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9 Amazing New York Vacation Spots You Need to Visit

New York City is America's largest city and home to one of the world's most diverse urban populations. New York City is home to...

6 Types Of Bees That Are Deadly

Bees are an integral part of many ecosystems, and they play an important role in producing honey. With hardworking bees pollinating flowers all over...

9 Animals Which Are Extinct

There are many types of animals which are extinct. Many now-extinct animals actually flourished for a few hundred thousand years before they vanished forever....

How To Get Rid Of Ants

As the weather warms up, people across the country will be spending more time outdoors and many of those people will need to worry...

9 Most Famous Female Blues Singers

"Blue" is a genre of music. It stands on its own as a color that can be used to describe things such as "the...

Best Rappers Of All Time

Who are the best rappers of all time? We can't say definitively because tastes vary, but thanks to rap music's relatively young history, discussions...

Everything You Need To Know About The Great Horned Owl

Let’s take a look at one of North America’s most iconic birds, The Great Horned Owl, also known as the ' Winged Tiger '...

9 Animals That Hibernate

Hibernation is the act of one animal sleeping through winter. The term comes from "hiberna" Latin for "winter sleep." Hibernation was once thought to...

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Why? Well, they spread diseases like malaria and dengue fever. It's important to take...

What Do Possums Eat?

About Possums Generic Name: Possums. Scientific Name: Phalangeriformes. Type: Mammals Possums are a type of opossum, a marsupial whose name means "grasping hands. "Possums are common in most...

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