7 Intriguing Escape Room Houston

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Escape Room Houston
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What can be better than spending one’s evening in the most adventurous and fun way possible? Escape room Houston can do the job just the right way. 

Houston, being a vibrant city in terms of diversity, is as frolicsome when it comes to spending some quality time with your friends, date, family, or even by yourself via activities and spots that offer a positive stimulation and one of its “fun-zone” for the same are escape rooms in Houston

escape room Houston
By Claude Perso/ Flickr. Copyright 2021.

No lie! Escape Rooms are a promising source for having a good time.  Filled with mind teasers, riddles, and clues to solve challenging puzzles, Escape Room Houston offers an experience that will leave you biting your nails with your mind running a hundred miles per hour.

It’s almost like a fun real-life video game that pushes one’s mental capacity to the edge while teaching you essential skills like team building, leadership, and communication skills.

And oh! How can we forget the sensation of accomplishment and adrenaline rush we experience when we crack codes that solve the problem? It’s well worth your time and money!

The multiple game rooms that Escape Room Houston has to offer will keep you coming back for more. 

Please continue reading to know about 7 Intriguing Escape Room Houston that will leave you with tons of memories with friends, family, a date that you can cherish and laugh on for the rest of your life. 

1. The Escape Game Houston

The Escape Game Houston provides an exclusive immersive live 60 minutes adventure for you and your team. You get to crack codes, solve puzzles, uncover clues, all while having fun with your team to get through the escape room Houston. 

escape room Houston
Image Source: Google Maps/ The Escape Game Houston/ Copyright 2021

The Escape Game Houston offers the following thrilling adventures for you to enjoy:

  1. Goldrush– Hunt for hidden gold within a limited time and go home all rich. 
  2. The heist- Take a part in the heist of a stolen painting and move swiftly out of the room in 60 minutes. 
  3. Playground– team up with your squad to win over and ace the last assignment before you leave for summer vacation. Get those grades right in your final report card and enjoy your break with freedom.
  4. Prison break– you have 60 minutes to spare. Escape from behind bars and save yourself from life imprisonment for a crime you didn’t even commit. 
  5. Special ops- mysterious market- there is a new twist in your routine investigation of the local area market. Can you and your fellow field agents unwrap the mystery from the case? 

Location: 794 Sorella Ct #127, Houston, TX 77024, United States

2. Escape Hunt Houston

Escape Hunt claims itself as “Premier Escape Room.” It is the global leader in live escape rooms and has over 50 branches in major cities worldwide. 

escape room Houston
Image Source: Google maps/  Escape Hunt Houston /Copyright 2021

This escape room Houston has the following to offer:

  1. Alice in puzzleland- Enter your childhood fantasy world. The Hatter is in trouble as he has been accused of stealing the queen’s tarts, and Alice is nowhere to be seen. It’s your time to take over. Find and return the queen’s tarts, or else his head gets chopped off. 
  2. Houston, we’ve had a problem- This escape room is described as the most realistic escape room in the United States and has excellent reviews. It’s based on the Apollo 13 Lunar Mission, known as “the successful failure.” You get 60 minutes to save your fellow crew members and help them return home safely from space. 
  3. Mystery in the mansion- You are an elite detective in London back in 1910, and you are asked to investigate the murder of a man in Marylebone Manor. Suspicious cipher messages before the death at the manor make this case like never before. Quickly solve the mystery and catch the murderer before they go too far from your hands. 
  4. Theft of the lone star- Texas’ very own Lone Star created in 1836 has been stolen. You and your team of detectives have 60 minutes to recover it before the artifact is sold on the black market or before the museum exhibit opens.

Location: 125 W Gray St #100, Houston, TX 77019, United States

3. Escape It Houston

Escape It Houston provides an immersive and highly realistic series of escape rooms based on legendary stories and incidents from history. 

escape room Houston
Image Source: Google Maps/ Escape It Houston/ copyright 2021

Escape It Houston has 2 locations to choose from: 


Right off Beltway 8, 11501 N Sam Houston PKWY E. Suite B, Humble, TX 77396

It offers 4 rooms at the moment:

  1. Escape the titanic- This is one of the most challenging escape rooms. Based on the historic Titanic’s plot. The whistles for possible danger after spotting the iceberg have been blown. Can you solve puzzles and get yourself out of the ship before it goes down in an hour? 
  2. Rameses revenge- You and your team enter an ancient dig site in Memphis at the Valley of the Rings in Egypt. As soon as you enter it, the door behind you closes. Escape in 60 minutes or else be stuck there and get entombed forever.
  3. Studio wonderland- This escape room takes you in 70s Disco Era. You and your friends have to find out $10,000 inside Studio Wonderland for paying the ransom of your kidnapped friend Don Devolta in an hour. Can you save the day?
  4. Screams from below- This escape room is the most intense and immersive escape room Houston provides. Not for kids and only recommended for 18+. You encounter the hideout of a mass killer called the Hand Collector while exploring an abandoned warehouse. You must escape as soon as possible before the hand collector finds you!

[coming soon]

  • Lost in time- While traveling through time, your time machine encounters problems. You have 30 minutes to fix the malfunctions, or else the universe gets destroyed, and you will be lost in the time forever. 


Marquee Center off West I-10, 7620 Katy Fwy #110, Houston, TX 77024

It offers 3 escape rooms at the moment.

  1. Apollo 13- You and your team: pilot, commander, navigator, and engineer are aboard Apollo 13. The oxygen tank has exploded, you and your team have 30 minutes to stabilize the Lunar Module and save yourself and your crew from dying. 
  2. Pandemic- You and your team are exposed to a biological pathogen as you enter a government biological laboratory known as G.O.L.D. The pathogen will turn anyone infected into the living dead if not treated. You and your team have an hour to find the cure from this laboratory. Can you save the day?
  3. DaVinci code breaker- You and your team have an hour to closely examine DaVinci’s secret messages from the past from his art gallery and discover hidden secrets. 

[coming soon]

  • Alamo- You are asked to retrieve commander William Travis’s letter to Sam Houston and deliver it to him. Amidst day 13th of the battle of the alamo. You only have an hour for this task as Santa Anna’s army is coming closer, so the future of Texas Independence is in your hands!
  • Medusa’s liar- You and your group of archaeologists have discovered an unknown ancient Greek temple. The door closes as soon as you enter it. As you move further, you come across many statues frozen in fear. It hits you then that you have come across Medusa’s liar. You only have one hour to find your way back out before Medusa returns and turns you to stone forever.

4. Escape Now

Escape now is another very beloved escape room in Houston. It is a family-run company. 

Escape Room Houston
Image Source: Google Maps/ Escape Now/ Copyright 2021

The escape rooms that they offer are:

  1. Wizards and dragons- you and your companions are trapped in a magical wizard’s castle. Find the hidden secret spell to return to the land of mortals. 
  2. Superheroes hideout- use all your problem-solving skills together with your team and enable the powers of superheroes that villains have disabled. 
  3. The sherlock room- eccentric painter had passed away, and his distant cousin allegedly forged the will and presented it. Please find the original will within an hour to present it in court. 
  4. Spy alley- spy alley has two similar rooms with an identical backstory for a large group of people to split and have fun. Can you find the possible mole in the CIA office? 
  5. Classroom capers- it’s your final chance to bring your grades up and prevent yourself from failing again. But you haven’t studied anything. You have 60 mins to find the answer sheets and escape out before the teacher returns.

Apart from the above escape rooms, they also provide a mobile escape game experience.

Location: 13243 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77070, United States

5. Escape Again Rooms

Packed with live-actions and fully immersive escape games, Escape Again rooms hold their name up in escape room Houston. 

escape game Houston
Image Source: Google Maps/ Escape Again Rooms/ Copyright 2021

You can choose from the following escape rooms: 

  1. Dragonfire- a wizard’s tale- apparate and retrieve stolen power dragon eggs and precious crown from the wizard. You only have 75-90 minutes!
  2. The hike- use team-building skills and problem-solving skills to find shelter for everyone and solve the mystery together that your uncle hid in the woods. 
  3. The Séance- use your detective skills to solve the mystery of missing reality TV stars. 
  4. Santa’s sleigh ride- you have been given the responsibility of preparing Santa’s sleigh, but you notice one bag of toys is missing! Find the bag 60 minutes before its time to the fleet in the sky. 

Location: 3564 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478, United States

6. Houston Panic Room

Houston Panic Room challenges you to fight through and escape or panic. It is one of the finest escape rooms in Houston. 

escape room Houston
Image Source: Google Maps/ Houston Panic Room/ Copyright 2021

Escape rooms that they offer are: 

  1. Cabin fever- you are stuck in an old wooden structure that is facing a fierce blizzard. Find a way with your companions to save everyone before the blizzard tumbles everything down. 
  2. Phase III: Human trials- a crazy surgeon has kidnaped you and your friends. He has injected you and your friends with a lethal drug. Can you find the cure in the face of thin chances of survival? Escape before mad doctor returns.
  3. Abandon school- you are a part of the team called a secret agent who has been given the task of stealing a blueprint of a revolutionary plan hidden somewhere in the classroom. Be quick! You have only 60 minutes to change things around for you and your team. 
  4. Zombie apocalypse- an infectious is turning people into zombies around the world. Find excess to the power reserves as soon as possible to save all of humanity!

Location: 1718 N Fry Rd #300, Houston, TX 77084, United States

7. Strange Bird Immersive Escape Room

Strange bird immersive escape room Houston provides you with “The Man From Beyond Houdini Séance Escape Room.” It is voted the #1 Escape Room in the United States.

escape room Houston
Image Source: Google maps/ Strange Bird Immersive Escape Rooms /Copyright 2021

The Man From Beyond is a 75-100 minutes in-person journey consisting of an escape game and an immersive theatre. It is an internationally recognized escape room in Houston.

The story involves a roller coaster of events while Madame Daphe contracts the spirit of Harry Houdini through a private Séance. You experience several twists and turns that go beyond escaping a room. 

Location: 7026 Old Katy Rd #310, Houston, TX 77024, United States. 

Nothing compares to an escape room in Houston if you are looking for a fun way to built on your different skills with your companions.

When you and your friends want something more than just hanging out together, check out these amazing escape rooms in Houston to have the time of your life together.  

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