A Useful Guide On Shaping Your Body For That Extra Masculine Look

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Fitness sexy girl with dumbbells on a dark background. Athlete doing exercises in the gym.
Fitness sexy girl with dumbbells on a dark background. Athlete doing exercises in the gym. Source: Depositphotos

Good looks and a muscular physique have become extremely important traits amongst men today. A good muscular physique has become part and parcel of good looks amongst men. Attaining a well-toned body is not an easy job. A well-balanced diet and a proper well-planned exercise schedule are needed for that. In this article, we will share a few tips on how to shape your body and get those toned muscles that will always remain the neighbor’s envy and the owner’s pride.

Proper Diet

A diet rich in carbs, fats, and sugar is not only going to be a hindrance to muscle toning but also very dangerous for overall health. A diet rich in proteins is what is needed to develop muscles that everybody will envy. Not only the ingredients but also the method of cooking makes a difference in your body. Rather than indulging in foods that are deep fried, it is better that you try sauteing, baking, grilling, or steaming. This will ensure that there are no fat deposits on your body due to excess intake of carbs and fats.   

Most of the time, people are unable to stick to a diet because of the boredom of the narrow choices offered to them. The solution is to innovate with the food. Add new recipes to your diet with unusual and different tastes and a variety of colors. A good presentation also helps keep up your interest in the food you are eating and in turn, helps you maintain the diet. Keeping a check on the portions that you eat is also very important. 

Nothing to Beat Physical Exercise

A good muscular body cannot be achieved only through a diet. Rigorous physical exercise, whether in the gym or at home, is a must. The different parts of the body like the thighs, abdomen, jawline, and so on need different exercises that are specially meant for toning the muscles of those parts. You need a well-prepared workout routine so that you exercise each part of your body on different days. 

A Firm Jawline

A very important criterion for a man to be considered handsome is a firm, well-cut jawline. There are special exercises for the neck, jaw, and chin that give you a firm jawline and a youthful appearance. These exercises also help to prevent any kind of pain in those same areas. Along with exercise, proper and balanced use of jawline trainers will also give you the desired effect. It is important to be very careful when choosing jaw trainers. Some exercises that you can indulge in are neck curl-up, collarbone backup, or vowel exercises. 

A Tapering Muscular Torso 

A muscular torso with six-pack abs will be possible only if there are no fat deposits on your abdomen. Fat on the abdomen will cover any abs that you build with exercise. Planks and cross crunches are the best exercise for developing your abs. A high protein, low carb diet accelerates fat loss and muscle toning. 

A Broad Chest 

A bench press is one of the most common exercises that can build up a broad chest for men. Apart from the bench press, there are other exercises for obtaining a broad chest. A decline dumbbell press is also advised once or twice a week and it gives you excellent results. Flyes with the help of bands and chains is another very effective exercise. In the same way, squats tone up the lower body muscles, and dips tone up the chest muscles. Alternating between these exercises is sure to give you a chest broad enough to balance a glass of beer. 

Firm Triceps  

You might want to display your muscular biceps by wearing short-sleeve T-shirts but it is the triceps that form a major part of your upper body. If you want beautifully carved out triceps like a horseshoe, you must work out every part of the muscle, the long, medial, and lateral. A few exercises that will give you the perfect horseshoe triceps are the EZ-bar French press, the triceps dip, and the lateral head.  

A Broad Upper Back

A broad upper back not only adds to your physique and good looks, but it also gives you good posture and broadens your shoulders. Exercises meant for a broad upper back are also excellent for your cardiovascular health. The farmer’s walk and the snatch-grip deadlift are the exercises recommended for a broad upper back. 


A well-toned muscular body not only adds to your personality and physical appearance but also has a lot of health advantages. It increases your cardio functions, keeps you mentally fit, and gives you confidence. Gaining muscle mass must be done in a very scientific and planned way otherwise you might have to face some adverse effects. The tips shared in this article will help you go about it in the best way to get the desired results. 


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