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7 Apps to Reduce Procrastination in Students

Student life is full of deadlines and responsibilities. During the semester, it always feels as if those are far away things. Before the exam weeks hit, suddenly, everything that you have not revised in three months starts catching up with you, along with all the final papers for every possible subject. And now there is not enough time in the day to deal with all of it.

You’re likely to ask yourself why you haven’t done all of these tasks gradually. And in your heart, you already know that you’ve just procrastinated through the semester. Luckily, app developers are here to the rescue. With these seven apps, you’ll beat procrastination in no time and become a methodical genius.  

1. Rescuetime

Being smart with your time is key to beating procrastination. Still, keeping yourself from lurking on social media and mindless browsing can be a challenge.

The Rescuetime app is designed specifically to track how much time you’re spending on the websites that you visit. This tracking software will help you to see clearly what are your main distractions. Afterward, you can work on decreasing spending time scrolling and use it for your uni tasks.     

2. Freedom

Now that you know where your problems are, you’d need a tool to cut them off. For this task, the Freedom app is a perfect solution. This software blocks the websites of choice for a certain time. Thus, you can’t access your temptations even when you’d like to. So you have no choice but to go back to your initial task.

This app is excellent for adjusting to your routine. For example, if you’re using the Pomodoro method for focus and concentration, you can block the websites for the 40 minutes that you have to dedicate to the specific task. Therefore, it is customizable for your lifestyle while keeping your concentration in check.

3. Forest

Another great app for maintaining focus is Forest. This one is perfect for people who appreciate creativity and gamification. The app has the same purpose as Freedom to maintain your focus on the task and stay away from your smartphone. In addition, you can even help plant real trees.

When you open this app, your virtual forest starts to grow. For your tree to finish growing, you need to leave your smartphone as it is for a specific time. The app even helps you with messages on the screen, like “Leave me alone.” Moreover, Forest partners with Trees for the Future so that the users can spend earned coins from Forest to plant real trees.   

4. Notion

Another great tool for beating procrastination is organizing your tasks alongside your time. The Notion app is designed to organize your life with great customizable tools to your taste. It even has an option for students with prepared layouts to get their uni life together. Plus, you can design it to be as aesthetic as you’d like.

Consider using Notion for:

  • to-do lists of your uni tasks
  • composing reading lists
  • having a clear layout of urgent tasks and deadlines
  • manage your student life with extracurriculars

Thus, you would have all your tasks and responsibilities in one place. And considering all the design possibilities, you would love to spend time on this platform. Just remember not to procrastinate there while choosing the best image for your page cover.   

5. TomatoTimer

This app is great for students who are using the Pomodoro method to stay focused. It is designed as a time tracker that lets you know when to take a break before the next study interval. The timer is already programmed to follow the Pomodoro technique, so you do not have to spend time setting all the timers yourself.

All you have to do is choose the timer for Pomodoro (study interval), short break, or long break. Thus, this timer is flexible enough for your study routine but still works within the interval framework. If you work best by focusing on one task for 25 minutes at a time, you’ll love this app.    

6. Write or Die

Ever struggled with focusing on your essay? The Write or Die app is here to change that. The app demands you to write without a pause. You only have a few seconds to stop to avoid consequences for stalling. Hence, this app is perfect for tight deadlines and keeping your focus on hitting the necessary word count. 

The default punishment for stopping in the app is quite an unpleasant noise while your screen is turning red. However, you can customize the punishment. There is even a feature of extreme mode that will start to delete your writing if you stop. Thus, all you have to do is adjust the app to the severity of real-life consequences for not turning in your essay on time.   

7. HabitBull

A key to eliminating procrastination from your life is building up habits that will keep you on track. HabitBull is the app that gets you covered in daily tracking of your habits. It is equipped with all the tools to choose the habits to develop, remind you to practice them, and show you statistics of your progress.

You can synchronize your account on several devices and have your habit tracking wherever you need it. Due to being customizable to personal goals, it is also a great app to see your growth in specific areas. Start with a small number of daily habits and follow them for a month. Add new habits you’d like to acquire gradually. And be sure to see progress soon.    

8. Wrapping Up

That’s about it. Try these seven apps to get a better grasp of your time, task organization, daily productivity, and daily habits. Pay attention to your concentration and focus. Address all the issues with procrastination one by one, and you’ll become a methodical genius in the blink of an eye.  

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