8 best things to do in West Virginia: Hiking, gambling and more 

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West Virginia.
West Virginia. Source: Depositphotos

Time for a trip on those Country Roads you’ve sung about? West Virginia is the perfect place to travel to if you enjoy hiking through a beautiful mountainous landscape, listening to Appalachian folk music, and playing a round of slots. 


West Virginia is a state located in the Appalachian region. It is bordered by Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the northwest, and Pennsylvania and Maryland to the northeast. It became a state following the Wheeling Conventions of 1861, after the American Civil War had begun. 


West Virginia was the only state to form by separating from a Confederate state, and the first to officially prohibit slavery, and one of the 11 to elect a black governor. Today, the state is known for its mountains and rolling hills, its historically significant logging and coal mining industries, and its political and labor history. 


New River Gorge Bridge

For adrenaline-seeking friends, River Day at the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville is a must. Every fall, the bridge hosts the state’s largest single-day festival, where participants can join the 5K race, or watch people BASE jump from the bridge. The iconic landmark can also be seen in the worldwide video games franchise Fallout 76. 


Gamble with the Mountaineers

West Virginia is one of the states in which physical and online gambling is legal. You can therefore play casino games or engage in betting on sites found at Cherryredcasino.com. Also, West Virginia University offers several opportunities for good collegiate sports which you can bet on. This will also give you a good chance to see the beloved WVU mascot, the mountaineer, clad in buckskins and deer hides flaunting a gun. You can bet on the arena lovingly singing “Country Roads” at the top of their lungs after the game.




Hiking the hills

The Appalachian scenery makes even the least active persons want to go on at least one hike. The beautiful sights available from overlooks such as Lindy Point or Seneca Rocks are tough to beat, and there are plenty of difficulty levels to choose from. West Virginia is home to several gorgeous state parks, among which Blackwater Falls State Park stands out with its surreal waterfall which is as impressive in all seasons. Dolly Sods Wilderness is also highly recommendable. 


Mothman Museum

For those interested in folklore, the mountain state can offer perfectly scary and mysterious stories. One of these stories belongs to the mystical create the Mothman. Allegedly first sighted in the Point Pleasant area in 1966, Mothman is rumored to look like a large man with 10-foot wings and red glowing eyes. He is supposed to have played a role in the 1967 Silver Bridge disaster which killed 47 people. There is both a Mothman Museum and an annual festival held in Point Pleasant.

Shop ‘til you drop

As the mountain state that it is, West Virginia is rich in providing intimate handcrafted stores. For example, the small mountain town of Davis has risen as an artisan hub with several art shops and studios despite only housing 660 inhabitants. There are also a number of options for those looking for larger shopping centers. Amongst others, the Charleston Town Center, Meadowbrook mall and Morgantown Mall provide excellent shopping experiences.


Experience the Civil War in Harper’s Ferry

Not only does Harper’s Ferry sit at the intersection of three states (WV, VA, PA), but it is also an important historic place. See where the Civil war began as a consequence of John Brown’s raid, and listen to the various voices that fought for freedom and equality in the Civil War museum. There are also a few hiking trails that will lead to beautiful overviews of the town which also acted as the second US Armory.

Ski or bike at one of the largest East coast resort

The West Virginia mountains have a lot to offer for adventurous skiers and bikers. There are several resorts to choose from, but Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort stands out as the largest and most unique. It offers more than 60 trails and a snow guarantee. Furthermore, the snow village is perched at the very top rather than separate or below, and is appropriately named “Top of the World” to encompass the impression of its customers.


Ride along the steam trains 

The last item on our list is fun for both young and old, particularly for those who are tired of walking. The reason why is that the beautiful scenery can be viewed from the comfortable seats of a steam train. There are several different routes and lengths so you can enjoy the ride in your conditions. In the winter there is a special edition Polar Express train, with musical elf staff and hot cocoa included.  


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