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8 Beautiful Martha’s Vineyard Beaches

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Martha’s Vineyard is a profound little Massachusetts Island resting 11 km far from the mainland. It is triangular in shape, with its base- a straight south shore and the northern corner pointing to Falmouth. Among all the northern colonies, the beautiful scenery of Martha’s Vineyard Beaches is undoubtedly the best to feast your eyes on.

No proof is labeled legit on how Martha’s Vineyard name was coined. But it’s popularly known to be named after the English explorer, Bartholomew Gosnold’s daughter or mother-in-law both named Martha.

The cliffs popping with the warm shades offer us a sight we might never see elsewhere. The locals around the beach get to enjoy the long shores with the endless sound of the  Atlantic Ocean. It’s phenomenal how exquisite Martha’s Vineyard beaches are.

About Martha’s Vineyard

Basically, there are three different types of beaches in Martha’s Vineyard: public beaches, city beaches, and sacred private ones. Even though the name public beach suggests that it is open to all, every beach isn’t open all the time.

The city beaches are open to only a limited number of locals. Permissions are required to be granted from the City hall to residents or tourists if they wish to go to any of the secured beaches.

Pets are not allowed in many beaches and those that do restrict their entry during summer peaktime. Make sure to clean up after yourselves to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the beaches.

1. Katama Beach/ South Beach

Martha's Vineyard beaches
Image source- marthasvineyardrentals.org

This 3-mile barrier beach, the largest on the whole island, is profoundly called South beach. It lies on the southern side of the island, the Katama area of Edgartown, along the Atlantic ocean.

This one amongst Martha’s Vineyard beaches is free of cost and open to the public. It is perfect for riding the beautiful high waves or just a swim. This beach is very famous among adults for its rough and fun surfing experience, but it’s not advisable for kids. It is also scattered with portable toilets for public use.

You can experience its peaceful and calming tranquility in the protected salt pond, which offers an amazing view of the bay.

2. Menemsha Beach

Meneshma beach
Image source- westend61.de

Settled next to Menemsha harbor, it is also one of the best Martha’s Vineyard beaches to enjoy a sunset. This beach has restaurants, food vendors and bars in its close viscinity, making it a very popular spot for families and large tourist groups.

If you’re a fan of dunes, this is just your perfect match. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the little fishing village of Menemsha once you visit there.

You can either stroll around the beach or simply relax and enjoy the view; both are equally fun and soothing. You can focus on perfecting your tan while your kids surf around this safe and peaceful beach.

3. Owen Park Beach

Martha’s Vineyard beaches
Image source- wikimedia.com

This small beach, open to everyone, is situated near Main Street. The waters here are calm, soothing, and warm. This makes it the best option to choose from when you’re planning to visit Martha’s Vineyard beaches with your kids. They have a small dock from where one can dive off.

You can spot several sailboats moving around in this harbor. It’s a great place to witness the daily functioning of a harbor. It’s also a great place for a small picnic or ferry-watching.

4. Lobsterville Beach

Martha's Vineyard beaches
Image source- marthasvineyardrentals.org

As the name suggests, it’s a hotspot for people who are specifically looking to fish in Martha’s Vineyard beaches. Located in Aquinnah, the calm and shallow waters makes it a great place to go snorkeling. It’s a public beach, but the parking space around here is limited to a certain extent.

As is it also a sea gull nesting area, bird watchers can make use of this observe their activities throughout the season.

If you’re looking for a soothing experience wherein you can fancy the beautiful sunset, walking around the shore, this Lobsterville road beach is undoubtedly the pick for you. It’s a popular recommendation for people who are planning to go on Martha’s Vineyard beaches with family or for fishers.

5. Bend In The Road Beach

Martha's Vineyard beaches
Image source- wikimedia.com

This one amongst Martha’s Vineyard beaches is a part of Edgartown‘s Joseph Sylvia State Beach. The calm and shallow waters here are a very relaxing and good option to go with kids.

The lifeguards are also on duty here during the summer season. For those who want listen to sound of the ocean in peace, this is just their match made in heaven.

6. Inkwell Beach

Martha's Vineyard beaches
Image source- Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism / Flickr @ 2011

This one of Martha’s Vineyard beaches, popularly called Town Road in Oak Bluffs, is one of the island’s historic beaches. The name was coined by the whites to represent the African- Americans who were frequent visitors and dwellers to this area. It’s very famous around the US for its name originally meant as a joke, which transformed into a proud one.

The Afro-Americans who went there made a massive community growth. Since then, it has been a bustling beach, with many business establishments in and around the region. They earn a great fortune from the crowd that’s around the beach during summer.

7. Lambert’s Cove Beach

Martha's Vineyard beaches
Image source- Wikipedia.com 

Settled like a cove, this beach is renowned for its soft sand and clear shallow water. It offers the visitors peace as it’s available only for reserved residents. It allows you to enjoy an undisturbed day with your mates. You need to take permission to park and stay at this beach.

You can also go alone and enjoy this calm place with your pet or your favorite reading book. It can be within walking distance from your dwelling. The sunset experience here is unmatched.

8. Squibnocket Road Beach

Image source- mvdheuvel / Unsplash @2017

This is a sacred West Tisbury beach that is open only to locals or residents. It’s open to outsiders before and after peak hours.

It has a very rocky coast and thus not advisable if you’re looking to swim in the ocean. But it’s a great option to go surfing in. The sunsets are picturesque and can be enjoyed in silence as there are rarely any visitors.

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