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Sip & Savor: 25 Enchanting Asheville Coffee Shops to Explore

Looking for that perfect coffee shop and a perfect cup of coffee while in Asheville? Asheville coffee shops are known for their ambiance, specialty drinks, coffee syrups, cold brew, and many others, making them popular places to visit if you want a conversation over a cup of coffee and a great atmosphere.

An excellent cup of coffee may improve your attitude and liven up an otherwise drab day. So, if you are in Asheville, head to one of the nearest coffee shops, sip on a hot coffee, and see how it lights up your day and changes your mood.

1. Asheville

Asheville & The Blue Ridge Mountains - Adventure is Calling

Asheville, known as the ‘San Francisco of the East,’ is the largest city in western North Carolina. Located at the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is picturesquely breathtaking, and the city sets the tone for craft beer, food, and wine. It is at the confluence of the French Broad River and Swannanoa River and is active in arts, dramatic arts, and music.

Many tourist attractions in the city attract visitors to Asheville, and the community is not just about theatre and performing arts; Asheville coffee shops are equally popular with the Asheville coffee roasters, iced drinks, food selection, and free wifi. The coffee here is distinct and will attract you to any coffee shop in Asheville to try their coffee. This is an experience any coffee lover is going to enjoy.

2. Asheville Coffee Shops

Asheville Coffee shops are one way to enjoy the city’s vibes. The coffee shops are famous for their coffee, follow environmentally friendly practices, and offer some of the best coffee you can have.

Asheville Coffee Shops

2.1. Asheville Club

Asheville Club is a popular coffee shop and a live music venue that is the haunt of all those who enjoy listening to modern music. The place has coffee, craft beers, and wine paired with music, and the atmosphere here is lively and electric.

2.2. Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar

If you are in downtown Asheville, the Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar is a must-visit place. Books, bubbles, wine, antiques, beverages, fizzy drinks, and food are the main attractions here. The outdoor seating is inviting on a good sunny day.

They have live music at times, and there are also poetry readings for all those who love to indulge in coffee, drinks, wine, poetry, and music.

2.3. Bean Werks Coffee & Tea

If you are in the city or belong to Asheville and are looking to visit any of Ashville’s coffee shops, this is one of the best coffee shops to sip the local coffee.

The coffee beans used here are certified by naturally grown, organic, shade-grown suppliers, Rain Forest Alliance Approved, Fair Trade, and others. The delicious coffee here provides the Asheville community and beyond with a good coffee time, and one of the coffee spots not to miss if you are in Asheville.

Bean Werks Coffee & Tea | Coffee Shop in Asheville

The small batch roaster coffee, blends, and tea at the Bean Werks Coffee shop have takeaway options, and serving the best cup of coffee and tea has always been the priority here. You can also buy the coffee beans of your choice as they have a variety of beans you can choose from.

2.4. Counterculture Coffee

Learn more about brewing, coffee making, and customized tools to know about the seasonality of coffee at Counterculture Coffee.

This place is a place to learn about coffee forever, and they give excellent tips on choosing the coffee method that suits you the best. Use their brewing techniques to customize your coffee recipes and have a great coffee experience.

2.5. Double D’s Coffee & Desserts

Step into the double-decker bus and have this unique experience of tasting roasted organic coffee and desserts at Double D’s Coffee & Desserts. The ambiance inside is cozy and comfortable; free wifi is available and gives a memorable espresso coffee experience.

By ArturVerkhovetskiy/ Depositphotos Copyright 2022

Double D’s caters to tourists, and it is touristy and is one of the coolest food trucks in the city. Sip the beer while standing outside or atop the double-decker bus.

Enjoy one of their specialty beverages; they are as exotic sounding as their names. If you are looking for a great coffee time, this is one of the great coffee shops to visit. 

2.6. Farewell

The greatest coffee in Asheville is served at the hip Farewell Coffee Roasters, which also offers a beautiful assortment of espresso drinks and light fare. The place is stylish, and they get their coffee beans from all over, giving great flavors to the coffee.

2.7. French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Travelers and locals throng the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Pack Square to enjoy coffee, hot chocolate, and desserts. Sip your coffee with some truffles of vegan and gluten-free treats.

2.8. Green Sage Cafe

Green Sage Cafe in downtown Asheville serves an excellent assortment of espresso drinks, farm-to-cup coffee, whole-leaf teas, smoothies, and raw juices.

The cafe serves scratch-made pastries and meals and has vegan and gluten-free options. They offer many choices, so if you are looking for something more exciting in terms of coffee shops in Asheville, Green Sage Cafe is one of the Asheville Coffee shops to go to.

2.9. Grind AVL

Grind AVL coffee shop is in the River Arts District location and supports the Asheville Black Community. The coffee menu in this black-owned coffee shop is very good, and they have space for coworking and holding events.

2.10. High Five Coffee

The High Five Coffee is not local like some other coffee places mentioned here, and it features Counterculture Coffee and perfectly roasted coffee beans. The traditional Barista’s Choice is good for visiting the High Five Coffee.

There are five High Five Coffee locations in Asheville, NC, and this family-owned business coffee joint is quite popular in Asheville. They have some authentic creative ingredients for the coffee, like the Burundi Espresso with blueberry and ginger. The lattes and expressos are all perfectly brewed and presented.

2.11. Izzy’s Coffee

This coffee shop in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina, serves exotic brewed coffee, baked products, and snacks. It is a funky coffee den sparsely furnished but with a lot of seating for coffee lovers to catch up with friends and family whenever they feel like it.

The place is priced well, and if you are on Lexington Ave, Izzy’s Coffee Shop is a nice place to visit.

2.12. Le Bon Cafe

At the Le Bon Cafe’s small truck cabin, you can drink one of the best coffees in Asheville. They always have something new and different to offer customers. If you are looking for coffee, pastries, and meeting people, this is the place to visit in Asheville, NC.

2.13. Liberty House Coffee and Cafe

The freshly brewed espresso coffee and house-baked goods attract tourists and locals to this cafe for freshly brewed coffee and light meals. The salads and sandwiches served here are sourced from local and regional suppliers, and some ingredients are taken from the garden.

The Liberty House Coffee and Cafe is packed on sunny days. This repurposed house has a nice laid-back atmosphere and is an ideal place to meet friends and converse over coffee and light snacks. This is one of Asheville’s Coffee Shops where you can enjoy some of the finest and freshest flavors of the region.

2.14. Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe

If you love coffee and reading books, Malaprop’s Bookstore/cafe is the ideal place in Asheville. Grab a cup of espresso coffee and walk around the place, searching for books on the bookshelves, or take a book and spend time reading. They host author events and support local authors.

Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe

2.15. Odd’s Cafe

This cafe is of great importance to local suppliers, and Summit Coffee Co. coffee is brewed here. Pastries from the local bakery shops are served here, and local artists’ artwork on the walls is available to buy.

2.16. Old Europe Pastries

This is one of Asheville’s oldest coffee shops known for its gluten-free, vegan cupcakes. They also deliver goodies and desserts if you order online.

Old Europe Pastries has something for everyone: gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegans, or Celiac.

2.17. Owl Bakery

The Owl Bakery is famous for its coffee, croissants, and cardamom buns. You will notice a lot of French influence in the bread and baked foods available here.

2.18. Pennycup Coffee Co.

Pennycup Coffee, Asheville, NC, is one of the small-batch coffee roasters in downtown Asheville. The coffee beans here are roasted to the exact perfection required to meet the taste of the best warm beverage and make drinking coffee in Asheville an event to remember. The freshly roasted coffee beans available here vary in taste.

Pennycup Coffee shops are there in various locations in Asheville. Though the seating here is limited, enjoy the coffee offerings here, and it will soon be one of your favorite coffee shops in Asheville. Like the Summit Coffee Co., the Pennycup Coffee Co. also follows sustainable sourcing practices.

2.19. Rowan Coffee

From selling coffee from a pop-up stand for a year to a building, Rowan Coffee Shop is known for its simple menu and best latte in Asheville, NC. The alternative milk options and flavored add-ins give them an edge over most coffee shops in Asheville.

2.20. Summit Coffee Co.

Asheville coffee shops are a good way to spend time with family and friends, and there can be no better way to bond over a cup of coffee and discuss life.

Summit Coffee Co. at the River Arts District Asheville has the perfect outdoor seating, and they want customers to have a lot of fun when they visit the cafe and make their coffee sessions vibrant and lively.

Asheville coffee shops
By AllaSerebrina / Depositphotos Copyright 2022

Like Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar, Summit Coffee Co. is also on the historic Grove Arcade. They source their coffee through Fair Trade and other trade relationships. Get a bag of their coffee beans to take back home and have the same coffee taste while drinking coffee at home.

2.21. Trade and Lore Coffee

If you love brewed coffee and are in downtown Asheville, head to Trade and Lore Coffee for the highest quality coffee, beer, wine, and food.

The Trade and Lore Coffee shop is on the historic Wall Street, known for its cobblestone streets, Gingko trees, and Flat Iron Sculpture. Enjoy the food selection and the avant-garde decor, and cozy it up with your friends and the best coffee.

The food selection here is limited, but there are enough coffee choices for coffee lovers to get a caffeine fix.

2.22. Ultra Coffee Bar

Ultra Coffee Bar has great breakfast sandwiches and an excellent caffeine mix, making it one of the Asheville Coffee shops to visit. The dog-friendly patio, welcoming staff, and the hot and delicious brew are inviting.

2.23. Vortex Doughnuts

Vortex Doughnuts is the perfect place for coffee and doughnut lovers. Along with their signature coffee, they also have vegan and gluten-free donut options, and you also get the Dobra Tea here.

Vortex Doughnuts | NC Weekend | UNC-TV

2.24. Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe

This bakery and cafe serve locally roasted coffee, delicious birthday treats, and handcrafted edibles to suit everyone’s palate. Gluten-free and vegan delights are also available, and there is something for everyone to enjoy at Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe.

3. Final Words

Asheville coffee shops have a lot to offer to coffee lovers, and they are spread out all over the city, giving travelers and locals easy access to their best coffee shops while in the city. Visit one of the Asheville coffee shops, and while sipping coffee, watch the world at your own leisurely pace.

Each one of Asheville Coffee shops is unique, different, and unconventional, making them delightful places to visit for a cup of coffee. Visiting these coffee shops is also a good way to connect with the city’s culture.

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