6 Magnificent National Parks in Louisiana

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Want to enjoy a picnic in Louisiana. Must visit Getting bored? Don’t worry; we got you covered; here is the list of all the national parks in Louisiana where you can enjoy and spend some time, especially those who love national parks.

Have you ever visited national parks in Louisiana? Not yet? Give it a try and enjoy the beauty of these parks. Sounds perfect, right? Sometimes a break from daily lifestyle is necessary but isn’t it great to spend that break in nature.

You will enjoy beautiful views there and get cultural values through all the national parks in Louisiana.

Check the list below of all national parks in Louisiana. These will prove to be the best travel destinations for a break or vacation, whether you’re visiting on vacation in the south or for a long holiday.

How Many Total National Parks in Louisiana are There?

There are six national parks in Louisiana service sites identified by the US National Park Service.

National Parks in Louisiana

National parks in Louisiana
By: cherialguire on Unlimphotos

Check the list of all 6 national parks in Louisiana, and plan your next vacation at any park according to your location.

1. New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

This is one of the amazing National Parks in Louisiana and one of the best places people love to visit in the south.


It is located in the vicinity of the French Quarter, in the neighborhood of Treme, New Orleans.

The most fantastic thing about this Park that makes it unique from the rest of the national parks in Louisiana is its connection with music.

So it would be best if you visited The New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, especially all music lovers.


New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park was created back in 1994 to praise the gradual growth of “jazz music,” and it is considered a visitor center and a concert venue.

New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park offers not only an astonishing view to its visitors but also shares the developmental and cultural history of jazz music, along with the people and places that plays an essential role in the development, progression, and shaping of this magnificent category of music, Jazz in New Orleans.

The spotlight of this New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park is attracted by the Perseverance Hall no.4 that was a Masonic Lodge earlier. This Lodge is considered the oldest Masonic temple located in Louisiana. Also, the hall itself is listed as a Historic Place in the National Register.

Adding one more appreciation for this place is related to the staff. Staff members share information about the evolution of this well-known music category using explanative techniques.

2. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Another fantastic national park worth visiting, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, is accountable for protecting the natural resources and the cultural resources of the Mississippi River Delta.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve have one headquarters for the Park and its six sites. This Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve are named after a French pirate.


Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve are located in the South of Louisiana.

The most important site of this Jean Lafitte National Historical Park that explicitly highlights the nature and culture of this area is the Barataria preserve.

The Park provides various fun outdoor activities like canoe tours and, of course, hiking trails as well. Besides this, you can enjoy the sightseeing that includes swamps, forests, and various marshes.

Chalmette unit is primarily for history lovers; you guys (history lovers), don’t skip to visit here as this site(Chalmette battlefield) is added to the list of Historic Places in the National Register.


Besides being a visitor center that adds films and exhibits, it also offers a center for education that provides courses related to programming.

Adding some other things about the Chalmette battlefield, it is a graveyard for the soldiers of the American Civil War, and this is the place where the New Orleans battle took place. In addition, the following centers also offer a glimpse related to the history and culture:- French Quarter Visitor Center, Prairie Acadian Cultural Center, Acadian Cultural Center, and Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center.

A 100-feet-tall memorial was built to give a tribute or honor the veteran’s sacrifice.

There is a New Orleans French Quarter as well. Here, you can acknowledge many things related to the Mississippi River’s Delta region and New Orleans history.

3. Poverty Point National Monument


Another national park of Louisiana is located in its Northern part, which further continues to the Southeastern Woodlands. This North American site came into existence with the hard work of five million hours.

No words are required to explain the status of this Poverty Point National Monument because this monument did this itself through getting recognized by the United States government as a state historic site, historic landmark, and a well-known National Monument.

The list does not stop here, as this Poverty Point National Monument is also added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

The main characteristics of the Poverty Point National Monument include mounds, earthen ridges, the central plaza, and a swale that works to separate C-shaped Six peaks.

An amazing fact about these peaks is that they are so high that nobody knows the shape of these peaks for a long time, but later they are partially photographed.

As we are Discussing peaks, let’s come up to the plaza. It is situated in the middle of the inner centered and Macaron peaks.


Some other magnificent park features:-

Native Americans constructed this plaza a long ago. Poverty Point National Monument is also a domicile of various accumulations named after letters.

And at last, appreciating this site for being the only site recognized by UNESCO in Louisiana.

4. El Camino Real de Los Tejas National Historic Trail


A distinguished pathway with a picturesque path covering the US part of the El Camino passage.

El Camino Real de Los Tejas National Historic Trail was developed when a Spanish governor brought it into being to use it as a passage during a journey to East Texas. Hence, now this is one of the national parks in Louisiana.


The National Park Service, in 2004, registered it as a unit in the National Trails System, and at present, the El Camino Real de Los Tejas National Historic Trail is split into four segments.

Although most trails (national historical) are in Texas, you can enjoy beautiful sites in Louisiana.

Below mentioned are the historic places you can visit in Louisiana by the side of the trail:

Los Adaes State Historic Site, Cane River National Heritage Area, Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site, Natchitoches Parish Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the 19th-century Fort Jesup State Historic Site.

5. Cane River Creole National Historical Park


This Park was established in 1994. and located in Louisiana, in the neighboring states of the Cane River region.

The dominant historic site of this Park is famed for its two houses of cotton plantations (French). Everything of these plantations, from structure to their artifacts, is as they are till now, and they are years old now.


Cane River Creole National Historical Park has a varied range of antiquity items and no exact count, but there is still a considerable range.

Cane River Creole National Historical Park allows visitors to acknowledge the past of plantation agriculture and learn about over 64 historic structures.

The uniqueness of Cane River Creole National Historical Park is its offering of stories related to Creole culture.

Note:- Creolian- the people of Louisiana, born during (French or Spanish periods).

Origin of cotton plantation houses, Oakland and Magnolia Plantations. These communities of the plantation were efficient and were sufficient to grow all the crops.

Currently, the National Park Service considers the Oakland plantation as a National Historic Landmark.

In this visitor center, people can visit here between 8 AM-4 PM (holidays are an exception).

6. Vicksburg National Military Park


Vicksburg National Military Park, situated in Mississippi and Louisiana, maintains the site of (the American Civil War) Vicksburg.


Vicksburg National Military Park is one of the most fantastic national parks in Louisiana with various monuments, say around 1,325 or more.

Besides this, you can also enjoy and get other experiences like walking trails of 12.5 miles long, a tour road, antebellum architecture, emplaced canons, and a gunboat used in the war.

Although this Vicksburg National Military Park is not present in the list of Historic Places in the National Register, it is still visited by around half a million visitors.

Final Note

Louisiana is a beautiful place to spend your holiday. Many people visit this place, especially these fantastic national parks in Louisiana as their eye-catching beauty is astonishing and can’t be described with words. Visit these beautiful historical national parks of Louisiana and learn about different cultures and the history of their development.

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