Candlelight Celebrating Black America in New York

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A group of black jazz musicians playing the orchestra showing that the black community exchanged cultural jazz music. An event is organized by Candlelight for Celebrating Black America in New York.
Courtesy: UnlimPhotos 

America is a vast country. With centuries of historical perspectives and diverse cultures merging throughout time, this is a place of one of the greatest cultural exchanges in the world.

An important part of cultural exchange is the different kinds of music and coming exclusively from the people of the Black community were beautiful Jazz anthems and moving Soul music. This unique and touching experience is now meant to come alive on the 15th of July 2023 during the Candlelight: Celebrating Black America- Jazz, Soul, and Blues in New York’s Opera House.

Here is everything you must know!

1. What is Candlelight: Celebrating Black America?

Amidst its many ventures, Candlelight is finally celebrating an important part of history by putting up a performance of the soulful music created by Black communities over the years.

The concert is a gorgeous candlelit theme with warm hues to properly set up a musical ambiance. The program means to make you experience the music with utmost delight. The performers will be Pure Soul NY, presenting on vocals, saxophone, drums, bass, and piano.


The cover footage of the event of Candlelight: Celebrating Black America from Fever. Multiple candles are burning together with golden dimmed light.
Photo on FeverUp

2. When is the Candlelight Celebration Happening?

The Candlelight celebration of Black America is happening on July 15th, 2023. Advanced booking has already begun, and only a few tickets are left so you should grab them fast!

3. Where is “Candlelight: Celebrating Black America” Taking Place?

The Candlelight: Celebrating Black America concert will take place at The Opera House in Brooklyn, New York. The venue is often known for important events. Patrons are requested to book their tickets on time to avoid the rush.

4. What are the Timings for the Candlelight Celebration of Black America?

The Candlelight Celebration of Black America will begin at 6:30 pm and go on till 9:00 pm (65-minute show). The doors will allow entry 45 minutes earlier. Please note that latecomers are not allowed entry into the concert.

If you wish to have a private concert of about 40 or more people, you can contact Candlelight Management. 

5. Program and Additional Details

Kindly note that during the concert, the group will be performing on prominent numbers such as Nina Simone’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free”, Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”, “Thinking ‘Bout You” by Frank Ocean, Ella Fitzgerald’s Summertime, Ray Charles’ “What I’d Say” and the list goes on.

A picture of a violin placed by the side of a piano. It indicates the event of Candlelight: Celebrating Black America.
Photo by David Lusvardi on Unsplash Copyrights 2019

Note that seating is given on a first-come-first-serve basis, please be on time to get the ones of your choice. Peopled aged below 16 are required to be accompanied by an adult. Admission to all over the age of 8 is permitted.

In terms of accessibility, the venue has been made ADA-compliant. People who attend Candlelight-organized programs have nothing but praise for these concerts!

6. Where Can I Get the Tickets for Candlelight: Celebrating Black America?

The tickets for Candlelight musical concert are available on the official FeverUp website and the tickets for the three zones retail for different prices.

Zone A tickets are $65 for one person, Zone B is $45 per person, and Zone C is $30 for each entry make sure to buy the right tickets at the right time.

7. Catch the Candlelight Celebration of Black America in NYC

  • What- Candlelight Celebrating the Black American Music in NYC.
  • When- July 15th, 2023.
  • Where- 288 Berry Street, The Opera House, Brooklyn, USA.
  • Time- 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (gates allow entry 45 minutes before commencement).
  • Tickets- Available on FeverUp ($65/$45/$30).

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