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Doosan Group Unveils Sustainable and Intelligent Tech Marvels at CES 2024

CES 2024 saw Doosan Group demonstrate their innovative technologies, which focused on sustainability and autonomous solutions. In recognition of these two outstanding products named the CES 2024 Innovation Awards winners, Doosan Bobcat’s S7X and Doosan Robotics’ Oscar the Sorter and this indicates that the company is keen on eco-friendly in its operations as well as AI advancements.

The entire elimination of internal combustion engines and hydraulic systems allows for this electrically powered skid-steer loader to be considered as an example of sustainable development and a smart city project. This model is pioneering because it does not use any internal combustion engines or hydraulics.

doosan group unveils sustainable and intelligent tech marvels at ces 2024
Doosan Bobcat. Source:

Moreover, it has zero pollutant emissions while using only half of the parts that can be disassembled, thereby resulting in reduced oil consumption, simplified maintenance procedures, and reduced costs. S7X has triple motor torque compared to conventional diesel models thus offering better performance but using intelligent power management for energy optimization.

On a lunch break between jobs, it can be charged sufficiently to work up to six hours without stops. Consequently, it also reduces noise levels and vibrations besides providing more comfort to operators.

Doosan Robotics’ Oscar the Sorter was recognized in the category of AI for its innovative recycling sorting solution. It can differentiate materials even if they are not visible from the front hence making it useful in complex sorting situations via exact measurement of current values by intensity and size only. The Doosan Dart Suite platform powers this robotic system with other features including programming, monitoring and optimization.

Doosan Bobcat S7X Skid-Steer Loader

Innovation: The S7X skid-steer loader is totally electric meaning that there are no internal combustion engines or hydraulic systems involved in its structure leading to a green environment.

Performance Improvement: It performs better than traditional machines powered by diesel engines with three times more motor torque exhibited by S7X. There is also a smart power management system that ensures the best possible energy consumption.

Efficiency: This model goes for six hours on a charge, and it can be recharged within such time for an uninterrupted operation during lunch.

Environmental and Operator Friendly: The loader does not produce any emissions. Additionally, its noise and vibration levels are significantly reduced thus raising operator comfort.

Doosan Robotics’ Oscar the Sorter

AI-driven Sorting System: It employs artificial intelligence techniques to perform sorting tasks. This involves enabling Oscar to recognize and sort objects with respect to their material composition even when they are not visible from the front.

Advanced Software Platform: Dart Suite is robotic controlling software platform where Oscar operates using this system by which one can write programs for, monitor and optimize various kinds of robot operations.

Capabilities that Distinguish It from Other Robots: In addition to that, it has a capability of measuring current values by intensity and size in order to differentiate between materials as well as precisely sort complex scenarios.

More Innovations by Doosan at CES 2024

The Wider Range: Doosan Group also displayed its diverse products in CES 2024, showcasing products from Doosan Robotics, Enerbility and HyAxiom. All these products indicate the company’s reliance on environmentally sound technology that addresses future needs.

CES 2024 DOOSAN Press Conference

The emphasis on sustainability and autonomy: The presentation of the products by Doosan at CES 2024 were in line with its sustainable focus while on the other hand, it maintained the status of being autonomous technological level. These include their actions towards hydrogen-based solutions, robot ecosystems and other environmental friendly inventions.

About the Company

Doosan Group is a South Korean multinational company comprising numerous subsidiaries as well as commodities. As much as having been established in 1896 makes it one of the oldest companies in South Korea, it has acquired worldwide recognition more so in heavy equipment manufacturing. In fact, by 2018 it ranked among the top ten largest construction machine manufacturers in the world.

Subsidiaries & Products:

Doosan Bobcat: Doosan Bobcat is a serious player in the industry offering construction equipment. They make different types of construction and maintenance machines such as S7X skid-steer loader which are electrically powered.

Doosan Robotics: Doosan uses advanced robotics to develop some AI controlled recycling sorting robot called Oscar The Sorter.

Doosan Industrial Vehicle: This division consists of industrial vehicles as part of a wide array of machines across the organization.

Doosan Fuel Cell: Doosan Fuel Cell is engaged into manufacturing fuel cells and also making clean energy solutions.

Doosan Enerbility & HyAxiom: These companies operate within various aspects of energy business offering different solutions ranging from equipment to ecofriendly initiatives.

Doosan Mobility Innovation: It deals with mobility technologies relating to drones for instance drone innovation

Oricom and Hancomm: Such services offer significant support to marketing function in terms or brand consultancy and promotion for instance

Doosan Cuvex: Ladena owns this golf club which was established by her group implying that Doosan shows interest in leisure activities including sports.

Enpure: However, British water/wastewater treatment company Enpure was bought by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction which has made significant contributions to the development of desalination technologies and water treatment technology.

Aside from this, the company is also involved in other sectors such as mechanical parts, real estate or even media that includes Doosan Magazine.

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