronda-based quartz movement is built in Detroit using Swiss and maybe Chinese components. All Shinola watches are entirely built and meticulously tested in Detroit, Michigan, by Shinola.

Shinola, established in Detroit, Michigan, is an American lifestyle brand. Not only does this Detroit Watch Company produce watches, but also bicycles, leather products, clocks, household goods, and jewelry are among the items it manufactures and sells. Shinola was founded in 2011 and got its name from a popular term that refers to the now-defunct Shinola shoe polish brand.

Tom Karts Otis started the company, now owned and operated by Texas-based investment firm Bedrock Group LP. Every Shinola timepiece is manufactured in the United States.

No American watchmaker had produced watches on a large scale since the late 1960s until the firm was founded in 2011, with U.S.-based watchmaking limited to select specialty markets. However, many of the parts used in Shinola watches are made in Europe, China, and Thailand. Companies situated in Switzerland own plants that make specific components.

Shinola began by making quartz analog movement watches. The first watch from the firm was released in March of 2013. The Runwell Limited Edition 47mm, produced in an edition of 2,500 and available in two sizes, sold out in one week, with the last 40mm watch selling out in less than two weeks. The watches went for $550 each, with Michigan accounting for about one-third of the purchases.

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3. Canvas Watch Company

Canvas Watch Company, a Detroit Watch Company Kickstarter watch brand, successfully secured funds in 2014. Each dial design is hand-painted by a different artist, and the watches are constructed in limited batches of 250 using Swiss automatic movements. Surprisingly, the industrial designer who assisted in the creation of the timepieces, branding, and packaging also worked for Shinola at one point.

Canvas Watch Company was formed on the belief that dial design is more of an art than a science but that mastering the craft of watchmaking takes years of practice. Their goal is to separate these two parts and allow the community to input and choose the designs they manufacture while concentrating on the craft of watchmaking.

From start to end, designing, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and distributing an entirely new watch takes around a year. They can eliminate time-consuming phases in the engineering, development, and manufacturing stages by using their case designs as a foundation for unique dial designs, allowing them to provide new ideas to customers faster. As a result, they intend to focus on quality and ensuring that the community is pleased with their watches before ramping up production.

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4. Swiss Automatic Movements vs Quartz in Detroit Watch Company

Detroit Watch Company
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A battery powers a quartz movement, but the wearer’s wrist movement powers an automatic mechanical movement. A rotor within the caliber turns every time the watch moves, automatically winding the mainspring. This is why an automatic movement is sometimes referred to as a self-winding movement.

The energy is then transferred from the mainspring to the gear trains via a barrel, which powers the clock. The watch will continue to work as long as it is worn regularly or kept in a watch winter.

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5. Swiss Watches Are the Best in Detroit Watch Company

Detroit Watch Company
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Here are the reasons why you should purchase Swiss watches:

  • The standard of its mechanism is the primary reason why ‘Swiss manufactured’ watches are of higher quality. They are handcrafted and serviceable, allowing you to wear a ‘Swiss-made’ watch for a lifetime or several. The gears are made of metal. More robust materials are used for the components and connecting pins. Standard wristwatches are typically built with inferior plastic components.
  • 316L surgical steel is virtually usually used in ‘Swiss manufactured’ watches, another primary reason for its outstanding reputation. This is a high-quality, metallurgically robust steel with higher corrosive resistance, both industrial and biological. This means that Swiss-made timepieces are the least likely to tarnish and wear. They’re also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for folks who are allergic to cheap metals.
  • Another appealing feature of a ‘Swiss manufactured’ clock is that its ‘face’ usually is sapphire crystal. As a result, they’re wrapped in a highly rigid substance. A ‘Swiss manufactured’ watch is exceptionally scratch-resistant due to this. Even if you take a vehicle key to them, they shouldn’t scratch it. Standard non-‘Swiss built’ timepieces, on the other hand, use merely a hardened mineral crystal, which is far less expensive and much softer.

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6. Tips when Buying Watches from Detroit Watch Company

Detroit Watch Company
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Here are some of the valid points to remember while purchasing watches of good quality from Detroit Watch Company:

Decide how you’ll put the watch to use. How much more do you require, even if you’ve determined that you require more than a simple clock? This is also related to the style and type of the watch. A timer and stopwatch are included on most sports watches, but you might also want GPS, a speed calculator (tachymeter), or several alarms. It’s generally a good idea to look for a watch with many functions if you’re going camping.

The most prevalent materials in the Detroit Watch Company (for the band and case) are Canvas, Gold, Silver, Plastic, Titanium & The material of leather.

Even though canvas and plastic watches appear less expensive, they are often more durable and practical outside. On the other hand, metals look amazing, but gold and silver watches can rapidly become prohibitively expensive. Leather is less durable than metal, but it is lighter and has a more traditional appearance.

You won’t have to worry about water splashing on your watch when washing your hands because most timepieces are water-resistant. Many watches (especially sports watches) are splashproof or appropriate for swimming and diving.

If you’re buying a watch for fashion objectives, such as flaunting at work, the brand matters. A low-cost Rolex watch is more well-known than a high-end Timex watch. Some of the most well-known watch brands include Rolex, Omega, and Seiko.

In general, choose a dial size corresponding to your wrist circumference. If you have slim, tiny wrists, choose a dial with a small height and diameter. Choose a more prominent face and a taller case if your wrists are thick. The casing and the outside of the face are usually referred to as the dial.

First, gold watches go well with dark, earthy colors such as brown, grey, and green. On the other hand, silver and titanium timepieces look stunning at night. They’re a good match for black, blue, and even grey.

The watch’s weight is the final consideration. Some timepieces are so light that you hardly see them on your wrist, while others are weighty as bricks. Choose a watch with a leather strap rather than a metal band if you appreciate watches but prefer a lighter version. Anything that helps you feel at ease should be sought out.

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7. Signs of Low-Quality Watches

Here are some of the tips to detect poor quality watches when purchasing from Detroit Watch Company:

The watch’s movement is the mechanism that keeps it running. Most watches under $260.52 use a quartz-powered battery. These are the watches that have a one-second tick. The quality and sale price of quartz movements varies greatly. If the watch has an unnamed quartz movement, which the company may not be prepared to reveal, it’s most likely a generic mass-produced Chinese movement.

These are frequently of the poorest possible quality. These have a penchant for breaking down quickly and occasionally emit a very loud tick heard from afar. These movements can be purchased for as little as a few cents, making them a popular alternative for companies wanting to minimize costs as much as possible.

The watch’s design is another element that’s surprisingly simple to check. Many of the timepieces you’ll come across these days have utterly generic designs that were either copied from other brands or ordered from Chinese wholesalers. This is extremely important to consider when it comes to brands you’ve never heard of.

Larger companies, such as Casio or Seiko, have their design staff, so their timepieces are so distinctive. Any timepieces that seem similar to these are most likely knockoffs. Many small businesses don’t have the funds to hire professional designers, so they cut corners.

Even with relatively little use, cheap straps are prone to significant folding. In the worst-case scenario, the leather’s top layer may rip away. You may also come across allusions to different ‘leather grades.’ This gives some clue which part of the hide was used in the strap’s manufacture. Genuine leather is very low-quality leather frequently utilized by fashion manufacturers like Daniel Wellington.

Final Note

The new arrival of the latest watch brands in the world has changed the settings of and want of vintage watches over many years. In Detroit Watch Company or other brands, watches track the chronograph minutes, including the small seconds. People are often attracted by ads and other information about the latest watch brands.

The price of the retail watch industry has gone up due to interested collectors. However, we still have those who treasure vintage watches. Among them, the Detroit watch company is the most beloved.

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