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Every beginner gamer wants to get some gaming skills, while professionals, on the other hand, want to sharpen their skills. Thankfully, we have designed this article specifically for those needs. More so, Call of Duty: Warzone is a very challenging game and is worth your hunt for tips and tricks.

The information in this article is helpful for beginners and professionals alike. Also, you should endeavor to check for the best tools to simplify your gaming experience. Let’s explore the tips and tricks. 

Winning Tips and Tricks for Warzone 

  • Be smart about landing. 

There’re many possibilities in the world of Verdansk, including early death. Knowing the right place to land is very crucial in the overall outcome of your game, so let’s look into it. Also, you may either want to land early or late; it’s up to you.

One of the main things that come to mind is landing in a position where you can find the best loots. But know that you are not the only person that wants those loots so that you may be falling alongside some enemies. This is not always in your best interest, as you can be gunned out of the sky by whoever gets a weapon first.

  • Get Busy With Contracts

Completing contracts is a sure way of keeping up with Warzone competition. In addition to the cash reward you get after completing contract tasks, you also enjoy XPs. Also, you get a multiplier as you terminate each contract. The multiplier increases gradually with every arrangement you complete.

If you continue with contracts throughout your session, your multiplier can increase such that one agreement gives you thousands of dollars. Also, depending on your contract type, there are many bounties you stand to benefit from.

In Cold War, there are five contracts you can choose from to get you those bounties; they include supply run, Scavenger, Bounty, Recon, and most wanted. But if you are interested in making more cash in the game, we recommend completing scavenger tasks.

  • Take That Shot when you’re sure. 

It is natural for any shooter to want to pull the trigger whenever an enemy comes into view. In Warzone, that misplaced shot can cause you deep regrets, so hold your fire. Don’t take that shot even if you are using a sniper rifle and the target is slightly out of range.

This is because firing a bullet that misses an enemy alerts the enemy of your presence and eliminates the surprise advantage. In that case, either of two things happens, either the enemy fires back, or he runs for cover. Either way, it’s not in your favor because you may miss the kill or get killed instead.

However, you can still do something even after you miss: mark them- press up on the D-pad. This gives you and your teammates information about their position on the map.

  • You’ll Need Money

An easy way to make it through Warzone is by having enough money and having a great strategy. Cash will help you get those perks and some heavy-duty loadout that you won’t easily find in loots. So we recommend that you gather all the cash you can gather around the map.

A great way to go about Verdansk comprises opening chests and gathering as much loot as you can find. Making as much as $10,000 should be enough to get you a loadout drop. A humming sound usually characterizes loot chests, so listen for them.

But it’s not so easy to make enough money from loots, so we highly recommend that you complete bounty contracts. But it’s easy to lose focus of the dangers around in your search for cash and may run into an enemy unprepared. So, stay alert at all times.

  • Stay In Touch With Your Team

It may be a very demanding task to survive on Verdansk all by yourself, so you might consider belonging to a team. This gives you an additional advantage of having teammates look out for you. They can even help to heal or revive you.

However, to be effective as a team, you need to be able to communicate with each other. More importantly, never assume that they must have noticed what you want to warn them about. For example, you can be giving them information on whereabouts or warning them of enemies that are close by.

To effectively communicate with your team, you need to learn some callouts. Instead of using long sentences, a short callout can help you send the message quickly.


With the tips and tricks above, you can win more than you lose in Warzone. The Pros know what’s essential and consistently apply the best strategies to win. So, if you consider and use these tips carefully, you’ll finally taste that long-awaited win.  

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