A Guide To Visit South Korea In 2022

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Downtown cityscape of Seoul, South Korea.
Downtown cityscape of Seoul, South Korea. Source: Depositphotos

South Korea may not be the number one travel destination for many of us. But this tiny Asian nation can amaze you with its ancient culture, delicious cuisine, Buddhist temples, stunning mountains, and world-class cities you will find nowhere else.


From history and culture to food or religion—there are so many things to explore in this country. But without a proper plan, it will be difficult for you to plan your trip to this “Land of Morning Calm.”


From travel restrictions and visa requirements to accommodation or transportation facilities—here in this article, you will get a complete idea before packing your bag for South Korea this 2022.

1. Visa requirements


For traveling to South Korea, one must have a valid U.S passport and a Visa or authorized K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization). Most U.S. citizens use K-ETA for business and travel purposes.


Although, you have to apply for this K-ETA before traveling, including your hotel details and travel plans. But, if you want to stay more than 90 days, in that case, you need a Korean Visa.

2. Travel restrictions in 2022


From June 2022, there is no need to go quarantine on arrival if you are not fully vaccinated and can freely visit this country.


Although, there are still restrictions in some places. And PCR test is also necessary on arrival and pre-departure. It is important to stay updated with Korean travel restrictions regularly.

3. Accommodation and transportation


South Korea is a budget-friendly country. You can afford to stay in some amazing places on a medium budget. Like other countries, the capital city Seoul is a little pricy. But, in places like Daegu, Busan, or Gyeongju, one night stay will cost you around $70 for two people in a four-star hotel.


Moreover, the food is cheap and healthy all over the country. You can eat delicious Korean dishes in family-run small restaurants and some freshly-made finger-licking Korean street foods for as little as $5 to $6.


Getting around South Korea is faster and cheaper. You can go for domestic airlines or some very affordable luxurious electric buses. Besides the bus route, Seoul offers an extensive metro system that will take you everywhere you want and not to mention cheaply.

4. Fascinating cities


Your visit to South Korea is totally incomplete if you miss out on the capital city of South Korea. Seoul is one of the most famous tourist attractions that will amaze you with its beautiful places. You can explore Gyeongbokgung Palace, N Seoul Tower, Lotte World Tower, and Bukhanshan National Park. You can also stroll around the city with some Korean Tourism organizations.


Another fascinating city is Busan. Some top attractions are Haeundae Beach, Jagalchi Fish Market, and Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. Moreover, this city will offer you some beautiful beaches and hiking in the mountains as well.


If you want to spend some alone time—The UNESCO World Heritage City Gyeongju will be the right choice. The museums, temples, palaces, and local cultures will compel you to stay here forever.

5. Exciting outdoor activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities in South Korea for you to get out of the city’s hustle and bustle and relax for a while.


Seoraksan National Park is absolutely breathtaking, where you will find many hiking trails. One special mention is Ulsan Bawi— from where you will get a stunning view of Seoraksan’s highest peak—Daecheongbong.


You can also visit Bukhansan National park. The park is famous for some spectacular hiking trails and not to mention the hidden temples studded all over the landscape.


And the sandy beaches of Jeju Island with the relaxing clear blue water are also eye-catching. You can take a flight from Seoul to reach this volcanic island.

6. Mouthwatering Korean food


From street vendors to some classy restaurants, you can give your mouth a great treat of spicy, savory, and nutritious Korean delicacies.


Start with the signature dish, Kimchi—loaded with Korean cabbage, radish, onion, ginger, chili powder, and salted seafood. This fermented food tastes incredible when paired with white rice.


Bibimbap is also popular in Seoul. It is a popular lunch dish with rice, veggies, chicken, or beef topped with raw egg. Besides this, some most delicious Korean foods are Korean barbeque, bulgogi, Korean stew, Korean fried chicken, and many more.


Wrapping Up


South Korea offers marvelous ancient palaces, national parks, modern cities, and healthy food that every traveler always dreams about. So, without wasting more time, plan your trip to this tiny Asian nation with your family this year.

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