Dive into the Art of Tagliatelle al Pesto in NYC! Dive into the Art of Tagliatelle al Pesto in NYC!

Dive into the Art of Tagliatelle al Pesto in NYC!

Hello, food enthusiasts; we have a wonderful surprise for you in NYC! An extraordinary opportunity awaits you in the heart of young and vibrant New York City at Hyatt House Chelsea on multiple dates from 6.30 pm. Get a chance to immerse yourself in the irresistible allure of Italian cuisine and learn the art of crafting tagliatelle al pesto alongside a true Italian maestro

A Chance for an Exquisite Experience

Imagine yourself surrounded by the atmosphere of different Italian flavors while you master the art of cooking Tagliatelle al pesto, guided by an Italian master chef.

With a single ticket from Fever, get access to the Italian culinary class and exclusive sessions hosted by a master Italian chef at NYC’s prestigious Hyatt House Chelsea. 

Dive into the Rich Heritage of Pasta

This experience is not just for your taste buds; it will give you an experience of a voyage into the historical tapestry of delicious and delightful Italian pasta. Learn about the origin of stories and the cultural significance behind each delicate strand of Tagliatelle.

You will have Chef Gianluca as your guide in the journey of unraveling the secrets and traditions passed down from generation to generation.

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A hands-on experience awaits to make fresh egg Tagliatelle pasta from scratch, where you also learn the most authentic techniques of preparing pesto with mortar and pestle.

From Italian regions like Genoa to Emilia Romagna, get to know the rich history of Italian cuisine in these places, which are famous for Mortadella, Prosciutto di Parma, and Bolognese sauce.

Enjoy your Culinary Skills

Your experience will end with the ultimate reward of this delightful expedition – a feast is waiting for you.

Give your taste buds the pleasure of the mouthwatering creation you crafted carefully under our seasoned chef’s supervision.

Relishing the taste of an extraordinary Tagliatelle al pesto created by yourself is a feeling that gives you utter satisfaction. 

When and Where

We have various dates available for you to fit into your schedule; choose your perfect day accordingly, and meet us at Hyatt House Chelsea. 

Finest Pieces of Equipment with Fresh Ingredients

Don’t worry about carrying anything with you; we are removing the need to bring anything along.

Here, we have all the finest premium equipment with fresh ingredients and all those top-notch tools that you will require to craft this delicious and iconic dish.

Don’t fret about procuring the perfect basil or the amount of ideal olive oil – we have everything arranged for you. 

Bring Your Own Bottle

 Elevate your experience by enjoying your feast with your preferred beverages – beer or wine – whatever complements the meal’s flavor and makes your happiness double.

Also, to take benefits of BYOB, bring your valid ID for verification, as only participants need to be 21 years or older. 

Join this Voyage Now

Secure your spot now from the official Fever website, where a single ticket is priced at $69.00, and join this unforgettable Italian culinary expedition. Enjoy this cooking class, which is not just an ordinary class but an odyssey across the culinary landscape of Italy.

You guys don’t need to worry about having any prior cooking expertise; you just need the willpower and eagerness to be a part of this adventure.

If you have any questions or curiosity, just reach out here.

A Quick Recap

  • What – Tagliatelle al Pesto Culinary Workshop with a Master Italian chef.
  • When – Various days are available for this culinary workshop and you select your day from the ticket selector at your convenience. 
  • Where – Hyatt House Chelsea, settled at NYC’s 815 6th Ave.
  • Time – 6.30 pm.
  • Tickets – Book the space from Fever

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