7 Beautiful Parks in Worcester MA

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After a long everyone is getting back to their normal lives, spending some time of the day outdoors is a need of everyone. There’s nothing better than spending time exploring nature. Parks are best for the same, you can spend quality time in nature, in the fresh air and maybe with your friends. So, in this article, we will discuss Parks in Worcester MA

Worcester MA is the second largest city in New England. This place has some great and beautiful parks. The biggest wildlife sanctuary in urban areas of New England resides in this city. But the difficult part is to select the best and most suitable for you. We got you covered.

7 Parks in Worcester MA

parks in Wolcester Ma
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Here are the parks of this city, where you can plan your next visit. Maybe spend a weekend with your family.

1. Green Hill Park

This Green Hill Park is called a hill park because it is located on seven main hills of Worcester. Earlier, the estate of the country was owned by the green family. This area covers 500 acres of land, making it the largest municipal park in Worcester. Even this park is mentioned in the national register of historic places and is one of the must-visit parks in Worcester MA.

The greenhouse of green hill park has two ponds, a pavilion to relax, and some picnic spots for fun and enjoying the view of lovely surroundings. There is a zoo named Green Hill Park Farm, but unfortunately, it remains closed. However, the golf course of this place is open for visitors to play golf. Also, a restaurant, clubhouse, and golf shop are located in this area.

2. Salisbury Park

You won’t find another park like this. It is just like a castle on a hill. It is located on the top of a known hill of Worcester, Prospect hill. This features a small feudal-style castle. This small castle was built back in 1900, it is Bancroft Tower.

This tower was constructed by Stephen Salisbury III in honor of George Bancroft. George Bancroft was the Navy’s former Secretary and a great friend of the father of Salisbury. However, the tower remains open for visitors on October Sundays.

It is worth visiting Salisbury Park anytime during the year. In the spring season, visitors can experience hiking and a beautiful 360-degree view of the surroundings.

3. Institute Park

This park has a unique history and is one of the most beautiful parks in Worcester MA. The land of this park was donated in the year 1887 to the city. It is worth mentioning that the city used this land extremely well. This Institue park is located near Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which is nearby downtown Worcester.

There are walking paths alongside the Institute pond. Other attractions of this park are tennis courts, a bandstand, and a multi-purpose field. After one visit, you will surely feel like revisiting this area very soon to enjoy the vibe of the locality, specifically the bridges.

4. Cascades Park

This park was named after the cascading waterfall named cascading, which leads to Cook’s Pond. At this spot, you will find some great hiking trails that will lead you to the Cascades area. The most popular one among those trails is Cascade Falls Loop Trail.

Walking on this trail is fun in itself as it followers wild spring flowers and amazing waterfalls along the route.

5. ELM Park

The land of this park was bought by the U.S. back in the year 1854. Later, in the year 1888, this city added the land to the park as they bought Newton hill. This ELM Park is covered in an area of 60 acres. Also, this park is mentioned in the National Historic Places register, as it was the first land purchase in the country.

The charm of ELM Park is those footbridges constructed over the pond. The structure of this footbridge is well restored. Visitors can add fun by playing on the tennis courts and enjoying the walking trails offered by this park. Besides this, there is a picnic area and a playground for visitors.

6. Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center

This is considered the largest urban wildlife sanctuary in New England. It is must visit spot during the spring season, specifically if you are a wildlife lover. If you are planning to visit here then don’t miss exploring the walking trails that are 5 miles long. They cover fields, woods, and marshes along the path.

This Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife is home to around 700 species of plants, and various butterflies, birds, and wildlife habitats. It is a lovely place to spend time, especially in spring.

7. Hadwen Park

Another park in Worcester covered an area of 50 acres. Hadwen park amenities include nature trails and a beautiful river that flows from Curtis Pond to Leesville. This is a historic park, and the land of this park was donated in the year 1902, by the commissioner of the park Obadiah B. Hadwen.

This park is located near Webster square at a distance of 2 minutes, across Curtis pond. Besides hiking trails, this park in Worcester has basketball courts, playgrounds, and other play structures such as picnic areas. The playground is situated in the northwest direction of the park.

Worcester city earlier had 2 rope tow areas. The first one was at Green hill park inside the golf course, and the other one was situated at this park.

Final Note

This was all about parks in Worcester MA. The list of parks doesn’t end here, Vernon Hill Park, Beaver Brook Park, Crystal Park (also known by its other name, University park), East park, and so on are some other beautiful parks in Worcester, MA.

These parks include amazing amenities such as athletic fields, baseball fields, a spray park, tennis courts, walking paths, a dog park, and so on. Green hill park and ELM park are must-visit. Green hill park is a diverse park and Worcester’s largest park. Beaver Brook park offers the facility of the off-leash dog park, but ensure that your dog has a Worcester dog license.

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