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5 Different Styles Of Sparkling Wine To Discover 

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Nothing beats a glass of sparkling wine to get you in the spirit to celebrate when it comes to festivities. Champagne, Prosecco, and other sparkling wines all have a certain zing to them, with bubbles, vibrancy, and an immediately enticing flavor. It’s the ideal approach to enjoy your occasion the proper way when served cold. 


There are so many distinct sorts of sparkling wine that you’d be surprised! Sparkling wine is manufactured from loads of different kinds of grapes and is manufactured in most wine areas across the globe. 


Did you ever consider there’s more to the sparkling wine world than champagne? Outside of the typical varietals, there are different places, taste profiles, and worlds of sparkling wine? Read on to know about some of the numerous varieties of sparkling wines that aren’t champagne to expose you to this vast world. 

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What Are The Most Popular Types Of Sparkling Wine? 

Sparkling wine isn’t only champagne, and even if it were, champagne has a wide range of styles. So, to identify your favorite beverage, let’s break down the many varieties of sparkling wine based on their types: 

Rosé sparkling: 

Everyone likes rosé, but rosé in its animated version is particularly popular. These wines may be found worldwide, including Italy, France, California, and Australia, although they are most typically made in Provence, France. Strawberry, honeydew, raspberry, and more tastes are available in this wine domain. It’s an excellent introduction to the world of fizzy beverages. 


If you’re bored of sparkling wine and want to try something to spice up the party, go for blood oath bourbon. For a combination of sweetness and spice, manufacturers completed this whiskey in Sauternes wine barrels from the Bordeaux area of France. 



Prosecco has surpassed champagne as the most preferred sparkling beverage in the United Kingdom. It’s the Italian equivalent of French sparkling wine, known for its off-dry mouthfeel and soft bubbles. Because the vinification method takes less time and money than champagne, the wines are less expensive — but no less delicious! 


This Italian wine (also called Glera) is made from the Prosecco grape, which gives it a somewhat sweet, fruity flavor. Because the wines are intended to be consumed young, they do not need as much maturing (in the barrel and container) as champagne and comparable wines. 


The aromas and flavors of Prosecco sparkling wine are floral, with hints of peach and stone fruits. Some individuals notice traces of vanilla bean on the tongue, and the wine is somewhat sweeter than typical champagne. There’s also a rosé version of Prosecco created with Pinot Noir grapes. 

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Discover some sparkling wines you may not be familiar with, like Sekt. It is a German sparkling wine known for its low savory flavor and low alcohol content. Bottles of this sparkling with a low alcohol content of 6% are accessible, with flowery tastes and scents of plums. If you can locate a bottle, give it a try since its popularity is set to soar. 



Trentodoc is another sparkler for today. Its name is derived from Trento (the city where it was born) and the appellation indication (DOC). This wine is sharper and more direct than champagne, demonstrating that Italian sparkling wine is more than Prosecco. It’s adaptable, inexpensive, and full of lovely acidity. 



Cava is one of the most fantastic varieties of sparkling wine to explore for individuals who like Prosecco but want to change it up a bit. This dry, crisp wine hails from Spain and is created in a variety of traditional methods. The vast brands competing at low prices in supermarkets have dominated Cava’s reputation in recent years.  


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When To Serve Sparkling Wine? 

Sparkling wines are appropriate for every occasion. They’re not just a crowd-pleaser when it’s time to burst the cork, but they’re also delicious on their own or with food. They also go great with a wide range of drinks. When attending a party, they offer a joint presentation. So, to assist you in selecting the correct wine to present at your next gathering, here are a few distinct occasions and what wines would be appropriate for each: 

Casual get-togethers: 

One of two things may happen during a casual party. They may be peaceful and laid-back, with you in bed by ten o’clock, or they can be wild and crazy, with you out till midnight socializing with your pals. As a result, Prosecco is the drink for this occasion. Its adaptability allows you to consume it directly from the bottle or glass. 



Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, these get-togethers are always full of joy, laughing, and plenty of drink. Give Crémant to these meetings since they are more formal and planned out than informal get-togethers. 


Of course, the sort of present you provide will depend on your friend’s taste in sparkling wine. If you’re not sure what they prefer or want to keep your gift a surprise, though, Rosé is the path to go.  


Graduation is an inevitable event in a person’s life and should be commemorated as such. If the graduate you’re honoring is of legal drinking age, a bottle of Cava is ideal.  

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In Conclusion 

These are the sorts of beverages you’ll want to sample this new year if you’re a lover of sparkling wines. With so many sparkling wines to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding a vintage to consume on any occasion that you like. 



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