A Guide to Curtain Bangs with Layers: 26 Trendy Curtain Bangs for 2022

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curtain bangs with layers
Photo by Chu Cuong from Pexels

Don’t you just love it when old trends start being in vogue again? From mom jeans to plaid mini skirts to flip phones and baguettes, the list goes on. Here’s another trend that has made a comeback and we’re all for it.  Curtain bangs with layers! Yes! It’s back again and with so much versatility!

Curtain bangs are not a new trend and were first started in the ’60s and ’70s. I mean let’s be honest, we have all, at some point in time, fantasized about looking glamourous like Bridget Bardot while flaunting our luscious locks with her iconic curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs with layers have been on the spotlight for quite some time now. It tends to exude an exquisite and sophisticated look with lesser maintenance and is super flattering which is why it has been trending.

If you are hesitant to try it out for fear that it might just not suit you, then here is a piece of good news for you. Curtain bangs with layers just sit well with almost any type of face shape as they can be styled in many different ways to best complement one’s facial features.

What are Curtain Bangs?

In simple terms, curtain bangs are like fringes but are parted gently from the center. It usually has the shortest lengths of hair at the center and gradually gets longer as you move towards the side of your frame. The subtle layers give an effortlessly styled look, which makes it so popular.

Curtain bangs are no longer just confined to the typical parted bangs that frame the face. There are countless numbers of varieties of curtain bangs ranging from baby bangs to curtain bangs with layers.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that would give a slimming effect to your face then curtain bangs with layers are the real deal for you. They are so versatile and complement different lengths of hair, whether straight or curly and it suits women of all ages.

There are so many variations and types of curtain bangs so if you are planning on getting curtain bangs with layers, do elaborate it to the stylist so that you get exactly what you want. It is also so much helpful and easier if you show images to the stylist while describing them.

Before you pay a visit to the salon for your new curtain bangs, you need to know exactly what type of curtain bangs you want, whether simple curtain bangs or curtain bangs with layers. So here is a guide to different variations of curtain bangs and curtain bangs with layers to help you pick the right one.

1. Layered Curtain Fringe

This type of curtain bangs with layers complements women over 30, giving a good framing of your face, especially with long hair. The subtle layers to the curtain bangs provide soft edges that are quite flattering.

layered curtain fringe
Photo by Amar Preciado from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Besides the curtain bangs with layers, adding some layers to the rest of the hair gives it some texture.

2. Long Curtain Bangs on Layered Hair

If you have long layered hair, you need to try out this hairstyle. Long curtain bangs on flowing layers of hair give a dreamy look with just the right amount of volume around the face.

Long curtain bangs on straight hair
Photo by Vika Kirillova from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Curtain bangs with layers on layered hair are also something to look out for. The layers throughout the hair’s length and the long curtain bangs are bound to give an effortlessly flouncy hair look.

3. Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

Long hair with curtain bangs that stop just below the brow line is an absolute treat. It frames the face well and shows just the right amount of forehead.

Curtain bangs for long hair
Photo by Anastasiia Shevchenko from Pexels/Copyright 2022

If you’re looking for a hairstyle to cover a wide forehead then give this hairstyle a go. It gives that pop of volume to an otherwise flat long hair.

It also requires low maintenance and is a ready-to-go hairstyle that is good for a daily look.

4. Curtain Bangs with Layers on Thick Hair

Those of us with long thick hair would know the struggles of styling it. However, add to it some curtain bangs with layers, and voila! we have softly layered curtain bangs that add volume at the top as it glides downward and blends with the rest of the hair.

Curtain bangs for long thick hair
Photo by Reem Mansour from Pexels/Copyright 2022

The layers running down the length of the hair gradually remove the bulkiness of thick hair. This avoids the typical pyramid shape that so often takes form on long thick hair.

Curtain bangs with layers also work well on thick wavy hair with subtle layers.

5. Face Framing Layers with Curtain Bangs

Face framing layers are a good investment if you are looking for a haircut to slightly change the appearance of your face as it can elongate a round face shape or soften the edges of a square face shape.

face framing layers
Photo by Wellington Cunha from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Adding curtain bangs to face-framing layers accentuates the volume of hair and its flowy layers.

This is however not a wash-and-go type of haircut. It looks best when blow-dried and styled with a round brush. Set the hair using a hair spray to keep the layers and bangs in place.

6. Layered Curtain Bangs for Round Face Shape

Giving some layers to your curtain bangs work well for rounded face shapes. It also gives volume and texture to thin hair and reduces bulkiness in thicker hair.

layered curtain bangs for round face
Photo by Chu Cuong from Pexels/Copyright 2022

It can either be let loose to softly hug the frames of your face or can be styled with an updo with the layers falling freely on the face.

7. Long Feathered Curtain Bangs

This haircut is best suited for medium hair or thicker hair. The feathered curtain bangs have the shortest length of hair at the center and rest just above the tip of your nose. It gradually gets longer with each layer as its moves away from the center of the face.

feathered bangs
Photo by Claudia Barbosa from Pexels/Copyright 2022

It is best styled with a round brush by curling it away from the face. These types of curtain bangs with layers give a bold and edgy look.

8. Curtain Bangs on a Shag Haircut

The shag haircut has been on the rise lately and it is so versatile that it can be cut or styled to suit individual taste. Curtain bangs on shag haircuts work well to blend in with the texture and volume of the hair. It gives an effortlessly chic look to your shag haircut.

shag with curtain bangs
Photo by Mateo Almendares from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Different types of curtain bangs can be worn on a shag haircut depending on the look you are aiming for.

9. Face Framing Curtain Bangs

This type of haircut is a good choice for those who have long hair and want to change their hairstyle without cutting off the length of their hair.

face framing bangs
Photo by Serena Koi from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Face framing bangs give a very feminine and sophisticated touch. Add to it some loose waves and you are bound to rock those ’80s inspired look.

10. Long Straight Hair with Curtain Bangs

Long straight hair does not need to be boring. Add some soft curtain bangs to bring some liveliness to your hairdo. It is super classy and perfect for a daily look.

long straight hair with curtain bangs
Photo by Renan Braz Silva from Pexels/Copyright 2022

It would especially look best on those with long face shapes as it will widen the area around the cheekbones. It can also be styled to frame your face well while keeping it subtle.

11. Wispy Curtain Bangs

Wispy bangs are stylish and help to enhance your cheekbones. Keep the bangs mildly parted and slightly curl the ends of the longer pieces away from the center to give it an effortlessly cool look and to add that natural weightlessness to it.

wispy bangs
Photo by inna mikitas from Pexels/Copyright 2022

It is also a great choice for those of us with fine hair. It gives a very chic look and soft appearance whether styled in an updo or let loose.

12. Shoulder Length Hair with Curtain Bangs

Medium hair length is flattering for women of all ages. Style curtain bangs along with it for some added charm. You can opt for wispy curtain bangs or some soft curtain bangs with layers.

curtain bangs on medium hair
Photo by Navid Sohrabi from Pexels/Copyright 2022

You can also add some soft waves or beach waves to your hair to rock the wavy hairstyle with curtain bangs with layers.

13. Curtain Bangs for Curly Hair

Ladies with curly hair, do not fret because curtain bangs look absolutely stunning on wavy hair as well. The voluminous hair texture gives it a natural bouncy look, blending well with the curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs on bob
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Curly bangs suit well for all hair lengths but try medium-length hair with layers to give the best look. You can also personalize the bangs to best complement your face shape.

14. Soft Curtain Bangs with Layers

Now, this is a hairstyle to die for. If you are looking for a dreamy hairdo then soft curtain bangs with layers are the way to go. The wispy feathered bangs give lightness and dimension to your hair and are best suited for longer face shapes.

face framing layers
Photo by Matheus MMK from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Soft curtain bangs with layers are easy to style and blend well with layered style hair, forming a loose curtain that frames your face and enhances your features.

15. Asian Curtain Bangs

The best thing about curtain bangs is that it is so versatile that they can be styled to suit all hair length, hair types, and hair color.

Asian women tend to have straight hair with darker hair colors and they can rock curtain bangs that can be styled in many gorgeous ways.

asian curtain bangs
Photo by Nguyễn Tiến Công from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Go for some long curtain bangs with layers for a subtle look or a wispy fringe for a modern twist. Curtain bangs with layers and soft waves can also be very flattering on darker hair colors.

16. Bob with Curtain Bangs

The bob haircut is simply timeless and adding bangs to it gives it a modern touch that is so trendy and youthful.

curtain bangs on bob
Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Wear curtain bangs on your bob to sport a chic, minimal, and statement look. Adding soft curls to your bob will also bring out an air of elegance.

17. Bardot Bangs on Layered Hair

We all know about the Bardot bangs by the one and only Bridget Bardot who is a style icon. She is known for her gorgeous curtain bangs with a center part, which complemented her features and framed her face.

Add some layers to your hair with soft tousled curls to give it a voluminous appearance.

18.   Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Long wavy curtain bangs on wavy hair is a hairstyle you cannot go wrong with. It just gives a stylish ‘yeah-I-woke-up-like-this’ look and who doesn’t want an effortless look like that!

wavy hair with curtain bangs
Photo by Victoria Strelka_ph from Pexels

Keep it flowy, keep it tousled and you are good to go. Adding layers to your wavy hair will give more volume and movement without much styling and maintenance.

19.  Soft Fringe Curtain

This type of curtain bangs gives an innocent feminine appearance and best suits the oval-shaped face. Part the fringes slightly to give it a soft texture and a light feel to it.

Fringe curtain bangs
Photo by Bernard Lee from Pexels/ Copyright 2022

It can be worn with any length of hair and looks best for a casual day out. Keep the hair down or have half of the hair clipped back and add some soft curls for a dainty look.

20.   Subtle Wave Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs on long hair with the subtle wave are the way to go for a simple yet stylish look. Blow-dry the curtain bangs using a large round brush to add some movement to it.

soft waves with curtain bangs
Photo by Vika Kirillova from Pexels/Copyright 2022

It makes a good ‘daily look’ and can also be styled to fit different occasions. It shows how curtain fringes can be carried so effortlessly.

21.   Long Soft Curtain Bangs

Long soft curtain bangs tend to smoothen out the features and give a mild and feminine appearance. Part the bangs slightly and give the edges of the bangs some gentle curls.

long soft curtain bangs
Photo by YongJoo Ko from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Women with short thin hair can sport this look effortlessly. Fluff out the hair slightly with loose waves to give it some dimension and movement.

22.   Medium Length Center Part Curtain Bangs

Medium-length curtain bangs look great for almost any length of hair. Keep it light and center-parted to get a subtle look.

Center part curtain bangs
Photo by Victoria Strelka_ph from Pexels/Copyright 2022

It can also be styled with layered hair to give it some volume. You can also add some curls to the rest of the hair.

23.   Long Straight Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs don’t have to be spectacular or dramatic all the time. For a simple look, go for long straight curtain bangs that hug the frame of your face in all the right places.

It gives a slim appearance and elongates the face, bringing out elegance and charm.

Long straight curtain bangs
Photo by Vladimir Konoplev from Pexels/Copyright 2022

If you have straight hair then this type of curtain bangs will work well as it requires minimal maintenance.

Run your fingers through the curtain bangs to flip it back for an effortless fluff to your hair while it is let loose, or style it to frame your face while tying the rest of your hair in a messy low ponytail.

24.   Side Sweep Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are usually parted at the center to evenly frame the face on both sides. But who says there are any rigid rules to that. Curtain bangs parted towards the side are just as appealing.

Part the bangs slightly from the side of your face and sweep clean towards the other side to create a subtle and neat framing for your face.

side part curtain bangs
Photo by Владимир Васильев from Pexels/Copyright 2022

This gives a classy vintage vibe that just screams glamour! It can be worn on open hair with gentle curls at the tip ends of your locks for a posh and clean look.

25.   Baby Curtain Bangs

Here’s something to try out if you’re looking for a quirky and fun look. Whether you have curly or straight or wavy hair, baby bangs will bring out a stylish and trendy outlook.

It however may not suit a square or a heart-shaped face as it would emphasize the sharp edges which is not what you would want.

short choppy curtain bangs
Photo by Monica Turlui from Pexels/Copyright 2022

Baby curtain bangs with layers will also add lightness and fluff to your hair and adding some curls to it will give it a wholesome look.

Baby bangs will also suit straight hair, bringing out an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. Slightly part the baby bangs for an effortless on-the-go look.

A Final Note

It can be a bit overwhelming to pick a style to suit you from so many different hairstyles. The idea is to pick one that would complement your best features. Do have a small briefing with your stylist to help you choose the curtain bangs that would work best for you.

Whether you want to go crazy or keep it subtle, curtain bangs will do the trick.

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