Dog Adoption Phoenix – 5 Helpful Organizations

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dog adoption Phoenix
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Dog adoption, Phoenix is now as accessible as ever! All the seekers of furry friends in Phoenix, Arizona, worry not, for pet adoption is becoming rampant in the city. Dog adoption especially so because many, like yourself, love these furry companions.

Dog adoption centers call for your attention as the number of home-seeking dogs shoots up. Welcoming a pet in your life can have a great positive influence on your life. It is known that dog parenting helps reduce stress and lowers blood pressure. And additionally, dog-walking may contribute to increased social interactions, besides giving one a routine to follow, coupled with responsibility towards your pet.

Animal welfare has become a major concern socially, and therefore dog rescuing, fostering, and adoption have become common practices.

Dog Adoption Phoenix
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Dog Adoption Phoenix Organizations 

1. Maricopa County Animal And Control

This is a government organization meant for animal welfare in terms of rescue and adoption. This dynamic and formal organization is your go-to destination for all things pet-related.

This center provides ample choice in the adoption of both cats and dogs of all ages. The center also provides dog licenses as it is mandatory for dog owners in Maricopa County. The pets available for adoption in this establishment can be found online too.

Maricopa County Animal and Control further ease your dog adoption process in Phoenix by catering other necessary services. It includes vaccinating against rabies, microchipping, spaying or neutering, and also euthanasia when needed. Kennel service permits can also be obtained from this dynamic organization.

Cases of animal abuse, neglected animals and animals in need can be reported here. One can contribute to this establishment by means other than adopting, like fostering pets, donating to the organization, volunteering with them, and being shelter supporters.

Adopting dogs here is as simple as filling out one’s details, along with an appointment. Requirements for each dog may differ. Some may need to have homes with no other small pets, while others would need a dog-to-dog interaction if you have one. Take a look at these before going for adoption.

2. Arizona Humane Society

The organization believes strongly in the ethical treatment of animals. This is a team that presents many novel ways of adopting pets. Adopting after meeting potential furry friends is conventional. Setting this aside, this organization creates ways to meet your adoptable pets through a program known as “Waggin’ Wheels”. Here, animals visit events to meet potential families. This extra mile on the part of the animals surely ought to help!

Besides their new and fun ways to encourage adoptions, this society has many other things to offer. Arizona Humane Society has two veterinary clinics located in Phoenix that provide spaying or neutering and vaccination services, as well as general wellness, making dog adoption all the more convenient. Additionally, the organization has its own retail and online store stocked with pet merchandise, which is definitely a pet lover’s paradise.

Adopt, simply by booking an appointment to meet your new friend. The adoption centers of this organization are also located in Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona.

3. Halo, Animal Rescue 

Halo stands for ‘Helping Animals Live On’. It is a non-profit organization started in 1994 as a temporary shelter, which has now expanded into an adoption center. The organization now has a large selection of dogs and cats that are ready for adoption. This center also hosts many events, and one can volunteer to help furry babies find homes forever. 

Halo is generous enough to share animal behavior help, as well as nutritious Purina food to their dogs and cats. An appointment is not necessary to visit their adoptable pets. Walk-in trips to this center are just as welcome as scheduled appointments.

Answer their brief questionnaire, and mail it to them to apply for pet adoption here. Pets can also be surrendered here. Keep yourself updated with Halo’s events that happen yearlong. The organization also runs a thrift boutique to raise funds.

dog adoption Phoenix
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4. Arizona Small Dog Rescue

Another deeply committed dog adoption organization, Arizona Small Dog Rescue, even publishes its monthly pup rescue statistics. Besides being aware and responsible, this team is dedicated to educating the importance of spaying or neutering and vaccinating anyone who happens to chance upon the establishment.

Supplementing the vaccinating, microchipping, and neutering, this team also does deworm and other medical examinations. 

The team assists in locating lost dogs with guidelines, which are available on their website. Walk-in visits are allowed, but making an appointment is better, as one will be aware of the availability of adoptable dogs. Please fill out their detailed adoption form on their website to express your loyalty to your new furry friend before committing. With these simple steps, dog adoption in Phoenix is easy!

5. Home For Good

This is an organization located in Phoenix, that is very committed to helping their dogs secure homes forever. Before adopting, one must be sure of the action, and all members of the household must be in favor of the adoption to adopt from this organization. The adoption process is fairly simple. One who seeks to adopt should meet the adoptable animal in person, with the attendance of all other house members. 

After adoption, the adopter may expect a visit from an HFG representative to see if the pet in question is well cared for and well adjusted. Such is the devotion of this organization towards its animals. Be sure to carry a leash and pet carrier when taking your furry friend home.

All centers charge fees for the adoption and surrendering of pets, which vary for different organizations. Be mindful to check the adoption details before going forward with it. Besides the organizations mentioned above, dog adoption in Phoenix is possible through many other centers or even online. Visit the Az Shelter Pets and Petfinder pages that collect and present data on the pets available for adoption in Arizona.

Adopt a dog now to brighten your life, as well as a dog’s.

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