Airport In Jacksonville: Important Facilities Provided

Transportation has played an integral role in most businesses. The earliest forms of transport were in the form of horse carriages. Transportation was revolutionized when the Wright brothers invented the first airplane. Initially, it was only accessible to the affluent class. However, more people can travel now in an aircraft due to economies of scale and increased purchase power.

With time, travelling by air became available in every country, leading to a rise in the number of airports. One of the most famous airports in the USA is the Airport In Jacksonville.

Traveling by flight can be a prolonged process. Passengers have to be present two hours before the flight takes off. So how do you spend time before departure? Airports have many retail outlets to keep passengers preoccupied. This can be in restaurants, bookstores, cloth shops, etc. In some cases, airport lounges are even compared to malls.

Each airport has a map that shows the various avenues within the airport. Apart from the multiple facilities, there are some crucial sections of an airport. Before entering the airport gateway, passengers must provide their ID proofs and tickets.

A terminal can be divided into departures (flights leaving the city) and arrivals (flights that are arriving).

Depending on the airport’s size, there can be one or more runways. Each runway can handle one plane at a time. The pilot is given information on the runways they have to land in.

With the increasing demand for air travel, hotels have established properties near airports. This provides convenience and saves time for passengers, especially those who have early morning flights.

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Jacksonville is a city located in Florida. It is the largest city in Florida, both by population and land area. Located on the Atlantic coast, Jacksonville is known for its sandy beaches and waterways and has the largest urban park system in the USA.

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Airport In Jacksonville

Jacksonville international airport is located in downtown Jacksonville. The airport operates both international and domestic flights. With about 200 arrivals and departures and spread across 7911 acres, Jacksonville international airport is one of the busiest airports in the USA. Currently, it is being handled by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority(JAA). There are over nine reputed airlines that operate in JAX. These airlines include Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Breeze airways.

There are different subsidiaries within the airports which have:

 1. Cecil Airport

The commercial wing of the airport in Jacksonville.

2. Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport

The corporate wing and a base for aviation schools.

3. Herlong Recreational Airport

The subsidiary has recreational activities like light sport aircraft, skydiving, gliders, etc.

4. Jacksonville international airport (JAX)

This international wing caters to inbound and outbound flights of the USA.

Facilities And Services At The Airport In Jacksonville

As mentioned in the article, passengers must arrive at the airport two hours before the flight takes off. Now, how does one amuse themselves for 2 hours? Luckily for passengers, there are several options for entertainment. The airport in Jacksonville has facilities like Wi-Fi, food and beverage outlets, retail shops, and many more.

Airport Facilities
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A) Shopping And Dining Options At JAX Airport

1. CNBC Newsstand

Primarily offers reading-based products, including newspapers, magazines, gifts, and convenience items. Especially beneficial if travelers want information about their travel destination.

2. PGA Tour Shops

As the name suggests, the shop consists of golf-related goodies. Jacksonville, in particular, is renowned for its golf courses.

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3. River City Travel Mart

One of the most popular and oldest retail outlets in the airport, River city travel mart is a convenience store that sells gifts, magazines, and convenience items to make traveling easier.

4. PGA Tour Grill

Another golf-themed facility in the airport. The PGA Tour grill is a full-service restaurant that follows the motto “Eat Smarter, Play Harder.”

5. The Local

Are you short on time and need food? Do you need to catch the flight early? The Local can solve your problems. It offers pre-packaged food and beverage services.

6. Starbucks

One of the world’s most popular coffee shop groups, Starbucks has made a name for itself by serving the best cappuccino and providing a warm ambiance for customers. If you are too confused about choosing between too many facilities, you can always spend your time in Starbucks while waiting for your flight.

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B) Hotels and Lodging at Jacksonville International Airport

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As mentioned earlier, hotel chains saw the rising number of airports as a business opportunity. Large hotel companies like Hyatt, Marriott, and Accor build airport hotels to target customers who either have early morning flights or are facing a delay. The airport in Jacksonville has two hotels on its property:

1. Double Tree by Hilton – Jacksonville Airport

A 15-minute walk from the airport, the double tree by Hilton has services like free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and 24-hour shuttle services.

2. Microtel Inn and Suites 

Jacksonville Airport: Starting at only $110 per night, the Microtel inn and suites do not burn a hole in your pocket. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi, mobile check-ins, and a 24-hour airport shuttle.

C) JAX Airport Mobile Application

The Jacksonville international airport has a mobile application available on android and apple operating systems. The app helps customers book tickets, track flight status, find parking for their vehicles, and even provides updates on the airport. The mobile application makes it easier for passengers to navigate the airport.


The airport in Jacksonville is one of the busiest in the United States. Along with the basic requirements in an airport, it has many amenities like restaurants, stores, and spas which entertain the customers and keep them preoccupied.


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