Is hand fetish common? Is hand fetish common?

Do People with Hand Fetish Have Feet Fetish?

Are hand and foot fetishes linked? Are people with hand fixations attracted to feet too? Read on to find out.

Feet Fetish vs. Hand Fetish 

Feet fetishes are known as podophilia. On the other hand, a fixation for hands is called quirofilia. This phenomenon is restricted solely to the palms and fingers, like foot fetishes. A hand fetish also includes an attraction for nails, accessories, and more.

However, unlike a foot fetish, quirofilia is not always sexual. In the former case, the fetish develops primarily during childhood. Early experience and conditioning may lead you to develop a foot fetish. Moreover, conditioning and exposure to foot play during early sexual events may also make you fond of feet.

What Causes Foot Fetish?

For example, getting pleasured by feet in the past may lead you to fixate on your toes and soles. Moreover, psychologists even suggest that early childhood experiences play a vital role in developing this fetish.

According to Sigmund Freud, feet are phallic symbols. The Freudian view thus bases the feet fetish on the castration complex where the foot functions as a substitute penis. In Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality, he blatantly stated that “the foot replaces the penis….the female genital was hereby imagined as a male genital. In his essay ‘Fetishism,’ he moreover linked the feet as the substitute for the invisible female penis. 

Almost every explanation of feet fetishes, therefore, has a sexual undertone. Based on the human psyche, the foot fetish and sexuality are inexplicably linked by science. 

Hand Fetish: Sexual or Not? 

In contrast, many cases of hand fetishes aren’t sexual. Instead of inciting sexual arousal, this fixation on the nails and fingers may be focused on contact. For example, someone with a hand kink may be more interested in looking at hands or playing with textures instead of being directly involved in sexual acts. 

These individuals may even simply have a fascination for watching hands in regular activities like folding, writing, or knitting. For this reason, most people with this fetish are women. Due to the comparatively lower sexual nature of the kink, more females are also willing to admit to this fetish. 

Why Do More Women Have Hand Fetish?

According to surveys, hands for many women represent strength. The protection, warmth, and strength denoted by the appendage attract them. Moreover, a hand fetish, in some cases, may be self-induced. As a result, you may simply enjoy doing non-sexual tasks with your hands, such as washing, drying, ironing, and more. 

However, this does not mean that hand-based fixations are entirely non-sexual. Like all fetishes, these practices are deeply rooted in the attraction of a taboo nature. A person with a hand fetish may fantasize about sexual acts involving fingers. 

Additionally, hand fetishes also heavily involve fingernails. People with this fixation may derive immense pleasure from activities that include nails. For example, even a simple act like scratching or caressing with the fingernails can cause heightened arousal.

Moreover, the fingernails’ shape, length, and color may also affect their attraction levels. 

Like feet fetishes, hand-related fixation operates on a spectrum. However, while the former is the most common, hand fetishes are among the rarest. 

Hand Fetish in History

According to studies, hand fetish emerged directly from the anti-binding movement in China. With the new era, foot binding in China has become grossly unpopular. Instead, women took to their hands to express their freedom from the shackles of the traditional idea of womanhood. 

Hands, therefore, in China, became a symbol of modernity. Based on these, scholars deduce that there is an apparent affinity between feet and hand fetishes. Moreover, like the feet region, the human hand has numerous nerve endings.

Hand Fetish and Feet Fetish: Similarities 

In fact, there are over 3,000 touch receptors in a single fingertip. Each palm has over 17,000 sensors, making the hands one of the most erogenous regions of the human body.  A person with a hand fetish may get aroused by stimulation of the wrists, palms, fingers, or even the back of the hands.  

They may like playing or having these regions played with. A hand fetish can also include a pronounced interest in your own hands. In such cases, you may be turned in or like seeing your own hands in action. A person with this kind of fetish will have a fondness for spa treatments, manicures, or more. 

Moreover, they may like watching their own hands in daily life. Like feet fixations, some people with this condition may also struggle to climax without hand play. However, despite these similarities, there is no evidence to suggest that people with hand fetish also have feet fetish. 

Additionally, feet fetishists comprise primarily men. On the other hand, women seem to express more interest in their hands. Studies also tend to focus more on feet fetishes. In contrast, the information on hand fixations is limited. 

Hand Fetish and Feet Fetish: Differences

A study by the University of Bologna in 2007 is one of the rare research available on hand fetishes. This study was conducted with 5000 participants who claimed at least one fetish each. Among these, less than 1% mentioned hands, and specifically nails, in their questionnaires. 

Compared to this, feet fetishes account for more than 50% of all fetishes. One of the reasons why people with feet fetishes may not have hand fetishes can be the placement of the body parts.

Whether you want it or not, hands play a crucial role in sexual activities. From fondling to caressing to pleasuring, they are an inseparable part of one’s sexual routine. Because of the proximity of hands to traditional intercourse, fewer people may acknowledge this fetish.

Simply put, people may see hand fetishes as part of a generalized sexual practice. Without the need to differentiate hands from the rest of the sexual activities, the subject of fetish may be less discussed.

In contrast, feet do not typically play a role in conventional sexual activities. These have to be incorporated deliberately. This consciousness of application may be why feet fetishes are acknowledged more frequently than hand fetishes. 

Moreover, people with this inclination have more platforms to test their preferences.

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