Dabs vs. Bong Hits: Which Is Better?

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A close-up transparent glass filled with a wig from a pink vape smokes and stands on a black isolated background. Glass bongs for smoking soft focus.
A close-up transparent glass filled with a wig from a pink vape smokes and stands on a black isolated background. Glass bongs for smoking soft focus. Source: depositphotos

A preferred modus operandi for smoking weed is a thing of seasoned weed buffs. Whether you prefer lighting up a doobie for a gradual euphoria or using a glass or water pipe to experience a sudden punch, it all comes down to personal choice.


With many weed-smoking alternatives, choosing the right approach may pose a challenge. However, don’t get your socks in a twist just yet – we are about to break down the ins and outs of dab rigs and bongs and help you to discover which one suits your weed needs and expectations best.


If you’re one of the 150 million weed lovers worldwide, you might want to stick around and continue reading our handy guide on dab rigs and bongs. We’ll let you in on the specs, perks, and drawbacks of each so that you can make an educated choice.

The Evergreen Approach: The Bong

The good, ol’ traditional bong is arguably one of the most widespread ways of using marijuana buds and has been around for quite a long time.


Even though most weed buffs prefer the hands-on approach of rolling up a joint, bongs (water pipes) still hold a special place in the cannabis culture. Our guide to vaporizers will help cannabis users get all the details surrounding bongs and dab rigs, as two of the most popular weed-smoking methods.


Both weed smokers and non-smokers are familiar with the bong; it’s also a commonly exploited weed-smoking prop used in pop culture today.


A bong is a water-based pipe that filters out cannabis vapor through the water to deliver smokers a cleaner, more potent hit. You would be surprised to know how many types of bongs are out there, each styled differently, but all deliver the same result – a powerful punch of THC.


Water pipes, i.e., bongs, use a weed flower placed inside the bowl, also known as the slide. After heating the bowl containing the weed, smoke will begin to form, letting you know it’s time to inhale.


Over time, the classic bong has been subjected to design alterations to meet modern-day smokers’ needs.


Types of Bongs

The cannabis market today is packed with all sorts of different bong types. You’ll find everything from fancy-looking glass bongs to water pipes with intricate details and even classic, plain bongs.


When purchasing a bong, you usually get what you paid for – how much you decide to splurge on a bong will condition the item’s quality.


For instance, going for the cheapest type of bong, like the straight tube, doesn’t mean you won’t get baked. However, with it, you won’t be able to experience the ultimate punch that a percolator bong can deliver.


Here’s a list of the most popular types of bongs present on the market today:


  • Multi-chamber bongs

  • Straight-tube bongs

  • Carburetor bongs

  • Gravity bongs

  • Globe bongs

  • Percolator bongs

  • Beaker-shaped bongs


Dab Rigs: The Future of Weed-Smoking

It’s not that unusual for a weed lover to be unfamiliar with the concept of dab rigs and what purpose they serve. A newbie in the cannabis world might think bongs are the latest say of weed-smoking apparatuses, but they would be wrong.


Even though dab rigs have been around for a few years, there are still a lot of question marks hovering over the heads of non-users.


Dab rigs are water pipes, much like the bongs, but their ‘trigger’ is not a weed flower. They work by using THC concentrates, known as dabs, hence the name. Dabbing is the process of using a dab placed within the dab rig that’s heated up to a high temperature and inhaling the smoke.


What separates classic bongs from dab rigs is the used material – bongs run on weed buds to produce inhalable smoke, whereas dab rigs use dabs (THC concentrates) to generate a more potent THC hit.


Types of Dabs

Dabbing has become the go-to weed-smoking approach for many weed heads within the cannabis community. It’s worth mentioning that dabbing is the preferred weed-smoking choice for dedicated, long-time weed smokers with a high tolerance for THC strength.


THC concentrates are without a doubt the most potent cannabis products out there, and they can be found in many forms, like:


  • Distillates

  • Wax

  • Resin

  • Shatter

  • Isolate

  • Live Resin


Each dab delivers a potent THC punch that isn’t recommended to use by inexperienced weed smokers or those with a low tolerance for THC strength.


The different types of dabs result from different approaches and processes of extracting THC from the herb.


How Are Bongs and Dab Rigs Different?

Essentially, both bongs and dab rigs serve the same ultimate goal: to deliver a potent hit. However, there are a few similarities and differences that characterize each of the most popular weed-smoking methods. Here’s a summary of their characteristics:


  • A bong runs on marijuana flowers, whereas a dab rig uses THC concentrates (dabs).

  • In a bong, the weed is placed in a slide inside the bong; dab rigs use a nail to heat up and vaporize the dabs.

  • Dag rigs are smaller than bongs to ensure smoke travels faster to the mouthpiece for inhalation.

  • Using a bong requires a lighter and some weed, whereas dab rigs are more complex and need a few tools, including a handheld torch to heat the concentrate to scorching hot temperatures.

  • Generally, a dab rig is pricier than a bong.


Which One is Better: The Novel Dab Rig or the Classic Bong?

There is no correct answer to this question simply because both the dab rig and the bong serve for weed-smoking purposes, and choosing one over the other is ultimately a matter of preference.


Dab rigs are more popular among long-time weed smokers who aren’t afraid to experience a strong punch of THC. In contrast, bongs are still the preferred choice among seasoned weed heads looking to feel a solid yet moderate hit of THC.


Since classic bongs are simpler to use, old-school weed smokers choose them over dab rigs. On the other hand, trend-chasers in weed smoking choose dab rigs as the ‘it’ gear for the ultimate, most powerful weed high ever.


Whatever you decide to buy, remember to choose quality items, maybe even splurge a little, ensuring they will satiate your thirst for weed and last you longer.

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