5 Reasons why Managed Cloud hosting is the Right Choice

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Cloud hosting
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Looking for a managed cloud hosting solution, but don’t know what’s the right one for you? 

Now, business needs differ. You want to showcase your expertise in either travelling, cooking, tech, or other cool stuff to the world. Now you may be wondering whether you should go for shared or managed hosting. Well if you are low on budget, then you should opt for shared hosting because the hosting and running costs for your WordPress site will be lower as compared to managed hosting.

Web hosting
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But do consider the following factor if you are opting for shared hosting:

  • There is a major problem of lack of security for Shared hosting. You don’t have the proper defense against viruses and threats, and there aren’t the security plugins and add-ons in Shared hosting that come by default from a CMS like WordPress.
  • Shared hosting lacks any testing environment. You cannot test your codes or changes before going live. And so, this is again a setback for any potential blogger wanting to test the changes before going live.
  • Another drawback is the lack of easy management. You’ll have to manage all the themes by yourself.

The Top 5 Reasons You Will Love Managed Cloud Hosting

  • Better Security.
  • Incredible speeds.
  • Testing and Staging environment.
  • Smooth and easy management.
  • Offsite Backups.
  1. Better Security:

You can have an enhanced and better security in managed cloud hosting as compared to shared hosting. You will have security plugins and add-ons for your site. There will be an Anti Virus and Anti Malware feature, so you will be safe from any viruses and malware, since hugs CMS platforms like WordPress are an excellent target for hackers and attack bots.

There is protection against possible file changes on your website, and the system gives you an alert by warning you of any suspicious activity taking place on your site. It also alerts you of any unauthorized activity via email, and phone. It’s similar to the warning emails and SMS sent to you get if someone tries to change your Facebook or another website password.

With the intrusion detection feature, you are aware of any possible attack.

2. Incredible speeds:

Managed WordPress hosting offers you amazing and unmatched speeds for your website. You can have your website in the top 1% if yours’ is a site with CDN. This enables you to not only run your website smoothly but also allows the visitors on your site to have a great and smoother user experience. This ultimately serves to improve your Google ranking.

3. Testing and Staging environment:

Unlike shared hosting, Managed WordPress hosting gives you the great ability to have a testing/staging environment for your codes or any changes to the website before you go live. For example, the A2Hosting allows you to create a staging copy of your website so you can run and test any updates, changes or tweaks you may have done to your WordPress website. After successful testing, you can now go live with your newer website version.

4. Smooth and easy management:

Managed cloud hosting provides you with smooth and easy management for your website. The performance of your site is managed. There is server-side caching from the database so getting to the database every time common data is needed is avoided. There is also configure caching, and there are auto-updates for your website in Managed WordPress hosting, so you don’t have to do the, by yourself.

5. Offsite Backups:

Last but not the least, in managed hosting you can have an offsite backup for your website, other than the dashboard. These backups, for very busy sites, can be scheduled to be hourly and for sites which are relatively less busy, these backups an occur daily.

Backups protect you in case your site goes down or someone knowing your password tries to delete or modify data.

They allow you to reinstall your site in a short period.


If you are a newbie blogger and low on budget, then you can start with Shared WordPress hosting for your website, but if you consider the facts mentioned above and are very conscious about top-level security and excellent speeds for your website then you should definitely be choosing Managed WordPress hosting over Shared WordPress hosting. It may cost you more bucks for your website, but you’ll have best speeds, top-notch security and have hassle-free site-maintenance so you can have better site rankings and increased online traffic.


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