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Auburn Football Recruiting: 7 Essential Facts to Unveil

Football has always been a lucrative sport here in the US. This steady flow of viewership and revenue has led to a lot of clubs vying for the best recruitment strategy. Among those teams is the Auburn Tigers. However, what about Auburn football recruiting separates them from the pack?

Clubs employ different recruitment policies to develop and assemble the best starting team possible. This is why recruits need to mull things over.

To the uninitiated, Auburn Tigers is a football program that represents Auburn University in American college football. Here’s everything you need to know about the recruiting process the Auburn Tigers swear by. This also covers how college football recruiting works in general. 

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1. What Do Coaches Look For? 

Getting recruited is a challenge. Not everybody will be able to match the lofty standards of college football. Auburn football recruiting is borderline ruthless because of the stressfully high expectations. 

However, it’s this sense of difficulty that makes being an Auburn football recruit so rewarding. The mentality to break through the barriers set up by football recruiting is something coaches look for. However, this isn’t the only piece of criteria. 

Getting recruited is grueling. Students hoping to make it to the football program need to fit a certain weight and height standard. This criterion is necessary if you want to be considered eligible for football recruiting. This also applies to college football recruiting in general. 

2. Know The Guidelines

To achieve your goal of becoming a college football player for the Auburn Tigers, focus on these factors –

2.1 Position-based Skill Sets 

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Different positions in the game require different attributes to succeed. For instance, quarterbacks need to be adept at passing and quick decision-making. Whereas running backs, on the other hand, must be skilled at running, blocking, and even receiving. 

Young people hoping to make it to the big leagues need to work in multiple areas. They need to be the best version of themselves. This gives them the best chance of getting recruited by Auburn football recruiting. 

Students should be proactive and interact with their coach to reflect on areas to work on. This even includes asking what positives to build upon. Often, most athletes don’t bother engaging with their peers and coaches to gain insights and feedback. 

2.2 Awards and Varsity

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Awards and varsity experience are prerequisites for college football, and football recruiting maintains this as a priority. Auburn’s college football program is one of the best in the country, so students will have to give it their all.

It’s a prestigious recruitment program, and not everybody can make it as a recruit. This is what makes the Auburn Tigers so special. However, something to keep in mind is that factors like the school recruiting and the competitiveness of the conference also come into play here. 

Smaller recruit schools may require the recruit to be a 3-year varsity starter and compete for multiple years at a conference level. On the other hand, a larger school with an impressive sports program may not require this. 

3. How to Get Recruited?

The most important thing to start with is researching which schools are aligned with your interest and what division level you qualify for athletically. However, this is a watered-down version of what it truly takes to qualify for Auburn college football, and a lot of aspects are taken into consideration. There are quite a few things to keep in mind if you want to get recruited. 

3.1 Equate Expectations with Talent 

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College football isn’t easy. Millions try out every year, but not everybody succeeds. It can take up a lot of time and not everybody will be able to manage the pressure that comes with football recruiting. Make sure you’re ready to commit to this.

It’s also imperative to critically analyze your skillset and athleticism and regularly track your progress to make sure you can keep up with college football standards. 

 Discuss things with your coach to figure out which division you best fit in before making a decision. Playing in a suitable division allows you to grow to your full potential, thereby increasing the chances of getting recruited. 

3.2 Football Teams in All Divisions 

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It’s important to delve deep into research to find out the nitty gritty. It’s also important to study all the football colleges the country boasts. With over 850 football colleges, it’s important to understand the distinction among them to make the best decision you can make.

4. Research Schools 

Research schools thoroughly. Then, shortlist a number of them to get recruited. It’s common to see a lot of people recommend contacting around 20-30 college coaches if you want a shot at college football. 

It’s advisable to have 5 safety schools; these are schools that the recruit may not have necessarily hoped for but are a solid backup plan. Keeping in mind around 10 target schools is the ideal way to move closer towards recruitment. Target schools are the schools that best match your ability in terms of athletics and academia. 

For that added incentive, a lot of people even recommend having 5 reach schools. These are schools that may be expensive or be too athletically and academically demanding. It’s a good way to make recruits push boundaries and outperform themselves. 

5. A Stunning Highlight Video 

Highlight videos are very important. Coaches can’t go around analyzing every athlete, especially considering the large swathes of athletes who try out for Auburn football recruiting every year. 

High school athletes need this even more if they hope to make it into football recruiting since high school athletes only play a single game a week. 

A lot of factors go into an objectively good highlight video; some of those involve using varsity footage since it displays the recruit’s skillset in a major game. It’s also important to stay away from anything unnecessary like music or intros; keep it strictly related to football whilst showcasing the best of your abilities. 

A clear sign that coaches are impressed with your highlight video is if they ask for the full-game footage or a live tryout.

6. Football Camps, Combines, And Showcases 

As we mentioned earlier, coaches don’t have the time to go through everybody’s performances in great detail personally. Millions of people opt for college football tryouts, and that includes football recruiting, too. 

Just like highlight videos, other things athletes can try out for are football camps, combines, and showcases. Football camps present an excellent opportunity for athletes who want to show off their skills to coaches they’re interested in. 

Showcases and combines are also an excellent way to gain traction among coaches as elite-tier athletes. Coaches may not necessarily attend football camps, but showcases and combines help athletes get verified football stats taken by a trusted, third-party regulatory body.

Athletes are tested for various skills. These include the 40-yard dash, 3-cone drill, shuttle run, vertical jump, and broad jump.

7. College Scholarships 

Scholarships are a great way to secure your path in terms of academic and athletic prowess. However, before delving into this, students need to understand how collegiate scholarships work. 

If you’re in the pursuit of getting recruited, then the many divisions in college football shouldn’t sound too complex. However, to those who may not know, the division you play in will impact your chances of getting a college scholarship. 

The NCCA Division 1 FBS, Division 1 FCS, Division 2 level, and the junior and NAIA colleges offer scholarships to college football athletes. Division 1 FBS schools give out 85 collegiate scholarships, D1 FCS schools give out 36 scholarships, and Division 2 coaches have the privilege of giving out 36 scholarships.

NAIA colleges can only give away 24 scholarships and junior colleges can offer up to 85 scholarships. There are partial scholarships, too. These pay half the tuition, and D3 players can also try and avail of this opportunity. To get a shot at Auburn football recruiting, competing for college scholarships is important. 

8. Conclusion 

Getting recruited may seem daunting, but good things come to those who can persevere through this. Millions try out for college football every year, and many of these athletes spend years perfecting their craft. 

College football is a sport with a large following in the US.  And that can put a lot of undue pressure on athletes hoping to be recruited.

However, a lot of people even manage to succeed; some do it despite the odds being stacked against them. It’s important to have a watertight plan before you begin working toward recruitment. Auburn football recruiting only goes for the best, and using the guidelines mentioned in this article is sure to be helpful. 

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