Causes Of Data Loss In An Organization

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Worried Man Looking At Computer Screen With Data Leakage Message On Desk At Office.
Worried Man Looking At Computer Screen With Data Leakage Message On Desk At Office. Source: Depositphotos

Data loss is a big blow to any business. While it is unavoidable, a business needs to ensure that there is no data loss. For instance, enlisting the services of a company like NAS storage and backup is a sure way of preventing data loss, and even though it gets lost, it can be easily retrieved. But first, you need to understand the primary causes of data loss and warning signs to stay alert when doing your business and avoid the pitfalls.

Accidentally Deleting Files

One of the top risks of data loss is accidentally deleting a file or part of a text in a file without having any backup in place. Deleting part of a file accidentally when updating them happens frequently. Commonly, people lose valuable data every day when the main aim is to update them. This would remain a significant risk, especially if they did not have a backup system.

Therefore, there is a need to save work and make frequent backups daily or even weekly. A good backup program automates the backup process depending on how you have programmed it to save your documents. It could save you the time and hassle of retrieving it or getting on the ground to fetch the same data once again.

Mechanical Damage To Your Hard Disk

A computer hard disk is one of the most fragile parts of your PC as it breaks down more often than other components of your computer. A hard drive has many moving parts; hence it breaks more easily. There are ways you can retrieve data from a damaged hard disk. However, the process can cost you a fortune.

The problem, however, is that with a faulty hard disk, there are no guarantees that you can retrieve most of your essential data. While hard disks can die their natural death, they may also come with many manufacturing defects. While you might not know these defects firsthand, you need to stay safe by backing up data frequently.

Viruses And Malware Infections

New viruses keep popping up daily, putting your valuable data at risk. A B2B international survey suggests that up to 35% of IT specialists reported that viruses and malware infection were the main reasons their organization lost data. While being connected to the internet is beneficial to any company, it also comes with risks.

The most common entry of viruses is through your email and phishing. A computer virus can corrupt, encrypt data and even steal it. It can even corrupt your computer hardware and infiltrate the whole network.

Power Failure

Power surges and outages are detrimental to your organization’s data. Power surges can result in an unexpected shutdown of your computer and take a toll on the computer components. Operating systems are designed to follow a proper shutdown procedure, and in case of a power outage, failing to observe the correct approach can render your computer inoperable. Businesses need to invest in surge protectors to protect themselves from power surges and indefinite computer shutdowns due to power outages.

While losing your computer can stress you out, losing all your data is even more stressful. Therefore, you need to have a backup plan to ensure your crucial data is safe and secure.

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