9 Interesting Things to do in Monhegan Island

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You must see Monhegan Island for yourself to really comprehend it. You will never have another visit like it to any of the towns in Maine.

One of Maine’s most untouched and enchanted natural areas is Monhegan Island. With just a few small inns and rustic bed & breakfasts, Monhegan Island seems distant for a day trip and even more so for an overnight stay given that it is only 10 miles away. Visit the few art galleries, Black Duck Gifts, informal eateries, seafood houses, and L Brackett & Sons convenience store or Novelty in the town near the ferry docks to buy supplies for a picnic. Your hunger will be quenched by Monhegan Brewing Co.

After exploring the nine miles of trails on Monhegan Island, which include the Monhegan Island Light and Museum, the circular path to the shipwreck, and dramatic granite cliffs and tidal beaches, return to the village for a lunch of fresh seafood at Barnacles and relax while watching the fishing boats and ferries come and go.

photo by Leah Kelley / pexels copyright 2021

Monhegan Island’s History

Monhegan Island is located approximately 10 miles off the Maine coast. People have been finding their way to there for generations. Long before the Europeans arrived, the Wabanaki came to Monhegan for the fish beach. In 1614, Captain John Smith arrived there and made it his Gulf of Maine headquarters.

You’ll get the impression that you’ve gone back in time when you visit Monhegan Island since it’s not a nice place and the 70 people who live there are typical Yankees. Make it a point to get to Monhegan Island at some point in your life. It is a peaceful and surreal experience to spend the night at a Monhegan Island inn or bed and breakfast. Boothbay Harbor, Port Clyde, and New Harbor on Pemaquid Point all provide daily boat departures during the peak summer season.

Discover More About the Island

You can pick up a trail map in any part of town, and then you may go out into the central woodlands. Continue in a northeasterly direction, passing the ancient ice pond on your way to Cathedral Woods.

Here, lofty stands of fir and spruce create a spiritual area that Thoreau would have cherished, with its aisles covered with moss, ferns, and wildflowers. Traveling south down the coast from here will bring you to Burnt Head, which has sea cliffs that are among the tallest in Maine at 49 meters and are inhabited by squawking seagulls in the summer.

You may see a large number of harbor seals having fun among the rocks at lower locations along the shore, particularly during the ebb and flow of the tide. Walk back to town through the Monhegan Island Light, which has served as a guiding light for passing ships ever since it was first lit in 1824.

Next door, the keeper’s cottage has been converted into the Monhegan Museum, which has exhibits on many aspects of island life as well as paintings by Rockwell Kent, Hopper, and other artists that are associated with Monhegan.

When you go back into town, you’ll see that the Island Inn and manana island, which dates back to the turn of the century, sits on a cliff just a stone’s throw away from the port. It was constructed between 1816 and 1910, and now it is Monhegan’s biggest and most pleasant hotel.

Each of its 34 rooms is designed in the traditional manner of Maine, with antique furniture, painted wood flooring, and warm-down bedding.

Since there are no televisions or cellphones to divert your attention, you may find some genuine evening entertainment by going out onto the expansive porch of the inn and watching the sunset over the sea, with the coast of Maine in the background. You now have an understanding of the reasons why all of those artists arrived and remained.

Here are Nine things to do on Monhegan Island

1. Observe the Atlantic Ocean’s Waves

The Island Inn is located directly on the beach and overlooks a lovely small bay. The ocean may be heard and seen from a variety of locations. Simply take a seat and relax!

On Monhegan Island inn, Maine, a lovely hilltop vista of white adirondack chairs gazing out over the lake and various vessels

2. Read With an Eye to the Future

When was the last time you had uninterrupted reading time? Bring your own book to the island, or choose from the inn’s extensive library. Pay a visit to Monhegan Island to take in its breathtaking scenery. The Trailing Yew has accommodations that are simple yet comfortable. Monhegan is a naturalist’s dream destination from days gone by.

Taxes and gratuities are also included in the daily prices, in addition to the home-cooked breakfast and supper served in the main house. The guest rooms at the guest house have access to a communal bathroom and a common lounge that is heated. We are happy to accommodate families. The middle of May to the middle of October.

3. Go Outside and Paint

Monhegan has been a summer sanctuary for artists and other tourists for more than a century, who enjoy its seclusion, the beauty of its wilderness regions, the peaceful relaxed attitude, and leisurely pace.

4. Take Photographs

photo by Vladyslav Yemelianov / pexels copyright 2020

Every step you take on the island provides a fresh picture opportunity: village sights, flowers, sunsets, little bays, steep cliffs, and magnificent Atlantic Ocean panoramas and hiking trails. It’s everything there, from a breathtaking scenery to macro photography, ready for you to capture it.

5. On Monhegan Island, Strike up a Conversation With Strangers

The Island Inn is distinguished by its relaxing and welcoming environment. People are genuinely chatting to one other, rather just watching TV or conversing on their phones. On the wooden front porch, there is a “Chat room.” I even had the opportunity to speak Polish, my native tongue!

6. Consume Lobster

When visiting Maine, what is one thing you must do? Consume lobster! You’ll discover a terrific menu for that at The Island Inn. For breakfast, try lobster scrambled eggs.

7. Pay a visit to the Monhegan Museum of Art and History in Monhegan, Maine

The Monhegan associates Light Station Museum is housed in the historic Monhegan Light Station. The museum’s art collection includes works by notable American painters who have worked on Monhegan museum, including Andrew Wyeth, one of the most well-known American artists of the middle twentieth century.

8. Take a Walk Along the Cliffs

About 12 miles of routes, some of which are steep and challenging, go through forested regions and across rocky ledges to the Maine coast’s tallest ocean cliffs. Maine at its finest – rugged and lovely. There are no crowds, the air is fresh, and the beach is just at your feet!

9. Take Pleasure in Stargazing

Close your day with a view of Monhegan’s spectacular sky. With so little light pollution, the island puts up a spectacular spectacle.

The experience of staying at Ocean Point will transport you to a simpler time, when summers were spent on the rocky coast of Maine. People have referred to this location as heaven on the coast of Maine. The vast majority of guest accommodations have unobstructed views of the ocean. There are several rooms with patios, and the sunsets are breathtaking.

Each of the rooms is equipped with a private bathroom, a mini-refrigerator, cable television, and air conditioning or heating. There are some that have gas fireplaces. Free WiFi, as well as a Heated Pool and Hot Tub.

Important Information for Visitors to Monhegan Island, Maine

Getting to Maine’s Monhegan Island

photo by Darya Chervatyuk / pexels copyright 2021

Monhegan Island, 12 miles off the Maine coast, is accessible through three ports: Port Clyde, where Monhegan Boat Line operates boats; New Harbor, where Hardy Boat Cruises operates; and Boothbay Harbor, where The Balmy Days II operates.

At each port, parking is provided. The island does not have any automobile ferries. If you have a sensitive stomach, be aware that the ride may be difficult. Monhegan house associates is only accessible by foot through unpaved roads.

Where to Stay in Maine’s Monhegan Island

Make your housing plans well ahead of time, since your options will be restricted to a few inns and a few rental cottages. The Island Inn has a terrific location, gorgeous views, and an old world charm.

The oceanfront accommodations are situated on 23 hillside acres and look out over Penobscot Bay. Enjoy the view of the schooners from your balcony, swim in our heated pool with a clear view of the ocean, have a picnic in complete seclusion at the water’s edge, or just unwind in your immaculate room.

Each of the rooms at the AAA-rated 3 Diamond level has its own unique furnishings, a selection of convenient conveniences, and a magnificent ocean view from a big private balcony or patio that is furnished with seats. Binoculars are also provided in each room, in addition to a hair dryer, iron, and ironing board, as well as complimentary coffee and tea in the morning. Free WiFi and calls within the nearby area.

It is Monhegan Island’s sole full-service hotel. The rooms are tiny, with some having communal facilities and others having private baths. The dining area is spacious and has a view of the sea. Spend roughly $200 per night if you’re staying in a hotel.

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