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This post includes an article on “All you need to know about Hermosa beach weather” that you must consider before setting yourself to the beach; read the top stories.

If you plan to go to the beach today, there cannot be the best use of technology to put in.

Technology such as the weather forecast can be put to greater use. It can help you recognize the place and give you details such as sunrise, sunset, moon phase, clouds, and dew point.

Therefore, let you control your urge to visit a beach after ensuring that it will be sunny all day.

Things you need to know!

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Hermosa Beach is in Los Angeles County, California. Hermosa Beach is known for its tourist-friendly weather and its popular games, including paddle boarding, surfing, beach volleyball, and sunbathing.

The beach offers good swimming areas, and it has a clean coastline where you can walk along with your family.

Hermosa Beach has everything to offer, kites fly in the sunny wind, grab a coffee, and watch the sunrise or sunset with your loved one.

The light breeze traveling 6 mph touch can soothe your skin and make you never leave the place.

If you are a beach person, Hermosa is one of the beaches you need to visit. And to make your visit better, we have put together all the information you need to know.

Keep reading!

Get Things Clear as Wind

Climate Vs. Weather

Most people are confused between weather and climate. Both terms are different. Weather is termed as the conditions of the atmosphere over a brief period, and climate is how the atmosphere is over extended periods.

Weather is described as the atmosphere and its effects. Weather can change from minute to minute. Often, we think about the weather as temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, and gas pressure.

Climate vs Weather
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Climate can be described as the long-term pattern of weather in a place. Climate can be the average weather for a given region and period.

And today, in this article, we will know about the weather around Hermosa Beach so that you can enjoy the beach day to its fullest.

History: Back in Time


The term “Hermosa” is derived from the Spanish word Beautiful. No wonder why it is beautiful! Located in the South Bay region of the Greater Los Angeles County coast, California, this beach is a must-visit.

Hermosa beach is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy your day with your loved ones. Hermosa Beach, California, is famous for sunbathing, beach volleyball, surfing, paddleboarding, and bars.

Thanks for the geographical advantage which Hermosa beach weather has. Hermosa Beach, California, is one of the three Beach Cities. The beach shares its boundaries with Manhattan Beach and Redondo beach.

Hermosa beach experiences 325 days of sunshine a year on the Pacific Ocean. The area is nestled on a vast open bay.

Unlike the other parts of Los Angeles, Hermosa beach enjoys a cool breeze directly from the ocean that keeps the air clean and fresh, free from smog.

Smog Free Evening and Little rain

Generally, it’s cooler at a beach than it is on the land. It is sunny on spring day and is quite pleasant. Here, the summer stretches from May to late October; and temperatures can reach about 30°C at the beach during these months.

At the start of November, it is about 20°C. While during late January, temperatures are around 17°C.

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However, the hot, dry Santa Ana winds are most common during the winters. Hermosa Beach experiences its rainy season from late October through late March.

Winter storms start from the northwest and pass the Southland quickly. Hermosa Beach experiences little rain during the rainy days, and the beach clears off the clouds and gets mostly sunny skies.

Usually, the sunny sun burns the fog off by afternoon. Sometimes the beach stays cloudy and cool all day during June; along the line, areas around Los Angeles enjoy sunny mornings and warmer evenings.

Northeast Wind or Northwind

Santa Ana is also called Northeast Wind or North Wind. These Winds are sturdy, High-speed, and dangerous winds; these periodically kick up and blow from the mountains to the coast in South California.

Dry descent winds have an effect on coastal southern California and the northern peninsula. They originate from cool, dry hard-hitting air plenty within the nice Basin.

Northeast wind or Northwind is best known for the new, dry weather they bring about in this time of year (often the most well-liked of the year).

These winds have low humidity and bring up a hot cozy environment. Referred to as the “Devil Winds,” North winds can be lifesavers.

Hermosa beach weather

Things to keep in mind

Hermosa Beach area does not experience snow. This area gets 14 inches of rain, on average, per year. The number of sunny days at Hermosa Beach in California is higher than the average sunny days around Hermosa beach.

Precipitation around Hermosa beach is low. The precipitation observed here is in the form of rain, sleet, or hail that falls to the ground.

Western sea breezes reduce the high temperature in the Hermosa Beach area. The temperature in Los Angeles County is sire high, but Hermosa beach enjoys the light temperature at clear noon.

This helps to keep the smog away 360 days of the year. Hermosa’s average temperature is 70 °F (22 °C) at mostly clear noon in the summer and 55 °F (13 °C) in the winter.

September, July, and August are the most pleasant months with partly cloudy weather in Hermosa Beach, while the report suggests December and January are the least comfortable months.

Make sure you check these:

Climate Averages

The hottest month for Hermosa Beach is the month of August, and this month has an average temperature of 77 °F, which makes it cooler than other places in California.

In Hermosa Beach, there are 6 comfortable months with high-temperature ranges of 70-85°.

Weather Highlights

Summer High: The highest temperature is 76 degrees

Winter Low: the January low is 48

Rain: 14 inches of rain

Wind: Clear wind

UV Index: 8.24

Best Place for Comfort:

Hermosa Beach
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According to the data, Hermosa beach weather has been awarded a 9.3/10 for being the best place to find comfort due to the best weather and the clear wind the beach city has offered.

The beginning of August is the hottest month for Hermosa Beach, with an average elevated temperature of 77.0°, which ranks it as cooler than most places in California.

The 6 comfortable months have a temperature range of 70-85°. At Hermosa Beach, August, September, and July are considered the most pleasant months.

In Hermosa Beach, there are 4 days annually when the elevated temperature is over 90°, which is one of the coolest places in California.

The month of December has the coldest temperature during the nighttime, and the temperature falls to an average of 47.8°. Making it one of the warmest places. Thus, making Hermosa beach weather a place for comfort.

In Hermosa Beach, there are days when there is a low temperature at night times, and thus it falls below freezing, making this place one of the warmest places in California.

The humidity is usually comfortable at the beach, but some summer days can be muggy. August, July, and September are the most humid months. August is a humid month, though the humidity is less than in many other places.

Things to Note

Our responsibility is to note these things before we start heading out to the beach at a perfect hour. The month of February has been recorded to be the rainiest month with 6 days of rain, and the month of August has been the driest of all with a bit of rain over a month.

There are thirty-two rainy days annually on the city beach, which is less rainy than most places in California. The Spring season is reported to be the rainiest season, where it rains half of the time, and the autumn season has only a chance of 3% of rain.

February is the month that experiences a huge amount of downpour in Hermosa Beach with 3.5 inches of rain, and the month is august has been in the talk for being the driest month with 0.0 inches.

The month of February is Spring, with 63% of yearly precipitation, and 1% occurs in Autumn, which is the driest season. This makes Hermosa Beach weather one of the driest weathers in California.

Keep a note:

This coming Wednesday, it will not be mostly cloudy but rather mostly sunny. Temperature highs are likely to reach 22 °C. The beach has a UV-Index of 8 points; thus, make sure to protect your skin using a lotion properly. Overnight light air is noticeable (1 to 7 km/h).

At the break of the day, a light breeze blow (7 to 12 km/h). Wednesday afternoon, a gentle breeze is expected (12 to 20 km/h).

Winds blow overnight from the Northeast, in the morning from the East, and during the afternoon from the West. Gusts to 28 km/h are possible. The Hermosa beach weather hourly forecast for the beach is likely to be accurate.

Summing Up

After checking the points, you can prepare yourself to enjoy Hermosa beach weather out in California. Pack up some sunscreen and bring the best out of your visit.

If you are tired and want to relax with your loved ones around you or move up your arms and play beach volleyball, you are coming to the right place at the right time.

Hermosa beach weather can set your mood to the right tone and make your stress vanish in a moment. Pack up and start at Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County, California.

Hop on to some games, check your fitness out, compete, and show them you’re the best. Don’t forget to bring a beach ball and have fun with your family.

Before you head out, using a weather forecast can make you aware of the weather around you. Happy Holidays!!

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