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Wonder view of the texas hill country

Lodged at the top of Texas hill country in Burnet, the Falkenstein castle is the paradigm of a fairytale castle within Texas.

Among the many castles located in Texas, Castle Falkenstein of Burnet, Texas, is the most splendid castle in grandeur, beauty, and fantastic architecture.

Sitting atop Texas land, 50 miles outside of Austin, Falkenstein Castle looks over nearly three counties, two lakes, and over fifty miles of the site of Texas hill country, including the grounds of marble falls.

The Falkenstein castle is one mile west of Longhorn Cavern State Park in Texas. Castle Falkenstein, Texas, sits within 113 acres of private grounds, with the structure of the Falkenstein castle taking up to four acres of castle grounds and a height reaching approx 90 feet.

Texas is a house to many castles. All beautiful, majestic, and glorious. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Castle Falkenstein holds the place of being the most beautiful of them all.

It not only lives up to our image of the perfect fairytale but also represents all those castles we read about in modern fantasy tales.

History of Castle Falkenstein Texas

Texas developer Terry Young and his wife, Kim Young, brought this castle into being.

The couple dreamed up building the Falkenstein castle after they visited the Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany. The architecture was developed by the king of Bavaria, King Ludwig II.

The couple got inspired by another information they heard during their visit. It was about the king’s uncompleted project of a castle.

It is said that the Youngs were great fans of the king of Bavaria’s work. During their travel in Germany, they explored the lovely castle Neuschwanstein and were lucky enough to be graced with the king’s drawings, who prepared these drawings to be built someday.

There were two or three drawings for future castles, and one of those castles gave this couple an idea to build a piece of architecture that would be compared with every other in the world.

The name of the Falkenstein Castle was inspired by an idea that the king of Bavaria conjured up to build another castle with the name “Falkenstein castle” to it. The Youngs heard this tidbit and immediately thought of building a great piece of architecture.

Their tour to the castle Neuschwanstein brought about the construction of Falkenstein castle in 1996, which ultimately became the couple’s romantic castle, and the grounds have ever since been private.

A tour to the Falkenstein Castle

Castle Falkenstein Texas
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Castles are a reminder of our childhood imaginations to enact the role of a king or a queen, even if it were for a single day or night.

That is one of the reasons why people rent this place to become a king or a queen for at least one night and imagine reining over the ruins that might very well be a town you rule upon with the Falkenstein castle as your castle. How amazing does that sound?

The castle provides a breathtaking view from the hilltop. Moreover, both the interior and the exterior of this grand castle are resplendent. It lives up to the imagination of everyone who ever dreamt of living in a fantasy world.

Upon entering the castle, the first sight that awaits you is the royal chapel. It is exquisitely built, representing every bit of the time period this castle was built. Anyone would want to get married at such a sublime palace.

All the bedrooms are enormous, with each one adorned with a four poster bed and some of them even having a chaise lounge in them.

Furthermore, all the rooms in the castle have multiple windows, giving the castle an airy feel to it, with a heavenly view of the area surrounding the castle.

The kitchen in the castle is filled with all the amenities, with a seating area adjacent to it. Additionally, there is also an elegant dining area to enjoy your meal feeling just as royal as you felt upon entering the castle.

Along with the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the bedrooms, the castle also has a separate stall for a shower and a gaming room with a pool table.

Mahogany chairs occupy almost every room of the castle. To add to the palace’s beauty, the walls have been adorned with even more alluring and celestial paintings. Arts that are splendid in an otherworldly way.

The beauty of the castle does not end at this point because all over the castle have been spread marvelous statues, which make you want to look at them all day long just for the sake of admiring their beauty.

Falkenstein Castle, a sight to behold in Burnet, attracts people with its fairy tale weddings, special events, and majestic photos to rent the castle even if it’s for an hour or two. You could experience being a part of a royal household for that time period.

Imagine the weddings that take place in the grandeur of Falkenstein Castle. Castle Falkenstein, Texas, has become famous as the perfect event venue for special events like charity or balls. Its extravagant glory makes it worthy of all the praise and admiration it receives.

You could plan a royal wedding-themed in the medieval ages. Even though the castle is not meant to live in, and experience such as the one mentioned is worth every penny. It would be your special day.

Being the host of one such event in castle Falkenstein is all that any fairytale lover wishes for. Being decorated for any event, Castle Falkenstein would be glorious to look at, and you can capture these moments in your pictures to relive whenever you want.

Moreover, the castle looks so majestic with its opulence that anyone can see it from marble falls. Your event would be the talk of the town with its aesthetically pleasing design.

A day in Castle Falkenstein texas

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By: JeanMartin on Flickr

What does your perfect day in castle Falkenstein, Texas, look like? Is it simply clicking thousands of photos from every location to capture the splendid memory of being in the castle Falkenstein and posting it on Facebook?

If so, you would love the backdrop of a chapel with chandeliers glowing above you. You would love the artwork, and the statues and no amount of pictures would make you feel as if you’ve had enough of this glorious ride.

Would you instead prefer the exterior ground for the photos? There is so much majesty to this castle of dreams that it is nearly impossible to choose a single place to favor.

The grounds of Castle Falkenstein, Texas, also hosts a Koi pond with a soothing waterfall, a themed gazebo, and a bubbling stream with hidden crystals from across the world, for you to savor and save the memory of a day well spent with virtual as well as eidetic photos. You can even give food to the fish in the Koi pond. Doesn’t it all sound lovely and make you live in the castle forever?

Or maybe your perfect day in castle Falkenstein involves lazing around and playing video games? Castle Falkenstein, Texas, has amenities for that too! The castle houses 6 rooms, as mentioned in the listing, with every room containing the necessary items required for you to enjoy your stay in the castle.

You can play ping pong or pool, try your hand at darting, play a vivid range of games in the Oculus Quest VR system, or play basketball in the outdoor region.

If that doesn’t match your perfect day, you can lay down and watch the classics and series on the thousands of DVDs available to you for your entertainment.

Or do you enjoy reading, writing, painting, and exploring the world of artwork? If that is what you need to make it your perfect day in this castle, you are in for a lovely surprise!

Falkenstein Castle holds a great collection of ancient cultural arts, art glass, and some works of art that date back to a thousand years. Some of the best works of all time available in the museums can be found in Castle Falkenstein Texas.

Or maybe your perfect day in the castle also happens to be your wedding day? If that is the case, enter the chapel, be the kings and queens, and get married inside the walls of your castle. This is your moment to shine and get your fairytale wedding.

This is one of the most opulent and marvelous locations to get married. It’s your day, your majesty; enjoy the tour!

Whatever your perfect day might look like, it is still a day in the Falkenstein castle. So, do not wait up; rent this castle for a day, night, or an entire weekend and live like royalty!

This castle is a living example of a dream come true, a dream that King Ludwig saw. So, if you are someone who believes in dreams, you must visit this castle.

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