Best Art Galleries in Laguna Beach: 13 Places to Visit

Historically, Laguna Beach has been an artist colony. It has the Pageant of the Masters, the Festival of the Arts, and the Laguna College of Art and Design. So naturally, there are a lot of great art museums and galleries in Laguna Beach. A visit to an art gallery in Laguna Beach should be on everyone’s list, whether you are an art lover or a tourist.

1. The Art Galleries In Laguna Beach To Visit

1.1. Dawson Cole Fine Art And Sculpture Garden

Dawson Cole Fine Art in Laguna Beach was set up in 1993, and it is one of Laguna’s top galleries, with works from renowned artists like Picasso, Matisse, Chuck Close, Wayne Thiebaud, and more.

The institution focuses on contemporary and modern sculpture, prints, drawings, and unique works from American and European masters.

The gallery offers many works from well-established and emerging artists, With a special focus on Contemporary, Early Modern and West Coast Regionalism.

Visitors can also enjoy the painting with a visit to the gallery’s stunning sculpture garden, which offers a beautiful setting to soak up the California sunlight.

Dawson Cole Fine Art operates from two specific places, situated in Laguna Beach and further south in Palm Desert. The Laguna Beach Gallery is located at 326 Glenneyre Street. On the other hand, the Palm Desert Gallery is situated further south at 73-199 El Paseo, Suite H, Palm Desert.

Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery has a diverse collection of artwork from 14 to 20 artists from all corners of the world.

Most of the pieces are created by Elena Bula Tova and Effie Messiah, both of whom have garnered recognition for their work. Elena’s art has been featured in popular TV shows such as “Ray Donovan,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “Lucifer,” “Scorpion,” and “C.S.I. Los Angeles.” For the 3,000th hit, Effie Messiah has been awarded for her work on the Angel Stadium.

The gallery’s international collection includes pieces from Thailand, Israel, Russia, and beyond, featuring pop, beautiful, new, and young artists.

Visit Elena Bula Tova Fine Art at 265 Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach, which has been open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily for the past two years. Additionally, they have three other galleries in other locations in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert.

1.3. 7° [Seven Degrees]

[Seven-degrees] is an award-winning, renowned contemporary art museum and event venue in Laguna Beach, California, just a short distance from the ocean in the Laguna Art District.

This contemporary facility, featuring glass, steel, and granite, challenges traditional architecture with its asymmetry and angular lines, contributing to its unique name.

The venue has an impressive 25,000 square feet, which serves as a blank canvas, offering the best gallery and endless possibilities. It includes a front gallery, four artist work/live studios, a hillside terrace and sculpture garden, and a technologically equipped media lounge.

The [seven-degrees] also hosts wedding experiences with a dedicated wedding curation team that aims to reflect the love and individual style of the couple.

One of [seven-degrees]’s core missions is to foster a self-sustaining and dynamic environment for artistic expression, innovation, exhibitions, special events, and activities, particularly emphasizing multimedia arts.

Resident artists frequently offer open studio and gallery tours and contribute to the creative process of event design. The venue continuously showcases rotating art exhibits, ensuring a fresh and diverse experience for guests, and exposing them to various artistic endeavours.

The Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art (LGOCA) in Laguna Beach shows a range of cool art forms from emerging and mid-career artists, both regional and international.

The gallery focuses on creative disciplines and offers a unique blend of paintings, sculpture, glass, and metal creations, so the art gallery has a diverse selection of displays.

LGOCA stands out from typical art galleries with its diverse collection and non-traditional setting. Additionally, the gallery features artists whose works support or bring attention to humanitarian causes.

The contemporary art exhibition is at 611 South Coast Hwy in Laguna Beach, California.

1.5. Laguna Art Museum

Anna Hills, Edgar Payne, and other artists established the Laguna Beach Art Association (LBAA) in 1918 to promote art knowledge and advancement. They raised funds and successfully opened the Steele Gallery in 1928, which remains in existence today.

In 1972, the LBAA transformed into the Laguna Beach Museum of Art, thanks to a growing permanent collection of donated works and loan exhibitions. In 1986, it became the Laguna Art Museum, as it is known today.

The museum collects and displays California art, from private collections, offers educational art programs, and presents music, films, dance, and visual arts programs.

It organizes events featuring special exhibitions, outdoor art installations, panel discussions, and family activities centered around art and nature engagement.

The Laguna Art Museum is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding Wednesdays and major holidays.

JoAnne Artman Gallery established in 2008, presents dynamic and diverse exhibitions by acclaimed artists in Laguna Beach, CA and New York, NY.

The Gallery takes pride in featuring a wide variety of contemporary fine art. From acrylic to wax, oil to mixed media, and watercolor to bronze, the exhibition offers a diverse range of modern art in Laguna Beach, CA.

.The exhibit’s artists are chosen for their unique artistic expression and exceptional skill. JoAnne Artman Gallery artworks have been displayed and acquired by museums and private collectors nationally and globally.

Five 3 was created by gallerist Brigette Hernandez, and it showcases a diverse range of exhibitions and events, providing a platform for various disciplines, cultures, and contexts. It aims to satisfy and excite collectors of established and emerging artists.

It supports artists from diverse backgrounds and recently showcased ‘Five 3 Goes POP!’, a free group exhibition of six gorgeous paintings by contemporary artists in the Pop Art style.

The Five 3 represents many established and emerging artists, such as Tim Bessell, Kym De Los Reyes, Larry Stewart, and Jennifer Zizman.

The Fine Art Gallery showcases Bill Mack’s works and a varied and eclectic collection of original pieces, limited-edition prints, and sculptures by other artists. Additionally, it displays original sculptures, oil paintings, and fine art prints.

The gallery provides artist receptions, art classes, workshops, and special events for families and children of all ages and skill levels. Its goal is to make art accessible to everyone, and these events and classes are a fun way to learn more about art.

The address of Bill Mack Gallery Laguna Beach is 574 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, California.

Avran Fine Art in Laguna Beach offers a diverse collection of glass, sculpture, and original paintings from renowned artists worldwide. Over the past eight years, It has become renowned in Southern California for its exceptional collection of museum-quality glass art.

With a focus on Eastern Europe’s rich artistic legacy, the museum-quality pieces are a testament to the artists’ exceptional skills. From Hungary, Bulgaria, and China to Southern California, Avran showcases the works of true masters in their mediums.

It is a must-visit for established and art collectors, offering fresh and imaginative art. Some of their permanent notable artists include Laszlo Lukacsi, T Barny, Qi Qun Pan, and Blu Smith.

The collection features various glass styles, sizes, and colors, ranging from cast glass to cold lamination. Each glass sculpture is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, reflecting the artist’s techniques and months of dedication.

When visitors step into Avran, they are treated to a unique, beautiful atmosphere and unparalleled art experience, as each artwork represents and highlights the artist’s individuality.

In addition to glass art and original paintings, it also features exceptional freestanding sculptures and wall installations. As a prominent addition to the Laguna Beach art scene, Avran offers a fresh and imaginative approach to fine art, catering to established collectors and emerging art enthusiasts.

Avran Fine Art offers private appointments and home consultations to ensure a personalized art experience for its valued clients. The gallery is at the Collection Suites in Laguna Beach, precisely at 540 South Coast Highway, Suite 106 (and Exclusive Gallery, Suite 104).

Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach, California, is a large and diverse art exhibit. It is situated in the HIP District at Cress Street and South Coast Highway. The gallery showcases many paintings and a wide range of original artwork by 18 talented local award-winning Southern California artists.

The extensive collection includes various mediums such as Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Photography, Stone Sculptures, and Bronze Sculptures. The gallery staff are friendly and will guide you in finding the perfect piece of art.

The operating hours and directions for Artist Eye Gallery are from Sunday to Thursday, and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., while on Fridays and Saturdays, it operates from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 1294-A So. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California.

Sandstone Gallery, located on the Pacific Coast Highway in North Laguna Beach, is an abstract art gallery that showcases a variety of landscapes and abstract painting styles in oil, acrylic, mixed media, monoprint, and watercolour.

The original art gallery is easily recognizable by its original cedar shake shingles, large turquoise awning, and craftsman-style architecture that mirrors the beauty and character of Laguna Beach in the 1940s.

Sandstone Gallery has been operating in the exact location for the longest run of almost all of the art galleries on Laguna Beach’s Historic Gallery Row since 1981. It is a cooperative collection of artists who make all decisions regarding the operation of the art gallery space.

The gallery hosts an exhibit by a guest artist each month, some of whom have a national and international presence.

Gallery hours are 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily (closed Tuesday), and they are happy to open anytime by appointment or bring work to your home for personal viewing. They also open for Laguna Beach’s First Thursday Art Walk (the first Thursday of each month) from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The LCAD Gallery was established in 1961 and is situated on the LCAD campus in a 10,000-square-foot area in Laguna Beach.

It is one of the most prominent Laguna Beach art galleries, with a diverse range of exhibitions throughout the year, including solo, group, and themed exhibitions.

The institution also hosts various events like artist talks, workshops, and lectures. As a member of the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries (AAMG), the LCAD is renowned for its dedication to promoting the work of emerging artists. In 2022, it was honored with the “Best Emerging Artist Gallery” award by the Orange County Arts Council.

The gallery’s educational programs have also received acclaim, with its “Art in Action” program receiving the “Outstanding Arts Education Program” award from the California Arts Council in 2021. Notably, the establishment attracts many visitors, both locals and tourists.

LCAD showcases exhibitions by renowned artists and emerging students. Situated in downtown Laguna Beach, its purpose is to support the educational and cultural goals of Laguna College of Art and Design’s studio majors.

The Gallery’s annual exhibitions aim to nurture students’ talents and aesthetic awareness while also fostering community appreciation for diverse art forms. The public is free to view the LCAD Gallery’s exhibition.

Kelsey Michaels Fine Art in Laguna Beach was founded in 2007 by Kelsey and Michael Irvin. Since then, they have collaborated to bring something new to the art world.

The art gallery offers a diverse collection of contemporary and mixed-media art from over 70 renowned international artists. Their Laguna Beach art galleries showcase around 36 of these artists in their exhibition programs.

You can find them on North Gallery Row, Laguna Beach, conveniently across from the Laguna Art Museum.


Laguna Beach is not all about the beach but also about galleries. In short: it is where life is not just about catching a wave, it is about catching the latest, most exciting art.

These are just some highlights of the few mentions out of more than 100 art galleries and artist studios to explore, and you will understand why Laguna Beach is a beloved art colony.

The art galleries in Laguna Beach will undoubtedly satisfy your peak interest in art. Whether you are a visitor, art enthusiast or serious art collector, there are many different genres of art galleries to explore that will meet your expectations.

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