Art in Motion: Van Gogh's Immersive Experience in Tulsa Art in Motion: Van Gogh's Immersive Experience in Tulsa

Art in Motion: Van Gogh’s Immersive Experience in Tulsa!

The “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” arrives in Tulsa at the Country Club Plaza on various dates, promising a sensory journey through the life and works of this famous Dutch artist. 

Get ready to witness the lively swirls of colors and bold strokes that seem to glide on the canvas – Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces have fascinated art lovers for generations. Now,

Vincent Van Gogh has been awarded by CNN and has had over 5 million worldwide attendees. His amazing exhibition has become a global sensation; all the credit goes to those fortunate enough to be a part of this magic.

Now, Tulsa has a chance to be swept away in the artistic magic that has captivated cities across the US, Asia, and Europe. 


Here, you can discover a new perspective as the show gives a fresh way to appreciate the artistry behind each stroke when the work comes alive in a 360-degree digital show.

Get a chance to witness a unique virtual reality journey with eight iconic works inspired by “A Day in the Life of the Artist in Arles, France.”

You can also challenge yourself to create your masterpiece; this exhibit will surely delight your senses, from sound effects to digital displays. 

Get an experience of his life, witness his masterpiece, and unravel his secrets. If you have any questions, get in touch with us. 

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The Exhibition Unveiled: Dive into Van Gogh’s World and Secure Your Spots Now on Fever

The beautiful experience is waiting for you as the doors are open. Secure your tickets now from the Fever website for a journey that promises to be a part of your memories for a lifetime.

Van Gogh’s – The Immersive Experience gives you many choices in selecting tickets to cater to your diverse preferences. 

  • First in the line is a standard admission ticket; it’s a basic one that permits you to explore the fascinating world of Van Gogh’s creation.
  • But wait, if you are seeking a touch of luxury, we have something for you: VIP admission. It comes with a touch of luxury and privileges like skip-the-line and commemorative posters to cherish the memories. 
  • You can also go for Premium Flex Entry VIP: level up your experience with the freedom to full access at any time on your selected date. There’s more on the menu for you, like entry to the VR adventure, skip-the-line perks, and a poster. This path exclusively ensures a premium encounter. 

You are also getting a chance to enhance your experience with add-ons, which make your adventure more worthwhile:

Van Gogh Immersive Experience Art Exhibit Opens This Weekend In Tulsa
  • Photo Add-on: Get a chance to capture your moments with a photo in front of a green screen; you also get a chance to choose from the selection of Van Gogh-themed backgrounds. 
  • Merch Add-on: Take a part of your experience home with a pencil case tin, playing cards, and a key chain, each full of the essence of Van Gogh’s genius. 

For those who want a more personalized touch and essence, take a look at the website for custom packages and private sessions- perfect for full buyouts and exclusive gatherings. 

Your Passport to Van Gogh’s World

Here, we have no age limit, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of age, making it perfect for family outings and adventures with friends. The exhibition venue is also wheelchair accessible.

Various dates and times are available; you can select your preferred slot directly in the ticket selector to match your schedule. You can find us to enjoy this amazing event in Country Club Plaza, which provides the backdrop of this extravaganza.

If you have any queries, consult the FAQs section here and clear up your doubts. Get the convenience of free parking without facing any stress about finding a spot. 

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience | Fever

A Quick Recap

  • What – “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience”
  • When – Select your preferred slot directly in the ticket selector to match your schedule. 
  • Where – Country Club Plaza, located at Tulsa’s 3364 E 51st St.
  • Tickets – Get your tickets now from Fever

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