Internet drug store concept doctor holding prescription medicine through a laptop screen. Internet drug store concept doctor holding prescription medicine through a laptop screen.

Can You Buy Medication Using Online Prescriptions? 

The impact of internet and web technologies can already be seen and felt in the healthcare sector. Telemedicine and telehealth care are already a norm in many countries to help treat a particular health problem. Patients can get an appointment with their healthcare provider right from the comfort of their own homes. The demand and value of telehealth only grew under the recent attack of the pandemic worldwide.


However, what about online prescriptions, and is it safe to buy medications online? First of all, one has to be clear about what exactly online prescriptions are and how they work.


Online prescriptions

 Online prescriptions, as the name suggests are prescriptions are meant for purchasing medications online. These actually repeat prescriptions from your doctor that you use online to purchase your medications with the help of your phone or tablet. However, you first need to speak to your GP to set up your online prescription orders with your preferred pharmacy or chemist. One also needs to check if the online prescription services are available in your area.

 Online prescriptions are safe to use, provided you are following all the rules and regulations. The pharmacy you use should be willing to supply your medications online and should be a reputed one. There should be an agreement made between the physician and the pharmacy for your online prescriptions to work. There should be clear information with the pharmacy about the medications and the quantity option.


In some countries, the government supports online prescriptions to make things easier and more convenient for the patient. It is simpler for one to receive regular prescriptions without the need to visit the doctor to get your prescription or the local pharmacy to purchase the medicine. All you need to do is intimate the pharmacist about your online prescriptions, and the medicine gets delivered right to your doorstep. One has to be more cautious when buying online mental health medication.


Thus, one can certainly buy medication using online prescriptions but provided they have a legitimate online account registered with their physician and the chemist. It is a huge mistake to use fake prescriptions and try to buy medicine without a valid prescription from an online pharmacy. Already countless fake online pharmacies are running without a license. They are willing to supply any medication at lower prices and ship worldwide. Stay away from such pharmacies as they are involved in illegal practices and sell cheaper drugs of low quality. That can be dangerous for your health as the harmful ingredients can only add to your health risks and may cause dangerous side effects.


 Given below are some pointers to keep in mind when using online pharmacies:


  • Always use a legally valid prescription from a healthcare professional, which could be paper-based or an electronic prescription.
  • Telehealth services offer prescriber services on their websites and arrange online consultations and a prescription.


  • Choose a licensed online pharmacy with a good reputation in the market and keep away from the shady ones.
  • Learn how to distinguish between commercial websites that could be fake and registered online pharmacies that are legitimate.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of your state and consult your family doctor to learn more about using online prescriptions to buy medicine.


Use genuine prescriptions to buy safe and genuine medicines online from a reputed pharmacy. Keep yourself and your family safe when it comes to when buying medicine online. As there are already rogue online pharmacies operating, one should be very careful with their prescriptions and when shopping from internet-based pharmacies. If you are careful, you can prevent those counterfeit medicines sold by fake pharmacies from reaching your house.


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