7 Spectacular Barbados Beaches to Visit

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best Barbados beaches
Sunset over Maxwell Beach, Barbados. Berit Watkin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021


Did you know the sand on the ivory beaches of Barbados is actually fragments of finely-ground coral reef?

Broken down by the waves and the surf, they form the pink and white sand people marvel over on their visit to the island.

Fascinating, right?

Barbados beaches
The beaches in Barbados are some of the most beautiful in the world.
Berit Watkin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

With its long stretch of white sand, the frothing surf, the crystal clear waters of the sea, and the palm trees waving gently overhead, a visit to this island paradise is every vacationers’ dream come true.

Barbados Beaches: East, West, North, South

The north-eastern coast of the island is lined with cliffs like these.
Berit Watkin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

With its east coast bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and its west coast by the azure waters of the nearby Caribbean Sea, the beautiful beaches of Barbados are famous for their stunning waves and the diversity of marine life found in the sea around them.

North Barbados
Rock formations on the north coast of Barbados.
Berit Watkin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The island’s north shore, both on the Caribbean and the Atlantic side, includes some of Barbados’s more unexplored beaches and rock formations.

The beaches on the eastern coast, too, sport similar scenery, with their rugged coast and scintillating rock formations.

Watersports are popular at the southern beaches of Barbados.
Watersports are popular on the southern beaches of Barbados.
Loozrboy/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

It is a dramatic change of scenery from the island’s southern half, known for its swimming hotspots and vibrant crowds. The wide beaches here are frequented by visitors worldwide, and people gather to experience the soft sand and the glorious Bajan sun.

Best Barbados Beaches

barbados beaches
The beaches here are some of the finest in the world.
Jay/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The azure waters of its Caribbean beaches, the abundance of sea turtles and other marine life in the island’s south sea, the rugged cliffs of the north and east coast- with every beach on the island being undoubtedly stunning, it is a difficult task to award the title of the top beaches in Barbados to any particular spot.


Best beaches in barbados
Sunset on Pebbles Beach, Barbados.
Paul Cook/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

However, the Barbados beaches that make it to this list- Crane Beach, Miami Beach, Accra Beach, Bathsheba Beach, to name a few- are not just the best on the island, but in the whole world.

1. Mullins Beach

Mullins Beach
Mullins Beach is the perfect spot to catch a few rays.
Loozrboy / Flickr/ Copyright 2021

If you happen to visit Barbados with your family, make it a point to spend a day on the sand at this scenic beach.

The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea along the island’s west coast are known to be calm, and this is particularly true of Mullins Beach.

The soft sand on the shore slopes gently in the shallow waters at this beach, making this stretch of Barbados a favorite among sunbathers and families.

Mullins Beach
The beach slopes gently into the turquoise water here.
Luiza Libardi/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The sea around Mullins Beach is perfect for a relaxing day under the Barbados sun.

Parents can lounge under the many palm trees dotting the shore while the kids safely splash around in the shallow waters and the gentle surf that washes the beach.

The calm waters of Mullins beach, as for most of the Caribbean Sea/ west coast stretch of Barbados, also have numerous amenities for water sports.

Mullins Beach
Paddling, surfing, and other water sports are popular in the calm waters around Mullins Beach.
KENNETH BARKER/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Jet skiing, boogie boarding, and boating on the beach’s clear waters are popular among people who visit Mullins Beach.

Meanwhile, Gibbs Beach is located nearby, just a few miles from Mullins Beach, and is the perfect stretch to visit for people looking for a less crowded beach experience. If you are the type to enjoy a more private beach experience, this is the place for you.

Where to Stay

St. Peter’s Bay Resort

Road View,
Little Battaleys, 26025

2. Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay
Carlisle Bay has one of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados.
Bas Leenders/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Carlisle Bay beach is one of the best Barbados beaches to catch a glimpse of sea turtles, and tropical fish, in their natural habitat.

As a south coast beach, Carlisle Bay bears the trademark pink-white sand and azure waters, but its reputation as a scuba-diving hotspot puts it on the map.

marine park
Colorful tropical fish like this can be seen in the waters around the Bay.
Chris Combe/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The sea-bed around Carlisle Bay is a designated marine park littered with shipwrecks and is a great spot to view tropical fish and other marine life which now inhabit the old structures.

Carlisle Bay.
Leatherback Turtles.
US Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

At Carlisle Bay, visitors even get the rare opportunity to go swimming with Leatherback Turtles, the largest sea turtles species in the world.

For sunbathers, a walk from one end of the beach to the other, amidst the palm trees and the pink sand, is an amazing way to get a lay of the shore.

Famous all over Barbados, the Sea Shed beach bar located right on Carlisle Bay serves varieties of tropical fruit juices, perfect under the warm sun.

A dock on the island’s capital of Bridgetown.
Kaspar C/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021.

Located on Carlisle Bay is also Barbados’ capital of Bridgetown, guaranteeing easy access to the best restaurants on the island and one great hotel after another.

Where to Stay

Coconut Court Beach Hotel

Garrison Historic Area,
Hastings, Christ Church,
Barbados, W.I.
Tel +1 (246) 427‑1655
+1 (246) 231-0525
Email: reservations@coconut-court.com

Things to Try

Explore the marine park here with

Go scuba diving with sea turtles in the marine park around Carlisle Bay.
Phillipe Guillaume/ Flickr/ Copyright 2022

Barbados Carlisle  Bay Turtle and Shipwreck Adventure and Beach Day

By Glory Travels


3. Miami Beach

Miami Beach
A scenic stretch on Miami Beach, also known as Enterprise beach.
Loozrboy/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

People who visit Miami Beach always have two things to rave about- the abundant shade provided by the palm trees and the silky sand bed of the waters surrounding the beach.

enterprise beach
Loungers at the beach.
Shrie Bradford Spangler/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

At Enterprise Beach, as it is also sometimes called, you have the option to either lounge in the calm lagoon area or go swimming in the stronger waves at the other end of the beach.

The latter can chance you a glimpse of colorful fish and even a turtle or two swimming in the pristine waters of the Caribbean.

Do make it a point to try the delicious food from the beloved Mr. Delicious food truck at Miami Beach- they are one of the best on the whole island of Barbados!

Fish Fry
The vibrant fishing village of Oistins is only a few miles from Miami Beach.
Dan Costin/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Meanwhile, many visit the historic fishing village of Oistin, located near Miami Beach, on the weekends for the Friday Fish Fry, a weekly food festival of sorts, with fish- grilled, fried, or roasted- being the central ingredient.

Beach bar
Beach bars like these are readily available along Miami Beach.
Gary J. Wood/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

There are restaurants and a beach bar or two nearby at this beach on the south coast of Barbados, offering a respite from the swimming and the surfing that is calm waters of Miami Beach.

a. Dover Beach

Many also make it a point to visit the bustling Dover Beach near Miami Beach, another one of the many beautiful Barbados beaches located on the island’s west side.

St Lawrence Gap
Barbados’s St Lawrence Gap is a tourist hotspot.
Derek Hatfield/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Located on the popular St Lawrence Gap of South Barbados, as with Miami Beach, Dover Beach is also famed for its calm surf and vibrant urban culture.

b. Rockley Beach/Accra Beach

rockley beach
The boardwalk along Rockley Beach is perfect for a leisurely evening walk.
Loozrboy/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Another beach on the St Lawrence Gap, Accra Beach, or Rockley Beach is just a 6-minute drive north of Dover Beach.

It is one of the largest beaches on the south coast of Barbados and is frequented by island locals and visitors.

Rockley Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches for visiting families by swimming in the warm Caribbean surf, exploring the wide, sandy beach, and the delicious meals from nearby beach bars.

People lounging around the pool at Accra Beach Hotel, Barbados.
Andrew Patrick/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Some of the best hotels on the island are located here, around the St Lawrence Gap, with the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa and the Sugar Bay Barbados hotel, to name a few.

Where to Stay

Butterfly Beach Hotel

Maxwell Main Rd,
Tel: +1 (246) 428-9095
+1 (246) 418-0502
Email: reservations@butterflybeach.com

Blue Orchids Beach Hotel

18 Worthing,
Christ Church,
BB15130, Barbados
Phone: (246) 435-8057
Fax: (246) 435-6578
Email: blorchids@caribsurf.com

Things to Try

Try the goodies from the Mr. Delicious food truck, a Miami Beach staple.

Oistin’s Friday Night Fish Fry is a great opportunity to experience the Bajan culture and have a sneak peek into everyday life in Barbados.

4. Bathsheba Beach

Bathsheba Beach
The rock formations on Bathsheba Beach, Barbados.
Joe Ross/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Though a little distant from nearby amenities like restaurants and a hotel, Bathsheba Beach is definitely one of the best beaches in Barbados.

This island beach is nestled among the rugged cliffs on the east coast of Barbados, is the perfect beach for a bit of sightseeing.

The part of the island’s shore is washed by the wild waves of the Atlantic Ocean, shaping the numerous rock formations found along the beach.

Instead of stretches of sand, Bathsheba Beach boasts dramatic rock formations and tumbling surf. Ins1122/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The waves at Bathsheba Beach are a sharp contrast to the idyllic waters of the island’s west coast beaches.

The shore here is more dramatic, too, with the choppy waves shattering against the rugged white cliffs that line the beach.

Tourists and locals alike come to tame the waves on this beach.
Joe Ross/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

This beach is not particularly suited for swimming; instead, the forceful waves here are a surfing hotspot, and many surfers from all over the world visit to tame these wild waves.

Soup Bowl, tourquoise waters
The “Soup Bowl” on Bathsheba Beach is a popular attraction.
Gary Bembridge/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Bathsheba Beach is also famed for the “Soup Bowl,” an unusually shaped rock formation that is a favorite point of visitors who take photos on this spot near the beach.

Where to Stay

Atlantis Historic Inn

Tent Bay, St. Joseph
BB21054, Barbados
Tel: 1 (246) 433 9445
Email: enquiry@atlantishotelbarbados.com

Things to Try

The Soup Bowl is simply one of the many unusual rock formations to be found around Bathsheba Beach.

The beach features snap-worthy shots like this.
Kaspar C/Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Explore the sun-bleached rocks and the churning ocean around this beach with a camera in hand to capture the awesome beauty of Barbados’s shores.

5. Silver Sands Beach

The reefs around the beach are abundant in tropical fish.
Patrick Nouhailler/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Located near the Barbados capital, Bridgetown, Silver Sands Beach is an island hotspot and possibly one of the best beaches in Barbados, with its massive reef formation well suited for recreation.

Rather than swimming, it is surfing that is particularly popular at this south coast beach.

Wind surfing
Windsurfing and other watersports are very popular on this Bajan beach.
Meg Stewart/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

The slope of the sand here at Silver Sands Beach is well suited for wind-aided water sports, with surfing lessons are provided on the beach by locals for those willing to give it a shot.

Meanwhile, after a long day of surfing, you can visit the nearby Oistins fishing village for its restaurants and lively crowds, only a 10-minute drive north of Silver Sands Beach.

Where to Stay

Moon Raker Beach Hotel

Green Garden Bay, Landsdown,
Christ Church,
Barbados W.I.
Telephone: +(246) 262-5483

Things to Try

Try a hand at kite surfing with

kite surfing
Instructors at Silver Sands Beach offer kite surfing lessons.
Loozrboy/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Upwind Kitesurf School

Telephone: (+1 246) 243 6683
(+1 246) 233 3334
Email: info@upwindkitesurfschool.com

6. Crane Beach

Crane Beach
The sprawling Crane Beach is regularly featured in the list of the best beaches in the world.
Tiffany S Boyd/Flickr/ Copyright 2021

One of the best beaches in Barbados, if not the world, Crane Beach gets its name from its time as a shipping harbor, when a large crane was installed on the cliffs above to load and unload cargo.

Located near the beach is a Crane Beach highlight. The Crane Resort and Residences, established way back in 1887, is a hotel providing world-class luxury, surrounded by one of the beautiful beaches in Barbados.

crane beach
Crane Beach has scenic pathways built into the cliffs from where you can see the turquoise waters. Trevor Quinn/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Crane Beach is one of the few beaches in Barbados. The Caribbean, in general, sports a pink tinge to their sand, making for some of the most enchanting sights on the island.

Where to Stay

The Crane Resort and Residences is a Crane Beach institution and a favorite of honeymooners.

The Crane Resort is a Crane Beach institution.
Bob Steiner/Flickr /Copyright 2021

The Crane Resort and Residences

St. Philip, Barbados – BB18098
Telephone: (246) 423-6220
(866) 978-5942
0 800 088 5034
Email: reservations@thecrane.com

Things to Try

Crane Beach is a sun bather’s paradise with the sand, the sun, and the waves.

7. Bottom Bay Beach

Bottom Bay Beach
The high cliffs surrounding Bottom Bay Beach.
gemteck1/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

Bottom Bay Beach on St Peter Parish of Barbados boasts some of the most spectacular sights on the island.

The lashing waves of the Atlantic wash this east-side beach, and swimming at Bottom Bay Beach is risky due to the strength of these tides.

The quiet beach is nestled at the foot of the cliffs and perfect for a calm day of sun or a family picnic.

However, there are no public amenities on Bottom Bay Beach, no beach bar, nor a hotel, but the sights and the peaceful quiet of the beach make up for it.

Where to Stay

The Crane Resort and Residences

St. Philip, Barbados – BB18098
Telephone: (246) 423-6220
(866) 978-5942
0 800 088 5034
Email: reservations@thecrane.com

Things to Try

Explore the clear waters around Cave Bay near Bottom Bay Beach- the refreshing surf and the derelict mansion on the beach are popular attractions.

Barbados: The World’s Best Beaches

Tourism is the country’s top source of income, and Barbados pays careful attention to maintaining its stretch of coastline.

The Barbados flag hoisted atop the Parliament Building at the nation’s capital of Bridgetown.
David Berkowitz/ Flickr/ Copyright 2021

All of the island’s beaches are open to public access and are well-maintained by the Barbados government and the people living near these beaches.

Why Folks Return

A sea liner passes into the sunset at the port of Barbados. Andrew Patrick /Flickr /Copyright 2021

While it is true that the island boasts some of the most spectacular beaches on the planet, this beauty is not the only thing that continues to draw people to Barbados year after year.

The vibrancy of the Bajan culture, its colorful history, and the warm nature of the Bajan islanders also keeps Barbados on the top of every vacation list.

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5 Splendid Things To Do In Barbados
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