Candlelight’s Tribute to Taylor Swift in Charleston

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Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift
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One thing about Taylor Swift fans, they will never miss an opportunity to attend a Swiftie event. Even more so, they are looking for ways to attend more of them! If you are someone who loves Taylor and her music, there is an event you will love to check out.

Candlelight presents “A Tribute to Taylor Swift”, on 12 May 2023 at the Unitarian Church in Charleston a one-of-a-kind experience that will enrich your senses, all in Taylor’s magical rhythm! Catch talented instrumentalists and immerse yourself in the best tunes of your favorite artist.

1. What is the Candlelight Tribute?

The Candlelight Tribute is an innovative way to engage the audiences with the music they genuinely cherish. In this case, Candlelight presents a tribute to leading pop artist Taylor Swift by giving her popular songs an instrumental twist. All of this is done in a candle-lit and ambient atmosphere.

Candlelight Event
Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift on Feverup

The music is known to induce sensory relaxation in the listeners while also letting them enjoy their favorite artist’s music. The goal is to create an aesthetic listening environment.

Widely loved songs like Lavender Haze, Lover, Wildest Dreams, All Too Well, We Are Never Getting Back Together, Blank Space, Enchanted, and several others are part of the program. The Listeso String Quartet will be performing at the event.

2. When can I Catch the Event?

The Candlelight Tribute to Taylor Swift is all set to take place on 12th May 2023, with several time slots available while booking the tickets! Advanced bookings have already begun, so you can begin planning much earlier.

3. Venue of Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift

The Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift is an exciting upcoming event that is taking place at the Unitarian Church in Charleston, which is often the location for happening events.

4. Timings for Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift

The event, Tribute to Taylor Swift, will be ongoing on 12th May, 2023 from 6: 30 pm to 9:00 pm; and you can choose for an optimal slot according to your needs while you book the tickets.

There is also the option of choosing private concerts of about 40 people, which can be made possible by contacting the concerned management. The event is meant to run for 65 minutes without the allowance of latecomers.

5. Additional Details to Keep in Mind about the Event

Kindly note that to attend the event, the minimum age requirement is 8 years of age and children who are under the age of 16 years must be in attendance with an adult.

Seats at the event are given on a first-come first-serve basis so the guests are requested to arrive before their slot. The venue is also made specifically ADA-compliant.

Several fans who have attended events by Candlelight have quoted them to be thoroughly amazing with a modern touch, which is more than enough reason to give it a try!

6. Where can I Get the Tickets to Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift

The tickets to the event are available at the official Fever website where there are options under Zone A which is $35 per person, Zone B at $45 per person, and Zone C for $55 per person. Interested patrons are requested to book their tickets at the earliest since they are rather quick to sell out.

7. Catch the Candlelight Tribute to Taylor Swift in Charleston

  • What- Candlelight: A Tribute to Taylor Swift
  • When- 12th May 2023
  • Where- The Unitarian Church (4 Archdale St, Charleston, SC 29401, 29401)
  • Time- 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Tickets- Get the tickets to the event on the official Feverup website

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